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    T5 Infinium amp Mains light starts blinking about 90 sec after turning on power. It's not connected to headphones or speakers so cannot determine if there is no audio or not yet.

    Any suggestions? does it need to be repaired?

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    • progodelic
      PedroRodrigues Hi progodelic thank you for your post, I would first suggest to first replace the EL84 power tube and the 12AX7 preamp tube, this last one may be replaced with other variations though. If after the power tubes are replaced and the front light keep blinking that might indicate that you unit might not be operating as it should and must be inspected to access what is causing this issue. To request an inspection on your unit please follow the link below: I hope this helps. Thank you
      • Mon at 1:14 AM
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    hi, is it possible to replace tubes 6l6 with 6v6 on a bugera 6262?

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    • ALEXPS1973
      PedroRodrigues Hi ALEXPS1973, Thank you for your post, please ponder that the general answer is no, for the most part, 6L6 and 6v6 tubes are not interchangeable as they don't bias close enough. Amps are calibrated to use specific valves (6v6, 6L6, EL84). I hope this helps. Thank you
      • Oct 12
    • ALEXPS1973


      • Oct 12
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    Can I determine when my V22 was made via the serial number?

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    • mckaynj1
      ChrisEdwards1 Hi mckaynj1, yes it is possible to use the serial number to determine the date of manufacture. The first 4 numerical digits will be the date code, in this instance 1401. The first 2 numbers will represent the year of manufacture and the remaining two the month of manufacture. With this in mind your V22 would have been made in January of 2014.
      • Sep 9
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    I just registered my bugera 333xl infinium today . I originally ordered it back in Dec. of 2021 but since it was back ordered it didnt ship until July 6th 2022. After registering it today i get an email from you guys saying its not covered under extended warranty since its been longer than 90 days . I just received it last Saturday. You guys suck 

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    • bsmith2173
      WilliamR Hello Brian, WIlliam from musictribe here. COuld you give me your case number so that I can look into this for you?
      • Jul 14
      • You guys are a joke with warranty
        RickRossBell Hey, are you also able to help get knobs? No one at TCE is willing to do anything to help get knobs. You're the 3rd triber I've reached out to. Nothing so far.
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        • Jul 22
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    Hi, ik have a Bugera V5 for a couple of weeks.  last week when i switched it on, the front light keeps on blinking and the amp doesn't do anything anymore excepting for the bllinking light.

    Please help ! :-)

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    • fabien1974
      Dale_M Sorry to hear of this, it sounds like the internal PSU is dying, if this is brand new and within 30 days you would be quicker to go back to the seller, if you are outside this period please go to the above Support tab and select a Service ticket for submission
      • May 6
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    Hi there! I bought a 1990 infinium new a few months ago. 

    Still has the factory tubes. Today after half hour of use, in red channel output lost all bass and gain. The sound was really bad and thin. Immediately i checked the green channel, and with the gain at 5 and volume at 7 it was super quiet. 

    All infinium LEDs are off so i guess I don't have any power tubes broken. Is there something wrong with the preamp tubes?


    What are my options here? Thanks

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    • Meerkat2022
      Nigel67 Hi Meerkat2022. Please submit a technical support ticket and we will be able to help you further and if the unit is found to be faulty, advise you about getting the unit repaired as if you purchased it brand new just a few months ago it should still be under warranty. To submit a ticket, this can be done by clicking on the support tab at the top of the page. A new window will open. Scroll down and click on the Technical Support tab. Many thanks
      • May 3
    • Meerkat2022
      DroneShotFPV My 1990 Infinium(bought off Amazon) did the same sort of thing. I got decent sound / volume, but it was NOWHERE near what a 100 watt Tube amp should be.. I have owned several, and know for a fact that it wasn't even a 3rd of the other 100 watt amps I have owned or played were.. So.... naturally I did what I always do, troubleshoot... I discovered that my tubes needed to be reseated. I pulled ALL my Valves out, and gently put them all back, 1 at a time, verifying perfect seating of the valves. Once I was done, I cranked her up, tried again, and nearly went completely deaf... I suggest trying the same thing IF you are comfortable pulling your Valves / Tubes out and re-installing them.
      • Jul 26
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    Hey, when will this head be available to the public again?? I'd like to buy it on Sweetwater

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    • chrisbliss7
      NicJonesMT Hi Chris. Unfortunately we cannot provide any information on availability or pricing.
      Your best option would be to contact Sweetwater directly to see if they can provide an ETA on when they will receive stock.
      Alternatively you can find a full list of our resellers at the following link:
      • May 3
    • chrisbliss7
      chrisbliss7 Yes I followed the link and no no one has it. I ordered the last possible one on Amazon because they did say they had one in stock now they're saying that it's unavailable or they can't find it. I just want to know what's up at the Factory are they done making amps? Is Bugera going out of business?
      • May 17
      • Bugera V55HD
        PedroRodrigues Hi chrisbliss7, thank you for your post, please ponder that this is unrelated to the fact that "Bugera going out of business?" is more related to stock management from the resellers and shipping issues that all manufactures face on a post-pandemic work. From what I'm aware Sweetwater allows a pre- reservation. Sorry I couldn't help more.
        • Jun 27
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    Is there a way to contact Bugera customer service? I am awaiting a part. I had been communicating with

    Matt Smith
    Customer Quality Service Specialist | MUSIC Tribe US

    but havent had a reply to my emails since Jan 31st.

    My case is showing as "resolved" on Music Tribe but it isn't resolved.

    Case No: CAS-516689-P2C8V4 CRM:0120000263832

    Can someone else please contact me or ask Matt to reply? Help please ...

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    • DarnSue
      WilliamR I have Reached out for someone to contact you ASAP.
      • Apr 1
    • DarnSue
      DarnSue Hi William, I still havent heard back from anyone, so I opened a new ticket. Hopefully that will work.
      • Apr 28
      • Case No: CAS-516689-P2C8V4 CRM:0120000263832
        PedroRodrigues Hi DarnSue, thank you for your post, we are sorry for this situation, can you please confirm if you are still waiting to be contacted? Thank you
        • May 19
    • DarnSue
      DarnSue Can someone please get back to me? It's been 8 months since Matt Smith said he would ship parts.
      • Aug 15
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    Can I use a 1/4 Y cable to run 2 cabinets with my PS1 - EVH 2x12 & EVH 1x12



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    • howiemco
      howiemco I am using a 5150 Iconic amp head.
      • Mar 30
    • howiemco
      NicJonesMT Hi Howiemco
      I wouldnt recommend doing this. Most splitters are designed to work with Line/Inst level signals, not Power amp outputs. Doing so could potentially damage your equipment.
      • Mar 31
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    my bugera 1990 infinium led lights turn on and off, it's like if the amp is checking the tubes  also I noticed the power tubes are glowing a slight blue color  is this normal, the tubes are the original bugera tubes that came with the amp 

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    • hdnyc2003
      hdnyc2003 Can anyone please answer my question
      • Mar 22
    • hdnyc2003
      PedroRodrigues Hi hdnyc2003, thank you for your post, when an output valve requires replacement, the valve’s matching LED will light permanently, please confirm if this is the case and replace the vacuum tube.
      When it comes to your second question a tube that is glowing blue is often wrongly perceived as a defect, however, it’s really just a side effect of a power tube, a fluorescent glow in the blue spectrum.
      The tube is fine, it actually indicates that the vacuum inside the tube is very good, which is what allows this phenomenon to occur.
      It will not have any effect on the performance or tone of the amp. For more details on this please check the pic below.

      Thank you
      • Apr 30
    • hdnyc2003
      Mickrat Hi we’re can I purchase a bugera BXD15A I can’t find any one with them in stock
      • Jun 17
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