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    my RH450 has a noisy fan since a few weeks. I opened the case to check but everything is clean, so it's not a dirt issue.

    Any idea of something I can do ?  

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    • VinceoGwenrann
      Dale_M Sorry to hear this, please go to the support tab above and select Technical for us to assist you.
      • July 27, 2021
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    Hey everyone. I just picked up a Bugera PS1 attenuator. I have a 100 watt Marshall head, with 2 cabinets, so I'm currently using the PS1 with only one cabinet. Wondering if anyone has used a single PS1 with 2 cabs? Is there a "sanctioned" way to split the speaker output from the PS1 and plug into two cabinets?



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    • swetonic
      DavidKnighton Hello swetonic,
      It would depend on what the Ohm loads of the cabinets are. If the combined Ohm load is less than what the PS1 is rated for, you may end up cooking the PS1.
      • July 26, 2021
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    Hi I recently bought a used  Bugera T50 INFINIUM.  Love the amp and its tone.  I noticed that when I go from Lead to Clean on the amp the 1st time a get a fairly loud pop.  Then after that there are no issues with switching between the 2.  I wonder is there a capacitor that might be associated with the switch circuit that might be going bad?  If so which one?  Thanks!!

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    • linuxdancer
      Dale_M Hi there, if it only does this the first time of trying this could be a suspect cap dissipating it's charge, it may be the symptom of a future failure and may be worth considering looking in to a warranty/non warranty repair (dependent on your proof of purchase invoice) if you wish to peruse this please go to the support tab above and select Service as your ticket type to inquire on a repair.
      • July 21, 2021
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    Je cherche à faire le câble pour piloter ma tête Bugera 333xl Infinium avec mon Voodoo Lab Control Swither.

    Est-ce que quelqu'un l'a déjà fait ?

    Est-ce que quelqu'un a le schéma de câblage ?


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    I have changed power tubes in my BC30-212, but I don't know what value I should bias to. The old (original) tubes was 16.85, but is that a hot or cold bias for that amp? What is recommented, and what are the lower and upper limits?

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    • lianergoist
      WilliamR Hello, Please click on the support link above and create a support ticket and one of our technicians will get in contact with you ASAP.
      • July 15, 2021
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    Can I use this with an 8ohm 112 cabinet?

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    • Del12345
      DavidKnighton Hello Del12345,
      The amplifier say minimum 4 Ohm load, meaning anything lower than 4 Ohm is not recommended. I take it you can increase the Ohm load without consequence.
      • July 12, 2021
    • Del12345

      Thanks for the reply.

      • July 12, 2021
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    Not sure what this white paste is. But I've had two amps lose massive amounts of volume and low end while plugged into this unit.  Now I have to replace two amps due to this product 

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    • sidereal9
      WilliamR Hello, William from musictribe here, I'm sorry about the issues you are having. Can you click on the support link above and create a tech support ticket? Someone will get back to you asap.
      • July 8, 2021
    • sidereal9
      DavidKnighton That white stuff is probably either lubricant and/or thermal conductive paste.
      • July 9, 2021
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    I have had my 333XL Infinium for a few years now and I love the tones I get from it.  It recently started doing this thing where the Infinium indicator LEDs are blinking intermittently while I am playing.  None of them are staying on, and it's happening with all four indicators.  I know that, if a light stays on, that means I should change the corresponding tube.  Does the blinking mean that the tubes are starting to go bad?  The tubes are original, but this seems pretty soon for the tubes to go out when I am not using the amp constantly or at high volumes for long periods of time.  

    Also of note, I use a power conditioner most of the time I play through it.  Additionally, the amp blew its main fuse not too long ago, and I made sure to replace it with one to the exact same specs.  I read somewhere that a fuse blowing could be due to a power tube issue, so not sure if this is related.

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    • bdaishi
      NicJonesMT Hi Bdaishi.
      Have you tried re-seating the tubes?
      It might also be worth trying the 333XL with an alternative power cable.

      If the blinking continues could you please click support at the top of the page and open a Tech Support Ticket. We can then look into this a bit further for you.
      • July 2, 2021
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    I need some assistance.  I received a replacement T5 Infinium for one that was defective and not repairable.

    5/27 plugged in and it is not working properly...very low volume; made some "pops", possibly blew a speaker.

    Does not work properly through headphone out either....volume up and down.

    I tried to get a new ticket on website, but, I have no receipt for purchase since you shipped it to me as a replacement.

    I would really like to end this misery which started in February of 2020.

    Please let me know who I can talk with to figure out where to go next.



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    • Tmcg53
      Nigel67 Hi, you can either reply to the original ticket and this will open up in the queue of the person who was helping you, or when you open the new ticket, put the proof of purchase of the original item but in the notes explain the situation and reference the original ticket number. You will need to open a Service ticket for this. If you are going to reply to the original ticket, reply here with the ticket number when you have replied and I will make sure it has opened and is in a colleagues queue.
      • June 22, 2021
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    II recently purchased a Bugera 333xl Infinium head but it did not come with the foot switch. The jack at the back of the head says "FSB104 Only" (picture posted), but it appears there are two different sizes of the FSB104 foot switch. My question(s) is/are; 1) which is the right foot switch, and 2) how can I purchase the right foot switch? I'm in Colorado, USA, if that helps locating a dealer or another solution.


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    • mikemelton2002
      DavidKnighton Hello,
      Check the link here:
      The other FSB104A that I see on the website is legacy, meaning it is no longer manufactured.
      • June 17, 2021
    • mikemelton2002
      gmeades Bugera made 3 versions of the FSB104 footswitch each with different connectors on the end, and each only working with the specific amp model it was designed to work with.

      Their naming convention only designates it is a footswitch and 4 buttons, with only the part number differentiating which is the proper one for which amp.

      One had a TSR connector (for the Tri-Rec), one has the PS2 connector, like this one (for the 333XL & early 333XL INFINIUMs), and one has a 5-pin MIDI connector (for the later and current versions of the 333XL INFINIUMS,like mine).

      The one that goes to this amp is the FSB104 (not FSB104A) with the PS2 connector. The PS2 connector looks like this -
      • Jun 21
    • mikemelton2002

      Oops... looks like my memory is failing me. The Bugera Tri-Rec uses the FSB106A 6-button Footswitch, not the FSB104 as I mentioned above, and that footswitch will not work with any other Bugera amp. The FSB104A only works with BUGERA 6260 amp, and works with no other models... and the FSB104 was designed to only work with the Bugera 333 & 333XL amps, and was made with 3 different connectors, as mentioned above, with the early 333 models using a 7-Pin DIN connector, as noted in the Bugera 333 manual; the early 333XL's using the PS2 (5-pin mini DIN) connector, and the later and current 333XL's using the larger 5-pin DIN (MIDI) connector. I actually ended up with all 3 versions of the FSB104 footswitches at one point in my hunt for the right one for my newer 333XL INFINIUM, and I ran into the confusion caused by Bugera using the same model name for these different versions. For the amp shown above, as long as the connector looks like what's shown in the pic, it'll be the right one.

      • Jun 21
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