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    Hi Hi 

    I bought a Ditto 4x and using the MidiSync feature with an SDrum right now which works great.
    I now wonder how about supporting Loops in a Bandsetup. 

    I would like to use Cubasis LE to Set a MidiClock via Bluetooth and this Connector.

    These Connecter need a 3,3V Powersuppley from the Midi port. "Powered via a MIDI Out DIN (3.3/5 V)" Does the Dito Midiout support that ?


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    • BambusBjrn
      TC-Mike HI Bjørn, i'm not sure and my guess is that you cannot power it via Midi, but i'll ask our hardware guys to be sure and get back to you...
      • November 19, 2020
      • Ditto 4x MidiSync and Bluetooth
        BambusBjrn Many Thanks Mike.
        • November 19, 2020