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  • 2020-09-15

    Hi - do we know when Polytune Clip will be available again in the UK - I know there were some supplier probelms back in July?

    I need a new tuner and would rather wait to get what appears to be the best than settle for a lesser device if they will be available soon :-)

    Will there be both black and white models avaialble when they are back on sale?

    Many thanks!

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    • MaxWhite
      MaxWhite I see some shops are indicating over 3 months expected wait, and others 4 or 5 weeks.
      • Tue at 2:45 AM
  • 2020-09-14

    Hi, I have a polytune 2 mini that I got on the used market, it seems to work ok but when you click the footswitch it says BATT every 30 seconds or so, should I be worried?

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    • MrZurkon
      Nigel Turner Hi, have never come across this fault before. As there is no battery inside, I am wondering whether the power supply is on the edge of working and not. I can only think that the software was copied over from its big brother and the batt message was not removed. Do you have another psu that you can try. it needs to be 9volts 100mA or more centre negative. Let me know how you get on.
      • Mon at 10:01 AM
      • Polytune2 mini BATT warning?
        MrZurkon Hi Nigel, thanks, I changed the power cable out and that seems to have cleared it.
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        • Mon at 10:56 AM
  • 2020-09-07

    Maybe it is just me, but every stockist that I've visited isn't expecting these for 3-6 months. Some are reporting it as discontinued.

    Any idea when these will be back in circulation?

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    • boothscience
      Pedro Rodrigues Hi boothscince Thank you for your contact, we have no information about any issue, please follow the link below to access our network of partners and contact the partner closest to you.
      • Sep 7
      • Global shortage of Polytune clip
        boothscience Appreciate the response buddy, but I have to say if you can find one I'll buy it. The only place I see them is on ebay at a hideous mark up. I thought it might be due to the covid situation, but the only UK stockist that has had them was Anderton's... and they had a defective batch that were actually unitunes with the wrong casing. An update on their actual status would be greatly appreciated.
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        • Sep 9
  • 2020-07-24

    cambiando il mio Mac vorrei ricaricare il plugin Polytune per Logic Pro ma non ricordo la procedura

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    • Pierluigi Rolfi
      Pedro Rodrigues Ciao Pierluigi Rolfi Se ti stai riferendo al trasferimento della tua licenza dal tuo vecchio Mac a quello nuovo questo processo viene eseguito nel tuo account ILOK per maggiori informazioni contatta seguendo il collegamento nella casella indicata
      • Aug 14
  • 2020-07-03
    Does the 9V battery have to be removed when connecting to and external 9V power? Thanks
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    • mutex
      Tc Mike No, it doesn't have to be removed. Just remember to unplug cable when not used + the PSU is not connected ,otherwise it will drain the battery if pedal is on and in bypass
      • Aug 5
  • 2020-07-01
    Hey guys! Got a little card in my tuner box for a polytune plug-in. Have realised this would be really useful for my setup. But the link seems dead. Wondering if I can redeem this somehow?
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  • 2020-06-12
    I heard there was a new firmware for the Mimiq, so today, I decided to go through my pedals and make sure everything was up to date. I have successfully updated the Mimiq and my SpectraComp, but when I attempted to follow the instructions to update the firmware in my Polytune 2, the pedal stopped working entirely. I can't get it to power on anymore, no matter what I do. I followed the instructions on the YouTube video. I plugged in the input jack, then plugged in the power, and the tuner booted up. I then held down the display button and plugged in the USB cable. Nothing seemed to happen, so I tried it again, and now the pedal doesn't seem to power up at all. Is there anything i can do to recover it? Update: SOLVED As it turns out, what happened here is that the pedal I was sold in not, in fact, a Polytune 2, it is a Polytune Classic, which someone sold to me as a Polytune 2 and shipped to me in a Polytune 2 box. The pedal wasn't dead, it was stuck in "boot mode", and by downloading the Polytune Classic, I was able to successfully update the firmware (which was actually already at the current version), and the pedal rebooted into its normal mode and is functioning properly. It took me a little while before I spotted the fact that the logo on the Polytune 2 is actually different to the logo on the Polytune Classic. I was a little worried when I bought this pedal, as it doesn't say "Polytune 2" on the front, but at the time I bought, I noted that the Polytune 2 doesn't actually say "Polytune 2" on it, it only says "Polytune". However, the logo on the Classic is left-aligned, and the logo on the Polytune 2 is centered, and that is the only apparent difference in appearance. I did not notice this when I first purchased this pedal, which I believe was over two years ago.
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    • Gemma Seymour
      Tc Mike Good to hear you solved it. there should also be a FAQ about it in the FAQ section
      • Jun 13
    • Gemma Seymour
      leocoelhobass I have the same problem and I can't find the software to download, please help
      • Jul 30
    • Gemma Seymour
      Gemma Seymour It would appear that with the most recent update to the tc electronic website, the Polytune Classic software has been omitted. I suggest contacting tc electronic support directly, I'm sure they still have the software.
      • Jul 31
    • Gemma Seymour
      leocoelhobass I am Brazilian and do not speak English, to request support is very complicated, there is a lot of information on the form that I don’t have! help me
      • Jul 31