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    hi.. the RD9 is amazing but in the song mode is somewhat limited.. each song can have 16 patterns and each pattern can have several loop bars... but the song is limited to 16 changes between different patterns.. You can let each pattern slot in a song repeat as often as you want, but there are only 16 slots to fill.. if the song is long and you use several patterns for each part... 16 slots falls short... A firmware update that would allow 64 steps in song mode would be nice.. what do you think?

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    • m1ga
      PedroRodrigues Hi m1ga, thank you for your post, I will forward your suggestion to the Dev.Team for analysis . Thank you
      • May 12
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    I've just purchased an RD-9 and having a terrible time trying to set it up. The unit is constantly in boot mode, I've downloaded synthtribe (on two different computers) and it recognises the rd-9 but doesn't run anything in the updater and then just crashes saying 'the unit is in DMF mode, update the firmware' which obviously I cannot do as it just crashes (I've tried different USB ports and cables but it continually does the same thing).. i've got the updater to run once but it just loops back to boot.. i'm completely stuck on what to do.

    Any help would be appreciated.


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    Can i use Alesis triggers and pedals with the Behringer hds240usb?

    I bought an incomplete set at a garage sale, and I can't find any Behringer parts, much less a mesh snare.


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    • CoopersAudioBeat
      Dale_M It is most likely Alesis triggers will be incompatible, if they do work it will be unsupported by Music Tribe. If you require Behringer spares you may wish to raise a Spares ticket from the support tab above.
      • Apr 28
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    I've spoken to the Facebook community who've mentioned doing a factory reset etc, but my Ride cymbals are still not triggering on the RD-9, is there a fix for this? 

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    • okubi
      NicJonesMT Hi Okubi
      Can you please submit a technical support ticket (Click support at the top of the page) and provide us with a short video that shows your full setup and what is happening (For example if the ride intermittently triggers or if it doenst trigger at all).
      If you can upload the video to a file sharing platform (Google Drive/We Transfer/Dropbox ETC) and put a direct link to video in your description we can then download and view it from our side.
      • Apr 20
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    I bought the Behringer XD80USB with HDS240USB sound module in August 2017. I haven't had much time to practice, but the times I did, I noticed the following.
    When I play the hi-hat and the snare drum at the same time (which happens with many rhythms), the snare drum often doesn't respond; no sound and no signal on the module. I then have to play the snare drum separately again for a response. An acquaintance of mine bought a similar Behringer and experiences the same problem.

    I also find the sensitivity of the snare drum insufficient. When I play a roll it is always irregular (and that is not only due to my poor technique). Building up or reducing a roll in strength is not possible at all. If you play the snare drum lightly, it will not react.

    Do you recognize these problems, is there anything that can be done? Is another sound module a solution? Because of this problem, I rarely use the Behringer.

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    • Veerweg162
      Dale_M Sorry to hear of this issue, I think it woul be best if you could create a video highlighting the issues and share the download link on a Technical ticket to us via the Support tab above.
      • Apr 10
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    Hey! I have an RD-8 (the original version), a 2600 (also original), a Poly D, and a Pro One. I want to trigger one of the three synths with RD’s trigger outs. I have the devices midi connected on different channels so the sync is good. It’s all great in fact ? except the triggering. Each of the synths has uniquenesses, a big thumbs up to Uli! The 2600 needs a higher voltage, I tried the voltage processor but that just changes the base voltage, not the height of the signal. The preamp helps but not enough. The poly d (v trig in) and pro one (gate in) seems like they would work, but neither seem to. Can the RD trigger one of these synths? Thank you!!
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    • billc123
      NicJonesMT Hi Billc123.
      Can you please click Support at the top of the page and submit a technical support ticket. We can then advise you further on this.
      • Mar 28
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    I have to sell a Behringer product (Behringer RD-9) under warranty.
    How can the warranty be passed on to another person?
    Does the other person need to create an account first?

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    Hi there folks!


    I am opening this discussion as i am facing some issues with my RD8.


    Wheneveri try to add velocity from Ableton it seems that from a range of 0-127 the difference of the sound is pretty small.

    Another issue i am facing is the Note Repeat section, as soon as i start sending some midi from Ableton it just stops working(tried to read accurately the manual but couldn't find any fix). Whenever i get back to analog usage it keeps working fine.


    Is there anything i am missing?


    Any help from the community or costumer service would be much appreciated.

    Thanks in advance :)

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    Dear community,


    I've recently bought a Behringer RD-9, but I don't quite understand the difference between Tune, Pitch Depth and Pitch. Well, I do understand the difference as I can hear what they do to the bass drum, but I don't know how they interact with each other.


    What kind of curves do Tune and Pitch Depth refer to? When I turn the Tune clockwise, it sounds to me as if it does not only increase the amount of pitch envelope, but also the pitch decay, whereas the manual says the P. Depth increases the slide (= pitch decay?), but when the P. Depth is changed it mostly affects the pitch (which the Pitch knob is for, right?).


    Please explain. Thanks in advance!


    Best regards

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    How can i save and start a drum sound for a song. I want to save a certain drumpattern (can stay the same for 3 Minutes) and start it as easily as possible. Is it possible to save it in a way that you just have to push a number (would be nice on stage) and then the pattern you want for a song starts and plays until i stop? Is it possible to have 10 patterns saved, started via pushing just a numbered button?

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