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  • ClapTrap
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    I have a Problem with my RD-8. I can transfer Patterns to Sequencer (Hard- and/or Sofware). It works fine. But if i transfer a Pattern from a Sequencer in to the Rd-8, there is no BD in the target pattern. If i trigger instruments from an extern  keyboard, i can record all instruments until the BD. Can someone check that? Recording of the BD in the RD-8 works. I think it is an Bug in the RD-8 Sequencer.

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    • ClapTrap

      Do you use the sysex dump function to send the pattern, or do you just play it live and record the notes?

      Did you check the note mapping of the BD?


      • September 24, 2019
    • ClapTrap

      I record in realtime with sync with the sequencer. The note mapping is correct. If i use a keyboard i can hear the BD, but it is not recorded. All other instrument are recorded.

      • September 24, 2019
  • stan2000
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    how do I extend the pattern while copying it?

    If I have a beat and I like to extend it. After the extension the next bar is empty. For live purposes this could be a bit unhandy.

    Thanks in advance!

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  • kris_
    Contributor - Level 2

    Hi Behringer, loving the RD8 so far! I will immediately get rid of my previous too smallish drum machines, this one is really nice for jamming (one hand on the synth, one hand free to tweak the beat!).

    As I want to integrate the RD8 into my self-written librarian and editor software, I really appreciate you still embrace the idea of MIDI as an open technology and provide sysex documentation for your gear - I just started experimenting with the info in the new manual, and can recall the pattern data, but parsing it could use some help.

    Is there some more information you could provide me? I already suspect that a pattern file is 889 bytes of useful data with the 8th bit packed away to produce the 1016 bytes of message data, but now reverse engineering will be a bit time consuming (thanks for providing the bit map in the manual, that already helps a lot!).

    Thank you, and keep on rocking!

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  • FelipeGonzales
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    is there a full RD-8 manual in the works and when will it be available to download?
    Loving this machine so far, well done!


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  • Bzeus19
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