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    Hi, I'm a big fan of the upcoming Behringer RD-9. I owned a TR909 between '98-'09, used and serviced 2 other machines and currently use a TR-8s until my RD-9 arrives. Also I have a background in beta testing well known music software pluggins.

    From the video's I've seen so far it appears the authentic mode on the RD-9 doesn't have a properly tuned hihat. You can change that in the enhance mode for sure, but that makes the authentic mode "less authentic" imho, being a nerdy purist wanting a solid "authentic" mode.

    Funny enough, I also notice a simular detuning on the TR-8s, which needs to be set a -30 value on the 909 hihat tuning to get to a normal TR909 hihat sound. This makes me think the tuning of the TR-8s is transfered to the RD-9, instead of using the original machine as a reference.

    Youtube examples, original:

    Behringer RD-9 in authentic mode: ("you can't tune them on the original mode")

    Can anyone at Behringer tell me if this authentic tuning can be fixed with an upcoming firmware upgrade ? I would really like that, being trully authentic for live jamming without having to manually have to tune the hihat in enhance mode which also affects the other instruments.

    Thanks in advance for your time :) !

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    hello, yesterday I bought RD-8, tried to update, but failed, downloaded the program Zadig 2.5, but I accidentally changed the drivers on the RD-8 itself, and now it says "No device detected" in SYNTHTRIBE V2.5.3, after that I tried to install 1.3.5, I succeeded, they advised me to find SYNTHTRIBE V2.0 on the Internet, but I could not find the version under SYNTHTRIBE V2.5.3

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    • Inkub
      Inkub tried to roll back the driver on the drum machine, did not help, rolled Windows back to the PC, did not help
      • Jun 20
    • Inkub
      ChrisEdwards1 Hi Inkub, if you have not yet done so I would recommend submitting a technical support ticket so we may gain a better understanding of your setup. To do this please go to support at the top of the page, scroll down to technical support and fill in the form.
      • Mon at 11:29 PM
    • Inkub
      No1sketchie I had similar problems. my solution was that windows doesn't like a huge list of USB devices. , I used a tool called USBDeview to find the cache and deleted all of those in the list it generates. (it doesn't delete the drivers but just the prefetch data cache) reboot and then RD-8 should show up in the Synthtribe welcome screen. ? HTH
      • Wed at 8:10 AM
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    Lo and behold, I power it on, all semms to work, connect usb cable to my rd-8. launch latest synthtool on mac, alerted firmware update required, it bricked it AGAIN. Same usb cable and computer I updated my td-3 with. I am so displeased, seems like behringer had my rd-8 for months, to not replace the defective component or just replace the unit. I am NOT happy.

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    • heyvirgil
      NicJonesMT Hi Hey Virgil.
      Please submit a Technical Support ticket and provide your previous case number. We can then look into this for you.
      • Jun 18
      • just got my rd-8 back from behringer service because of firmware update bricking it
        heyvirgil send me a new damn machine
        • Jun 18
      • just got my rd-8 back from behringer service because of firmware update bricking it
        heyvirgil I submitted a ticket
        • Jun 18
      • just got my rd-8 back from behringer service because of firmware update bricking it
        heyvirgil I don't want to spend the time and expense to ship to you again, I have used this unit successfully a total of 2 hours since purchase, the vast majority of ownership has been spent at service or bricked.
        • Jun 18
      • just got my rd-8 back from behringer service because of firmware update bricking it
        heyvirgil Also, why can't I modify a request ticket once I have created it? Your support site sucks so bad.
        • Jun 18
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    Hi there,
    So, I've had my RD-8 for a few months, got the hang of the sequencer apart from one bug that I can't seem to fix.. here goes...
    I program ptns 5 6 7 8, no problem, I can switch between them playing live with no problem.
    I program them into a simple song to play in the following seq... 5 5 6 6 7 7 8 8 and repeat.
    I check the programming by scrolling through each the song to check each should playing twice. All good so far.
    When I play the song it starts fine, playing 5 5 6 6 7 7 8 8, then the problem starts when it repeats..
    So, from the beginning it plays as follows..
    5 5 6 6 7 7 8 8 (repeat here)
    8 5 6 6 7 7 8 8
    8 5 6 6 7 7 8 8..
    This happens whether playing in INT or MIDI sync modes. The seq shows correctly as I programmed it in Synthtribe software.
    I've deleted the song and started from scratch and I get the same issue.
    I'm running the latest OS as from yesterday, still the same issue.
    Anyone else had similar issue and solved it?
    Cheers anyone,
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    I'm trying to update the firmware on my RD-8 Rhythm Designer but the Synthtribe software only updated it to version 2.0.6. I know that 2.1.2 is the latest version. So I made sure I had the latest version of SynthTribe (2.5.2) and tried again but now I'm constantly getting the "Cloud under Maintenance" error. Does anyone know if the servers are out for maintenance or is this a probelm at my end?

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    • EddyBergman
      NicJonesMT Hi Eddy.
      Could you please try the update again Today, and if you are still getting the "Cloud Under Maintenance" error could you please submit a tech support ticket for me? Just click support at the top of the page and then scroll down to the Tech support option.

      Once the ticket is submitted we can raise it with the dev team. Please ensure you provide information on all devices, how they are connected and how they configured.
      • Jun 6
      • RD-8 firmware update trouble
        EddyBergman I tried again today and still no luck. I submitted a ticket. This is the number: CAS-459575-Q7T9G3
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        • Jun 6
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    Learn More:

    Provides all the tools you need to become a master beat-maker, including: 10 drum voices; a 64-step sequencer; wave designer and dual-mode filter- for a full-fledged drum machine that'll shake the house! Whether you're new to drum programming or a seasoned pro looking to upgrade your setup, the RD-9 has everything you need to step up to the big leagues.

    List Price: $349

    #Behringer #RHYTHMDESIGNER #RD9 #DrumMachines

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    Basically when sending sequences made in Ableton Live to the RD - 8 using both a MIDI or USB cable the mute button doesn't seem to affect the selected voice. Is there some setting that will allow me to do this? 

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    Whats happening with the RD-9? Where is it?

    The official release date announcement was made months ago. They said "It's Finally Here"

    Release date March/April 2021

    it's May 6th today!

    Ive held £300 for 3 months waiting for an RD-9. Should I give up? Should I buy a quality used Roland TR8?

    No updates. No notifications. No customer respect.

    Come on Behringer/Music Tribe stop F'king with our heads. Be transparent. Honesty works & earns.

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    Hi, I downloaded the last synthtribe 2.5.0 for Win ( I'm on win 8.1). I have many Behringer synths, all are well detected, but no change of settings is possible because there is no "save" button at the bottom ( close to the "restaure factory settings" one, as it seems it should be, when I see screen captures on tutorials). If I change a setting, go back t the main page and choose the synth again, of course no change has been kept... same for every synth. Am I missing something ?


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    • ratch
      NicJonesMT Hi Ratch. Could you please click support at the top off the page and submit a Technical support ticket. We can then look into this for you.

      Could you please take some screen shots/photos of how you have the synths setup and connected to your computer, and of the Synth Tribe application. We can then forward this over to the dev team if needed.
      • May 7
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    I would like to make an update on my RD-8. I can't get a connection to the Mac Book via USB. Currently version 2.0.4 is installed. Synthribe V2.5.0 says "No device detected". If I connect the "Model D" there is immediately a connection.
    In the Mac is Big Sur as OS. In the system report under USB the RD-8 is not detected.
    When I do a factory reset on the RD-8, "done" does not appear after "wait". Is it possible to reset the firmware? The DFU mode is not usable with version 2.0.4. If I try it via the small button next to the USB port, different function keys light up. What could this be?

    Many greetings


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    • Cijay
      DavidKnighton Hello Cijay,
      My first suggestion here would be to downloaded Synthtribe Tool 2.5.0 for Mac. Double check if either device works/doesn't work when connected. If the RD-8 refuses to connect, you may want to submit a SUPPORT ticket using the tab at the top of the page.
      • Apr 5
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