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    Hi. I recently bought a Behringer HDS240USB electronic drum kit. I created my own drum set and saved it under the name NUMU11. Unfortunately, every time I turn off the device, the device returns to the default NUM003 set and I have to manually switch to my NUMU11 set. Is it possible to save my set so that after turning on the device it will be selected by default? If so, in what way? And why the default set is NUM003 but not NUM001? There is nothing about it in the manual.

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    Can i use Alesis triggers and pedals with the Behringer hds240usb?

    I bought an incomplete set at a garage sale, and I can't find any Behringer parts, much less a mesh snare.


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    • CoopersAudioBeat
      Dale_M It is most likely Alesis triggers will be incompatible, if they do work it will be unsupported by Music Tribe. If you require Behringer spares you may wish to raise a Spares ticket from the support tab above.
      • Apr 28
    • CoopersAudioBeat
      isaacmhelgens I swapped out my snare, toms, and kick drum pads - as well as adding a 4th tom - all with Alesis pads. The kick and 12" snare were from the Alesis Crimson lineup and the 8" toms were all from the Alesis Nitro kit. Zero issues and a world of improvement as far as feel and responsiveness goes.
      • Sep 6
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    I bought the Behringer XD80USB with HDS240USB sound module in August 2017. I haven't had much time to practice, but the times I did, I noticed the following.
    When I play the hi-hat and the snare drum at the same time (which happens with many rhythms), the snare drum often doesn't respond; no sound and no signal on the module. I then have to play the snare drum separately again for a response. An acquaintance of mine bought a similar Behringer and experiences the same problem.

    I also find the sensitivity of the snare drum insufficient. When I play a roll it is always irregular (and that is not only due to my poor technique). Building up or reducing a roll in strength is not possible at all. If you play the snare drum lightly, it will not react.

    Do you recognize these problems, is there anything that can be done? Is another sound module a solution? Because of this problem, I rarely use the Behringer.

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    • Veerweg162
      Dale_M Sorry to hear of this issue, I think it woul be best if you could create a video highlighting the issues and share the download link on a Technical ticket to us via the Support tab above.
      • Apr 10
    • Veerweg162
      isaacmhelgens I have found that my drum module gets really unhappy and flaky about responding to inputs after about 2 hours of use. At that point I generally unplug the power and leave it off for a few minutes and then it's happy again.

      Also, just to verify it's not an issue with that specific pad try switching it out with one of your tom pads. Since the snare pad is the one that's going to take the most frequent beating it's the one I found that fails first. Every original pad I had that failed just came down to repeated use breaking a lead free from the solder on the trigger module inside. If that has happened and you have just a bit of contact when you play then you would get poor response - especially if your snare hand is weaker when hitting at the same time as your hi-hat.
      • Sep 6
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    hi I just bright a New deumset xd80usb, everything works correctly except that it stops reproducing sound after a few hits, everything seems to be ok, all lights are working, when I hit a pad it shows on the panel, i true swing an aplifier or a headphone set, and the same thing happens. IT's not the outputs nor cables, I can't figure this out guys

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    I was given a Behringer Electronic Drum set - Model HDS 240 USB. It does not have an Owners Manual. How can I obtain the owners manual?  Thanks y'all!

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    Where can I buy replacements parts, especially wiring harness, for the beringer hds240usb electric drum set?

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    • Laugustejr1
      KyleJohnson Hello, Kyle here with Music Tribe. Spare parts can be ordered from us if you click on the Support link at the top of the page and then click Spare Parts to submit a ticket.
      • June 15, 2021
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    Buenas tardes

    Tengo la batería behringer hds110usb, y lamentablemente se me rompió el brazo que soporta el hit-hat y el mismo platillo hit-hat, es posible conseguir repuesto de esto mismo. Quedo atento a sus comentarios




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    • Saul79
      Nigel67 Hi Saul79. Please can you send us a spares request ticket and one of my colleagues in that team will send you availability and pricing. This can be done by clicking on the support tab at the top of the page. A new window will open. Scroll down and click on the Spare Parts tab and submit a ticket. A colleague will then get back to you. Many thanks
      • May 2, 2021
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    Hi Behringer staff, my name is Samantha Robles, I bought and electronic drum set last august 2020 the serie model is XD80USB, my snare has no sound when played and the rimg shot is activated when the snare does. both pads are active when I only play the snare, and the problem is that the snare has no sound. 

    Where can I go here in Mexico to an official customer service to check my problem?. I appreciate your response as soon as you can. 


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    • N15678
      KyleJohnson Hello, Kyle with Music Tribe here. For Service related inquiries please click on Support at the top of the page, and then submit a Service ticket.
      • April 5, 2021
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    Looking to replace the 9-channel DB25 to 1/4" TRS Snake right-angle cable connector for my Behringer edrum kit, as one cable which connects to Tom3 is not working, and I'm having a hard time finding this cable anywhere.

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    • jwoo672
      ChrisEdwards1 Hi jwoo672, if you have not yet done so I would recommend submitting a parts request. This can be done by going to support and scrolling down to the "Parts" tab. A member of the team will be able to provide you with availability and pricing.
      • March 13, 2021
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    Hello I aquired a Beheringer drum set last year, and tried to register my product in this site before, but the site was not working properly on that time.

    Today my floor tomb stop working and I can't find any information here in Mexico on how to make warranty effective . Any help here?? 


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    • DiegoCastanon
      PedroRodrigues Hi DiegoCastanon in this case and considering that in Mexico any assistance is provided by the reseller where the unit was acquired, to proceed with this matter you must contact you reseller. Thank you
      • February 19, 2021
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