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    The plastic holding inside the Machine is broke. Can i get this spare part in any way?

    Otherwise its really sad...

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    • Norbert Reisner
      David Knighton Hello Norbert Reisner,
      For spare parts inquiries, please use the SUPPORT tab at the top of the page. There, you can submit a spare parts inquiry.
      • Mon at 2:28 PM
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    When I use the lfo and mod wheel at 100% to try to bounce between octaves on C for example, it ends up bouncing between c# And e (meaning it's even going sharp when the modulation should be at 0)


    Is there some sort of calibration procedure for the mod wheel to fix this?


    From what I can tell, behringer never released a full manual for this synth - only a quick start guide.


    I'm unable to figure out what many of the adjustment trim pots do on the rear such as hp, regen, range, noise, bias - and I don't know how to find the test points for the 10v adjustment 

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    A few days ago I purchased a new K-2 from a local music retailer, and started having fun!

    Unfortunately, it turned out that the "External Signal In" jack on the patch panel was defective (no positive detent when a patch cord was inserted, and no external audio signal delivered to the VCF/VCA (nor audible at the output)).  I exchanged the unit today without any trouble, but the new unit seems to have a different, tuning related problem...

    If the EG2 release is anything other zero or almost zero, when a (note) trigger ends, the output pitch falls by ~12 cents, in a very audible fashion.  I've triple checked all the mod knob settings (all at 0) and EG1 is zeroed.  Filters are wide open, 0 Peak (filter type doesn't matter). Portamento 0. MG Frequency 0. No patch cords connected. Both oscillators display the same behavior.  SynthTool says the K-2 has v1.0.3 firmware.  But it still sounds like something is modulating the overall pitch when the trigger ends.

    Any one else seen similar behavior, or have any suggestions?  I hope I'm missing something obvious as I think I've exhausted the local supply of K-2's at this point.



    Terry McG




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    Hello, I´m a new DM12 owner and I was trying to connect a pedal so I can send a MIDI message for Mainstage to change the patch.

    I am using the sustain input for a sustain pedal, but using my second pedal for changing the sounds is essential for me..
    In the global settings there are only some options for this pedal, but none is sending a MIDI on/off message out.

    Is this possible or any trick I could use to achieve this????

    Thanks is advance

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    • Pablo Evaristo
      David Knighton Hello Pable Evaristo,
      Firstly, be careful when you say DM12 because that's the model of a Midas mixer we sell. You'll get everyone confused using that abbreviation for a DeepMind. No troubles here though. The port labelled Pedal/CV is going to be a control voltage input that can be used to change individual parameters, such as Mod-Wheel or Expression. It will not handle anything related to MIDI. You'll need to use the MIDI ports for that, and you seem to already be using the MIDI IN port from MainStage. What I would suggest is try and find a USB footswitch controller for your MainStage computer and see if you can trigger the MIDI note from within MainStage as opposed to from the keyboard. Check out the link below and tell me if this is something that could provide a solution.
      • Mon at 3:37 PM
      • Deepmind 12 External pedal for MIDI control
        Pablo Evaristo yes, I have a bluetooth pedalboard for that. But I also have a dual pedal that I like to use, because it allows to control both parameters (sustain and CC).
        Thanks anyway, you answered my question, so I can´t use that pedal input in Deepmind for my purpose.
        • Tue at 2:15 AM
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    MonoPoly Product Videos:

    It includes true-to-the-original analog circuitry, 4 VCOs and incredibly flexible key modes for monophonic, duophonic and 4-voice polyphonic playstyles. It features 37 semi-weighted keys with velocity functionality. Pitch can be raised or lowered using the Bend wheel, while modulation depth is controlled with the MG1 wheel. For those who want the numbers, the MONOPOLY has 62 knobs and buttons, laid out on a tiltable front panel in a highly intuitive format that puts the joy back into your music creation.

    We have managed to offer the MonoPoly for US$ 699!

    #Behringer #MonoPoly #Analog #Synthesizers #Keyboards #Synth #Keys #Polyphonic

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    I recently bought the Poly D and just now realised that when set on sharktooth waveforms the first 3 oscilators  play considerably quieter than the 4th oscillator. The diference is so big that i can only assume this is not  normal behaviour since i dont have this problem with any of the other waveforms. 

    I would apreciate if anyone knows or could help regarding this!


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    • Joao Pereira
      Jason Brewer Hello - if you can - please make a support ticket above and we can help you dive further into the synth. Thank you
      • Nov 20
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    Case CAS-135811-P9W2X1

    • RMA Number:  375463 

    The portal shows that the instrument arrived on 9/5/2020 and solved on 9/16/2020, 10:00:05 AM.

    I've not received notice on shipment or any request for more information/funds etc.

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    • Edgar Rosa
      Kyle Johnson Hi Edgar, this is Kyle with Music Tribe. I found your case and I will make sure you get an update via email today.
      • Nov 17
      • Trying to find out where my synth is...
        Edgar Rosa Thank you Kyle.
        • Nov 19
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    Hello everyone!

    I am new to analogue Semi Modular synths. Crave being my first purchase, I want to understand how do I clock the sequencer of Crave to Logic pro x?

    Please help.

    Thank you.

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    I cant get my unit work with Synth Tool (tried V2.3.5 and V2.4.2). After software starts, my Model D is detected and i can enter its settings. But there if i change anything, like midi channel, MIDI IN transpose, there is no reaction. The unit just behaves like the settings havent been transfered. Also, the update tab says my current version is 1.0.5 but after "loading" the "Cloud under maintenace" appears and thats it, cant check firmware update etc.

    Im doing all this under windows, i have no DAW and other hosts running at the time. Tried everything.

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    Hello, everyone!

    I am huge newbie in this sphere and just purchased my first synth (Behringer Odyssey) and can't make it produce a sound. What I tried:

    1) Just Behringer + headset, sliders set per manual (VCO-1 up, sawtooth; VCF FREQ up, VCA up) = no sound, although I hear clicking or popping in headphones
    2) Behringer + my Focusrite SOLO Cherry, sliders set per manual, tried headset in both Behringer and Focusrite - no sound.

    Ofcourse I checked my headset and sound volume. 

    I also have a bass amp but not sure if it will work in any way or form.

    I can make photos and will take any help! I don't know what I am missing or doing wrong here. 


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