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    I recently bought a used Deepmind 12D, but it did not come with the rack ears. I've been trying to get a hold of some, but I can't get anyone to reply to my spare parts request. Anyone have any thoughts?

    Thanks ahead of time,


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    • AlexZwart
      ChrisEdwards1 Hi AlexZwart, could you please confirm for me your case number? This will allow me to investigate further and have a member of the spares team follow-up
      • Sep 8
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    Behringer - Technical Support - CAS-429116-J3Q6Z5 - CRM:0152300003335 - CAS-481003-P6F4S2


    I am from India and I bought VC340 in Dec 2020. Exactly after 3 months, the mono output of developed crackle, hiss noise. I raised a case in the music tribe and after another 5 months, they said India is an unsupported location and I have to contact the shop I bought it from. So I googled and found out that the whole and sole distributor of Behringer products are who claim they are 'authorized distributors' of Behringer products. They are not listed in Behringer's website as authorized distributors. Anyhow, I contacted them and they said that they can service my unit. I sent them the unit and now they are saying they have ordered some board that needs to be replaced, It might take 4 weeks as they have to source it from Taiwan? I am really not sure if they can really sense the problem with the unit. There is an inherent distorted crackle, hiss and pops in the mono output. The unit is supposed to be replaced in case of defects right? Replacing the board might throw off the voice balance and whatnot. What are the warranty conditions if the unit fails to perform within 1 year of purchase? I am worried now since India is an unsupported location, the warranty is not the same as support locations? I have DeepMind 12D and Neutron semi-modular synth as well. What should I do if these break down? I should be very careful about Behringer in the future. 



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    • SwayambhuRecords
      Nigel67 Hi SwayambhuRecords. I am sorry to hear about the issues that you are experiencing. Unfortunately, only the Service Team can answer your questions, so I am copying and pasting your above message into your original case (CAS-429116-J3Q6Z5), re-opening it for you and asking the Service Team to reply. You should hear back from the shortly
      • Sep 1
      • VC340 India Warranty
        SwayambhuRecords what's the point when nobody replies. Anyways... The service center here sent the unit to Mumbai head office. Can you confirm if Aphatec is good to go for Behringer products? And what is the warranty condition when the unit fails within a year of purchase?
        • Sep 5
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    I might have missed this in any of the firmware updates for the Crave, but would it be possible to add controls for playback direction of the sequencer? I can't find documentation on firmware updates.

    I'm referencing the M32 here, but it would be incredible to be able to play forwards, backwards, pendulum, ping pong and especially random steps from a sequence! 

    Such an awesome synth to integrate with your modular, random step playback would be godlike. 

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    Is it possible to trigger the arpeggiator from the RD 8 accent? 


    Any thoughts?

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    When I use the fbq button on my new kxd12 the red LEDs come on and stay on, even with nothing plugged in. Any ideas on what's going on? So far I truly hate the sound of the amp.

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    I'm going to buy the Behringer 960 sequencer. I have plenty of analogue synths with cv inputs. What else do I need to get the sequencer up and running to trigger the sounds of my synths in a sequence.

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    • Abcd4
      PedroRodrigues Hi Abcd4 Please consider that the Behringer 960 the oscillator is a built-in clock that makes the sequencer operate.
      When you vary its frequency, you will not be changing the pitch of a sound but rather the speed at which the sequencer runs.
      To play, you push the Oscillator On button. To stop, you push the Oscillator Off button.
      When it comes to the CV outputs on this unit they’re not labelled as A, B and C, in pairs at the end of each row, the gate output is labelled Oscillator Output.
      Please take in to account that the 960 offers three rows of eight variable controllers with a flashing LED above each step.
      The user can set up these rows in parallel to generate three-note chords or it could play three different monophonic patterns simultaneously.
      To play 16- or 24-note patterns, you must have the 962 Sequential Switch module, as it switches from one row to the next as each comes to an end.
      • Aug 25
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    When will the DeepMind12 App be updated to work with current iPad version?

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    • Thebenj
      PedroRodrigues Hi Thebenj, thank you for your post, please consider that at this moment we are analyzing this matter and as soon as as possible we will have information on this matter. Thank you
      • Aug 23
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    As the Crave firmware evolves, it is needed for the users to have a view on the doc/firmware versioning :

     - the different firmwares, dates, and the associated Release Notes (not only the last one)

     - the different versions of the guickstart guide

    As the documentation on the CRAVE is very limited, this is a minimum, and could be shared on a specific ressources page ; it could easily enhance the CRAVE online environnement and the user experience.

     The CRAVE is a very nice synth. Thanks for your cooperation.


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    Hi guys! Hope you can help me with this problem. My Pro-1 purchased on Musicstore arrived today and i noticed that the sequencer and arp do not work completely !! Even when I select the sequence 1 or 2 the sound disappears. I just don't understand what it can be and I don't know if it's a Pro-1 defect. I've tried various methods but none of them work.. I tried to connect it with ableton in external instrument, both in USB and with a audio interface with the midi connector, I tried to deactivate the polychain (the power led turns red and when I press a note it turns green skipping some notes played), I thought ableton was the problem and I connected the Pro-1 (midi in) to my td-3 (midi out) but still nothing. You try them all but I still can't solve it ..
    I can post photos and videos if it can help me. I hope you can help me.

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    • Alexander420
      PedroRodrigues Hi Alexander420, please consider that this information was provided on the case that you have submitter directly with the Tech support Team. Please use the case submitted to exclusively exchange information on this matter. Thank you
      • Aug 19
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    Oscillator 1 just drones. Osc 2 and 3 are fine.

    It worked ok with cv but i only just started using it with midi. Can you think of anything i should check? It's not in LFO mode. I tuned all 3 osc to same pitch but osc 1 is unresponsive.

    I bought it in june in montreal canada. I am moving back to the uk at start of october so i need to know my best course of action. im hoping i can just return it to the store for a refund at the moment but they were a bit useless with comms when i ordered it so im a bit worried.

    can i get this serviced in the uk if i get messed about?

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    • Hammerheart
      PedroRodrigues Hi Hammerheart, please consider that to incorporate the Behringer 2600 into your external synth rig using MIDI connections. It’s just a matter of connecting a controller’s MIDI Out to the 2600’s MIDI In. If you have additional external gear you want to control via MIDI, just use the MIDI Thru port and connect to the next device’s MIDI In.

      How to change MIDI channels
      You’ll want to change the MIDI channel on your 2600 whenever you want it to play an individual part. For example, you probably wouldn’t want your drum machine triggered by a fast arpeggiator lead on your 2600.

      On most modern MIDI controllers, changing MIDI is done digitally, through a DAW, a standalone app, or a built-in menu. The Behringer, however, relies on dip switches to change the MIDI channels. Here is the diagram of where the MIDI dip switch should be for each channel.
      • Aug 17
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