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  • 2020-10-26
    We got some really good news. The firmware for the is now completed and we're moving closer to delivering this beautiful synth. However, to be clear, we're still many months away from delivery.
    Our next step is to build 50 pre-production samples and start an extensive test program with internal and external beta testers to ensure the synth will have undergone the most stringent quality testing. If you like to participate in the testing of the UB-Xa, come join the beta tester team. However, please note that there a critical requirements associated with this program.
    1. You do own an original Oberheim OB-Xa in order to do extensive comparisons.
    2. You have deep technical understanding and knowledge related to professional testing procedures and sound analysis
    3. You do own a video channel and you're willing to create several comparison videos.
    4. You're willing to create great sound patches with your name attached.
    If you meet these criteria, please contact us at [email protected] and provide us with detailed information related to the above 4 points. We will select max 20 beta testers and reward them with a free unit in return for their extensive efforts.
    We're super excited about this flagship synth. We know that it has taken much time, but we're very proud of our Manchester engineering team who have done an amazing job by creating a complete new technology platform, which will allow us to develop the next analog poly-synths in record time.
    We're just warming up:-)
    And one more thing. We have recently launched our Music Tribe market place where you can buy and sell equipment - all for free. Unlike eBay or Reverb, we take zero commission. Check out
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  • 2020-10-26
    A lot of you asked us for a USB/MIDI to CV/Gate interface for our Eurorack modular system.
    Not only did we listen but also we designed it with a high-resolution 16-bit Texas Instruments converter so you get extremely accurate control voltages. We plan to deliver this module before end of year - of course as always at a very reasonable price.
    We’re excited to see our Eurorack family is grow:-)
    And one more thing. We have recently launched our Music Tribe market place where you can buy and sell equipment - all for free. Unlike eBay or Reverb, we take zero commission. Check out
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  • 2020-10-26
    We're excited to announce that the new RD-8 firmware 2.0, the release note and the updated manual are now available for download at
    We like to take the opportunity to thank our Beta testers and our Innovation Tribers who worked hard to make this a great experience.
    Kudos to our Beta Testers:
    Jamie Munro, Ben Bridges, Barry Whyte, Addison Kane, Alex Wilkerson, Chris Warner, Fabian Potter, Jack Herlihy, Jean-Brice Baudot, Mark Camp, Micahaek K, Michael Romanov, Mike Bridge, Nik Quisquater, Nils Hammer, Peter Lerman, Pia Wasmuth, Rui Antunes, Terence Marsden, Tuomas Elsilä, Dylan Gadwa, Justin Carr.
    As you can see below, we have added lots of new features, while also fixing the MIDI sync issues. However this is just the beginning as we already have a new feature list, which we have started to implement. If you have any requests, we're of course happy to listen to you:-)
    Thank you for all your patience and support! You guys are the reason why we do what we do!
    New features:
    • Synthtool support. (right click on a step cell in the sequencer page for more step options).
    • Pattern length, step on/off will be saved automatically when programmed in RECORD mode.
    • Trigger/play sound by pressing corresponding voice button. With TAP/HOLD button held the voice will be triggered with accent on.
    • Note repeat real time recording (press TRIGGER with note repeat enabled when in STEP recording). Removing step will remove note repeat.
    • In PATTERN mode, copy currently selected pattern to other locations by holding COPY then pressing the STEP button of the destination you want.
    • In STEP MODE, copy page 1 (1-16), page 2 (17-32), page 3 (33-48) or page 4 (49-64) to other pages: 1) Press LENGTH to enter pattern length setting. 2) select a page using arrows and press COPY, 3) select another page then press SAVE. This is will be automatically saved to the pattern.
    • TRIGGER ASSIGN setting (press SETTINGS, holding TAP/HOLD then press STEP 7 to enter the settings menu, press TAP/HOLD to switch between trigger assign 1 and 2). Select any voice as trigger (solid Light when selected). Accent is tied to trigger 3
    • PROB and FLAM set to off as default, set tempo, swing and step size PREFS to pattern as default.
    • Screen dim level adjust (holding TAP/HOLD then turn DATA knob).
    • Hold TAP/HOLD and press MUTE or SOLO to clear all mutes or solos.
    How to update with the Synthtool:
    1. Connect the RD-8 to a computer via USB.
    2. Open the Synthtool app.
    3. Press the Get Started button.
    4. The Synthtool will jump to the firmware upgrading page automatically.
    5. Follow the instructions in the synth tool. NOTE: DFU mode is when you power on the unit and with a small pin type object pressed in the small boot button found next to the USB port on the rear of the RD-8.
    To check the firmware version:
    1. Press SETTINGS.
    2. Hold down the TAP/HOLD button while pressing step key 5. The display will show the current version.
    Here is a useful video how to upgrade your firmware:
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  • 2020-10-24

    Hey guys when are you going to add the Neutron and DeepMind to Synthtool?


    Thanks so much.



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  • 2020-10-24

    Hello everyone, 

    I've connected a smartphone jack output into the input patchbay of a Behringer Crave and i played a waveform generator app to pilot some parameter on the Crave. Only after doing that i've read that the patchbay inputs have a maximal of voltage, so my question is: i've damaged the Behringer Crave doing this ? What is the maximal voltage output of a smartphone/tablet output if i set the volume at max ?

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    • Luca Maneschi
      Rex Beckett Hi Luca, according to the Crave specifications, most of the patchbay inputs can take -5V to +5V. I have never seen a smartphone with a headphone output that high. I think +/- 3V is the most you would get.
      • Oct 24
      • Bheringer Crave's patchbay connected to smartphone
        Luca Maneschi Very nice, thanks a lot for reassurring me. What is the method to calculate it if you know ?
        • Oct 24
      • Bheringer Crave's patchbay connected to smartphone
        Rex Beckett The specification for the smartphone will usually show a value for maximum power (P) with a given headphone load impedance (Z). The peak output voltage can be estimated from SQRT(P x Z x 2) - where P is in Watts and Z is in Ohms.
        • Oct 24
  • 2020-10-18

    Hi all,

    I'm hearing something a bit off on my Odyssey.  After sounding a note, if the VCA is above some minimum *but less than maximum* then after the note dies off, it slowly starts building in volume again.  I get that the old ARPs had oscillator bleed, but I'm curious why this doesn't happen at max VCA.


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    • John Stewart
      Joe Rivers Hi John, would you mind sending over a video of this issue? This can be on a wetransfer/google drive link.
      • Oct 19
  • 2020-10-12

    Dear all,

    My MS-1 (latest firmware) for some reason does not want me to save sequences, both keybord of step.

    I follow the manual step by step, or follow tutorials on youtube, but nothing works. Is there any way to find out what is wrong?

    What I also noticed is that my 'Location led' does NOT blink, and in all tutorials, it does blink. Could this have something to do with the isse? It does indicate keyboard or step (green/yellow) and it does point out different banks or patterns. But no blinking.

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    • Frank Bibo
      Joe Rivers Hi Frank, are you using the original power supply here? Have you got your clock source set to internal on the SynthTool?
      • Oct 12
      • MS-1 not able to save sequences
        Frank Bibo Yes, original power supply. Clock source is midi, because it is supposed to be the slave of my RD8.
        • Oct 12
  • 2020-10-09

    To anyone who could be of assistance,

    I'm new to synths as a whole for background. I recently (less than a month ago) bought a new behringer poly d. I'm trying to use a keyboard to amp setup and am having issues getting it to make any sound. 1/4 inch TRS cables and the power supply are connected. The light at the top left of the synth lights up when I push a key as well but the only thing I hear with the volume loud enough is the faintest, soft pop from the keyboard amp. I'm running into the same issue with headphones as well. Any help/guidance would be greatly appreciated. Thanks in advance.




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    • Diego  Jacuinde
      Joe Rivers Hi Diego, Please ensure the following:

      You have switched your oscillators on using the red switches
      You have turned the volume up of each oscillator
      The filter mode is set to LO and the Cutoff frequency is up
      The main volume is turned up
      You have tested all outputs and headphones
      • Oct 9
      • Behringer Poly D: No sound issue
        Diego Jacuinde Hey Joe, I’ve done all the following and have made some progress. I still don’t have the sound coming through but instead of the faint pop in my amp, I can hear a “white noise” like humming whenever I hold the keys. Same frequency of him regardless of low or high note key. I’m not sure what else it could be. Thanks again for all the help.
        • Oct 9
      • Behringer Poly D: No sound issue
        Diego Jacuinde Wait I got it to work thank you so much!
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        • Oct 9
    • Diego  Jacuinde
      Ronald Figura RTM?
      • Oct 10
    • Diego  Jacuinde
      Brian Fine Hey Diego - I work for Musician's Friend and I'm working with a gentleman that has the same exact issues that you described with his Poly-D - curious as to what finally made the Poly-D produce sound for you.
      • Oct 15
  • 2020-10-08


    is there a list with the type and value of the pots of the model d synthesizer? I will buy replacement for cutoff, reso, amount of contour, filter A D S, loudness A D S and LFO speed.

    best regards

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    • Daten Bytes
      Nigel Turner Hi Daten, please go to the support tab at the top of the page and submit a spares request. One of my colleagues will then be able to advise you pricing and availability of the pots. Just tell them which ones you require and they will be able to work out the rest for you. Many thanks
      • Oct 8
  • 2020-10-06

    SInce then I haven't been able to connect with USB - it looks like it's sending a crazy amount of MIDI info and all I get is whining and growling and it's not controllable. Using it without USB since then there is a click and whine when I lift my fingers off the keyboard. Also a whine continuously in para and poly mode.

    I've enjoyed the Poly D since I got it at the end of July until this started happening about a week ago.



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    • JohnnyMcBride
      Nigel Turner Hi Johnny, I think that we need to take a look at your Poly D and repair it. Please can you go to the Support tab at the top of the page and submit a service request form and we will be able to help further and get your unit in for repair.
      • Oct 7
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