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  • 2020-08-14

    My 121 Dual VCF has a problem. When the filter is closed down, there is still tons of oscillator noise coming through. Yeah, it is low frequency, but every filter I have ever seen cuts off all sound when you close it all the way.

    Anyone else have this?

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    • Patrick Mattingly
      Joe Rivers Hi Patrick, would it be possible to submit a care ticket using the SUPPORT option at the top? It would be useful to see a video of this behaviour.
      • 39 minutes ago
  • 2020-08-09

    Just wanted to say THANKS BEHRINGER for sorting out the envelopes on the Pro-1, it now sounds VERY close to the original Sequential Circuits version, you can hear it hear

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    • Mr Lawrence
      Nic Jones Hi Mr Lawrence. I will pass your comments along to the Dev teams.
      • Mon at 7:27 AM
      • Pro-1 Synthesizer
        Mr Lawrence Hi Nic, I am right now trying to find a contact where I can ask if there is a chance for me to work for Behringer testing out new gear. Are you able to please provide contact details of who I can speak to? It's a bit long winded but have a look at the information below, it shows what I can do (quite a few commented about now buying the Pro-1 after watching my video, that new firmware update. The very long story short is that I have been producing and engineering electronic music since the mid 80's and use analogue synthesizers exclusively.
        I used to work for Roland UK (ten years) as Product Demonstrator and programmed a lot of sounds into their machines, even being credited in some of their product manuals. I also worked for Moog demonstrating the Minimoog and other products when they re-released them going back early 2000 until around 2004, I also had a lot of input on some of their future products too.
        I only left these companies because the work dried up, the market slowed right down for a while.
        I love the fact you are building the ARP 2600 with Behringer and that's what I am looking to do, become a beta tester/demonstrator for this product as well as any other analogue classics they release, this is perfect for what I do and my experience would help a lot.
        Below is a video I made showing what the updated firmware does for the Pro-1, very popular right now. My YouTube channel is growing and I plan to improve the look and content each time, you can see it against my early uploads. I did complain about the older firmware and the CAT too, as people want to see what can do to improve products, and then sales will grow. My video proves this very clearly and in the comments many are saying thanks to the video they will order from Behringer.
        My actual studio is not yet shown in these, just a spare room, but will soon feature for a professional look. I own a LOT of rare analogue and classic machines and use them to remix for artists who are currently well known names and some of the big 80's groups, and release my own music, some of which have charted. I am desperately trying to get in with Behringer but contacts are so difficult to find I thought you may be able to point me in the right direction as you are obviously deeply involved.
        It's a long-winded message but I need to show Behringer I'm very experienced and not just a fan looking to work just for fun but to take it seriously and potentially boost sales (Roland sold only a handful of JP-8000's until I made a trance and dance bank, within days of release they were flying out of the doors). Feel welcome to contact me here: [email protected] or call 07475 794 033 for a chat.
        Here's my recent Pro-1 demo
        Thank you.
        Kind regards,
        • Tue at 5:38 AM
      • Pro-1 Synthesizer
        Nic Jones Hi Mark. Cheers for posting the above.
        First thing (and this is fully up to you) I would recommend editing your post to remove your email and phone number.

        Secondly, we do not have a direct contact for hiring, but all available jobs are posted on, so keep an eye on there for any updates.
        There is a careers section currently also in development on this site, but I am unsure when that will be incorporated.

        All the best!
        • Tue at 6:02 AM
      • Pro-1 Synthesizer
        Mr Lawrence Hi Nic,
        • Tue at 8:43 AM
      • Pro-1 Synthesizer
        Mr Lawrence Thanks very much for trying to help, and the tip about
        • Tue at 8:44 AM
      • Pro-1 Synthesizer
        Mr Lawrence Sorry, my laptop is sending messages before I do, computers! Really appreciate your time, have a good day! ATB, Mark.
        • Tue at 8:44 AM
  • 2020-08-07

    Hi all,


    Has anybody else experienced a noise being very audible when turning the cut off on the LPF down? 


    It's really annoying and make it hard to work with the unit

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    • Mario1995
      Nic Jones Hi Mario.
      Sorry for the delay in contacting you.

      Could you please open a technical support ticket (Just hit support at the top) And we can go through some trouble shootings steps with you. Please ensure that you let use know exactly how the device is setup and behaving and any other devices that are used in conjunction.

      Thanks very much!
      • Mon at 7:31 AM
  • 2020-08-03

    I'm using V 2.3.8. and it failed to detect my new TD-3. After the usual "change cable/change USB port/disconnect everything else/reboot etc" dance, I tried connecting my other Behringer devices. None were detected by Synth Tool (all were detected by Windows 10).

    I've made no changes and it did work with my CRAVE before.

    Suggestions appreciated.

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      ED CARDENAS I tried installing Synth Tool on my Surface Pro and it detected my TD-3 instantly. Discovering the problem lay with my PC setup, I blindly fumbled until I found a post over at It seems Synth Tool doesn't like it when other USB MIDI devices are plugged into your computer. Once I turned off my MOTU, Synth Tool detected my TD-3 straight away.

      Kinda sucks that I have to alter my setup just so Synth Tool will play nice.
      • Aug 3
      • Synth Tool Detects Nothing!
        Ronald Figura That's probably more of a Windows thing...
        • Wed at 1:33 PM
      Joe Rivers Hi Ed, pleased to hear you have been able to solve this with a workaround. We wrote up an article of a few troubleshooting steps in case this helps you to alter your setup less.
      • Aug 6
  • 2020-07-16
    hi, when will the ARP 2600 be available?
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  • 2020-07-15
    I recently purchased a Deepmind 6, but am having trouble playing MIDI in my DAW (Pro Tools). I know it recognized the device because when I connected it via USB to my computer, it comes up in the tab as checked for the recognized MIDI device settings. I have the Output setup properly, and even tested it on another computer, but it still won't work. Perhaps it's an internal setting I have wrong? Thanks
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  • 2020-07-14
    Hello, I can't seem to find a good explanation to my problem. I am rediscovering my Deepmind 12 and forcing myself to understand it :) I have a midi clip playing in Ableton. This is sent through midi-USB to the Deepmind. When editing the LFOs, I have set the Arp-Sync to 'ON'. The clock divide option appears. Here I can set the LFO rate to 1/8, 1/2, 2/32 etc. So far so good. This works for the duration of the clip. When the clip starts over however, the Clock-divide of (example)1/8 is changed to '4'. This triggers the LFO only on the start of each clip and not every 8th note. I will change the clock-divide back to 1/8, but it keeps changing back to 4. Is there a setting I have misconfigured? Or is what I want simply not possible?
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  • 2020-07-12
    If I use Ableton's internal arpeggiator, since it's much more complete and with more options than the Poly D's one, I noticed that the notes triggered don't cycle through the 4 oscillators. As opposed when using the poly d's one, the notes played cycle through all the oscillators. Poly D is set to poly mode.
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  • 2020-07-12
    When the poly d's clock is set to external midi usb, so that it follows a master clock ( i.e. Ableton Bpm), how can the rate of the arpeggiator be changed?
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  • 2020-07-07
    Hello, I am trying to control Crave from a midi expression pedal sending CCs as I do for other instruments from Elektron or Waldorf (they accept CCs 7 and 10 for volume and pan). Could the VCA Line of Crave be assigned to some CC and how to do it ? Thanks. Christian
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    • Christian Surieux
      Joe Rivers Hi Christian - unfortunately the Crave cannot currently be controlled using MIDI CC messages due to the analogue nature of its circuit. This, however, may be considered for a future update.
      • Jul 7