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    Hi all,


    I'm new here, but i've got a question regarding the behringer crave. Most synths i own inclusing the TD-3 play a sequence. when i switch to a different sequence it will finish the current one beofre swithcing. i really like this feature since it allows me to keep all the gear rolling during a liveset. the crave however switches imidiately when selecting a different pattern. Can this be altered in the setting or firmware? 

    hope there is a solution since it's pretty unusable for me  at the moment. other solutions are welcome aswell!


    thanks in advance!

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    • darklightyt
      PedroRodrigues Hi darklightyt, regrading your statement you are correct, the Crave will switch instantly instead of allowing the sequence to finished first and only then change to a new sequence. Have you tried disabling the SEQUENCER AUTO SYNC when using the latest version of the SYNTHTRIBE ? Thank you
      • September 25, 2021
      • Crave Pattern finishing
        JeanJean Hi Pedro ; i join the conversation, because i had the same question. I tried your answer (Sequencer auto sync disabled) and it doesn't change the behavior of the synth, regarding the chaining of sequences.
        As it should be possible to implement this in a new firmware, is something planed in this way ?
        Thanks for your reply
        • September 28, 2021
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    I opted to buy a demo model of the 2600  - less money, less waiting. It's great.

    Understandably there's a big green "DEMO" sticker on the original box, but also curiously, a UPC label specifying an ID of "BEHR2600d2 Demo". So, it seems that specific units from the factory were designated demo units and I wonder if there are any differences, maybe having not come from the general production run, or revisions or something, I don't know. Just curious. I do know the filter mode switch does not change the sound under any conditions. Also, the colors are a bit off - more like dark grey and brown rather than black and orange (I kinda like it though).  Other than that it's a joy. 

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    I recently bought a used Deepmind 12D, but it did not come with the rack ears. I've been trying to get a hold of some, but I can't get anyone to reply to my spare parts request. Anyone have any thoughts?

    Thanks ahead of time,


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    • AlexZwart
      ChrisEdwards1 Hi AlexZwart, could you please confirm for me your case number? This will allow me to investigate further and have a member of the spares team follow-up
      • September 8, 2021
      • Deepmind 12D Rack Ears
        zuglufttier I have exactly the same problem! I tried to create a ticket but it doesn't look like it was created after all... Could you hook me up with those rack ears as well?
        • December 21, 2021
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    I might have missed this in any of the firmware updates for the Crave, but would it be possible to add controls for playback direction of the sequencer? I can't find documentation on firmware updates.

    I'm referencing the M32 here, but it would be incredible to be able to play forwards, backwards, pendulum, ping pong and especially random steps from a sequence! 

    Such an awesome synth to integrate with your modular, random step playback would be godlike. 

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    Oscillator 1 just drones. Osc 2 and 3 are fine.

    It worked ok with cv but i only just started using it with midi. Can you think of anything i should check? It's not in LFO mode. I tuned all 3 osc to same pitch but osc 1 is unresponsive.

    I bought it in june in montreal canada. I am moving back to the uk at start of october so i need to know my best course of action. im hoping i can just return it to the store for a refund at the moment but they were a bit useless with comms when i ordered it so im a bit worried.

    can i get this serviced in the uk if i get messed about?

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    • Hammerheart
      PedroRodrigues Hi Hammerheart, please consider that to incorporate the Behringer 2600 into your external synth rig using MIDI connections. It’s just a matter of connecting a controller’s MIDI Out to the 2600’s MIDI In. If you have additional external gear you want to control via MIDI, just use the MIDI Thru port and connect to the next device’s MIDI In.

      How to change MIDI channels
      You’ll want to change the MIDI channel on your 2600 whenever you want it to play an individual part. For example, you probably wouldn’t want your drum machine triggered by a fast arpeggiator lead on your 2600.

      On most modern MIDI controllers, changing MIDI is done digitally, through a DAW, a standalone app, or a built-in menu. The Behringer, however, relies on dip switches to change the MIDI channels. Here is the diagram of where the MIDI dip switch should be for each channel.
      • August 17, 2021
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    I have tried to connect the crave synthesizer with the wasp deluxe synthesizer, using the corresponding midi cable,
    watching videos and looking at the connection options in the manuals of both synthesizers and I cannot make them sound together,
    as for example, in the following video
    Will I be missing a step or configuration through the SynthTribe or SynthTool application?

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    Hi. I'm not able to get my brand new Neutron to respond to MIDI.

    I've tried sending it notes from:

    • Arturia BeatStep, through USB via my Mac & also the 1/8" MIDI out direct from Beatstep > Neutron
    • AKAI MPK25, through USB via my Mac & also a 5-pin DIN direct from AKAI > Neutron
    • Roland D-50, via a 5-pin DIN direct from D-50 > Neutron

    I've ensured that only the cable I'm testing with (USB or 5-pin) is connected.

    I have a MIDI monitor running, and can see that the commands are being sent, and I've verified that the Neutron is set to the MIDI channel I'm using. The Neutron shows up in a list of MIDI devices in Reaper, so it's awake to some extent.

    I've also installed the firmware update to 2.0.2.

    I hear a constant audio signal from the Neutron; I can alter it by changing the LFO, overdrive, waveform shape, etc. I don't know why it's generating this signal when it's not receiving any input.

    Thanks for any ideas!



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    • slr242
      slr242 Is there somewhere else I need to go to get support for this issue?
      • July 20, 2021
    • slr242
      slr242 Kinda disappointed that I got no replies for these issues; I found solutions on my own after a couple of days. In case someone else has these issues, I redid the config in my Mac's audio midi setup and that resolved most of the issues.
      • July 21, 2021
    • slr242
      Serge1961 Did you check the MIDI channel? The devices must have the same channel if you want a response.
      • August 11, 2021
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    My Behringer Model D was working properly but the audio suddenly stopped sounding. With the project opened, without movement, no hits, just on the table, but stopped working.

    The midi is received well, the beep sounds when turning on the A-440 switcher, but I can only hear it through the headphones.

    The audio signal doesn't respond on Ableton. It seems like the audio outputs have some trouble.

    I used the same Usb and jack cables that work with other synths. Also tried using midi cables, but audio still doesn't work.

    Is there anything I could do?


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    • hugoballon
      Dale_M Hi hugo can we ask that you raise a Technical ticket from the Support tab above so we can assist you please?
      • July 13, 2021
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    “Modded Out” Analog Bass Line Synthesizer with VCO, MIDI-Controllable VCF and Sub-Harmonics Oscillator
    From: $199 (in stock and immediately shipping from our factory)
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    I can chain Neutron (2.0.2) -> Neutron (2.0.2) -> K-2 (1.0.4) -> Model D

    I can chain Model D (1.1.1) -> K-2

    I can chain K-2 -> Model D

    I cannot chain K-2 -> Neutron

    I cannot chain Model D -> Neutron

    The neutrons have a different polychain behaviour; unlike the K-2 and the Model D you don't set the number of synths that will be in the chain, and each neutron that must pass the signal down the chain needs to be set to polychain. They can reserve 2 notes if they are in paraphonic mode, and the first note always hits the first neutron. On the K-2 and Model D, it's a round robin between the synths when you play the same single note repeatedly.

    Are all these units compatible in polychain mode, in any order, with the firmware versions listed above?

    If not, are there any plans to align how they work so that we can mix and match the units?

    Thanks for reading, hopefully I am just being silly.

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    • plumpnation
      scottpig Hi plumpnation, I realize this isn't any particular help to you as well as being a dollar late and a day short, but I did a bunch of testing last night with two Neutrons, a model D and a Pro-1 and found exactly the same results you did. Neutrons can pass notes to the others but won't receive notes from them in poly chain mode. And I saw the same round robin behavior. It certainly would have saved me some time figuring things out if I had found your post first.
      • November 30, 2021
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