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    Hi all,

    I've had the TC Helicon Harmony G-XT for a few years and its always had a hum issues when inline with my guitar pedals.

    The Hamonies work great, no issue with the vocal output or harmonie, JUST the Guitar signal.

    • I use the factory TC-Helicon SA106G-12S power supply
    • There is no difference with the Ground switch on or off.
    • I have tried different patch cables.
    • I have updated the Firmware to 1.201.
    • I've tried plugging in the TC adapter into different power outlets
    • I've tried different power supplies - Voodoo Lab PP2+ output 5 and 6 can be switched to output 12VDC.

    The HUM is very bad when I switch to a Overdrive channel on my guitar amp.

    Here is a Youtube video of my issue:

    Guitar Signal Path: Guitar - Wah - TC Helicon Harmony G-XT - Polytune - Tube Screamer - Marshall Amp Input
    Marshall Amp Effects Loop: Nosie Gate - Spark Booster - TC Delay - MXR Phaser.
    All powered by Voodoo Labs PedalPower2 plus isolated power supply - except the TC Helicon Harmony G-XT.

    2 Questions:

    1. Is my Harmony G-XT defective? 

    2. I maybe interested in the Harmony Singer 2 pedal - is it a similar circuit design? can I expect the same hum?



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    • cowbell-fever
      Dale_M Thanks for the video link, the first thing to do here is completely isolate the G-XT and simply plug your guitar in then out of it the amp -is the hum still there? If not then the problem is with your pedal-chain, if the hum remains we would advise you raise a Technical ticket from he above tab.
      • Aug 29
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    Does anyone know how to use voice fx on a Samsung S20+ ?

    It only has wifi, bluetooth and usb C, there is no 3.5mm socket. 

    My phone is linked to windows 10 via bluetooth and Id like to make realtime calls using the GoXLR and voice FX.

    Anyone know how?

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    Hello, my  voicelive play has broken foot switch. 

    The switch Hit has broken. 

    I live in Buenos Aires, Argentina and I need to know the name of the switch to buy the replacement. Can someone help me?
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    Curious when Harmony Singer 2 will be in stock and readily available.

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    • Garry326
      WilliamR Hello Garry, William from musictribe here. We are unable to provide any information on pricing and availability of products. You will need to instead directly contact one of our resellers/partners and they will be able to advise you further. Please contact directly for availability.
      • Aug 27
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    I had water damage at a gig. I have blank screen and no startup but there is poer. I can;t remember wher I bought new and there is no serial number on mine any longer. I know I have to pay for repair but how can I initiate repair without serial number?

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    • JustinFerren
      ChrisEdwards1 Hi JustinFerren, please submit a service request ticket as you would usually do, however, within the serial number field you can put N/A or Not Available and this should still allow you to submit your ticket. Please just make a note within the description of the issues surrounding the serial number.
      • Aug 20
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    I have recently bought a TC Helicon D1 and this went the same as the previous harmonizer.  Worked twice than died.

    Are all TC Helicon products this bad?



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    • TerryLalley
      kiskadar69 No, I currently have six TC-Helicon devices and they all work.
      • Aug 20
    • TerryLalley
      ChrisEdwards1 Hi TerryLalley, im sorry to hear this. Would it be possible to provide more information on the fault? For example how it was being powered at the time of failure, if this was an original or third-party power supply, what other equipment was being used at the time, and anything else you deem relevant.
      If you are using a third-party power supply would it also be possible to provide a picture of its specifications?
      • Aug 20
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    Hi everyone,


    I am struggling with inconsistency with the voicelive 3 - essentailly each time i turn it off and then when i go back and do another session with it , the harmonies and patches that souned great before no longer sound the same, often the harmonies are all over the shop and I don't understand how I will ever get t o a stage where I can use it live if it is like this all the time. I am actually beginning to very much regret my purchase of it!


    Has anyone experienced similar or know how to solve the issue. - it is not with my own vocal input.

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    • bethkarp
      PedroRodrigues Hi, bethkarp I would suggest checking how you have set up the Mix Mode, since on VoiceLive 3, you can define a different method of harmony note output for each voice.
      This allows you to, set one voice to follow your guitar, NaturalPlay, on the second voice to follow a key/scale, a third voice to only sing a single “Fixed” note and a fourth voice to only sing the “root” note of any chords you are playing on your guitar Pedal.
      You can mix and match any of the available modes for the four harmony voices. You could have three NaturalPlay voices and a fixed voice, or two scale-based voices, one fixed and one NaturalPlay voice.
      Please take in to account that when you are using mixed mode harmony, you will need to define the correct key/scale or note and play your instrument in order for the combination of voices to sound good together, if not a Fixed voice could be singing a completely unsuitable note for your song. Harmony can suffer from a succession of notes constantly changing when sound other than your voice is picked up via your microphone.
      • Aug 20
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       I have been using my Voicelive Rack now for 8 years with no issues and excellent performance. However, I've always been puzzled about the function of the Lead Level parameter. I presumed that by adjusting the Lead Level in the Harmony effect, I would be able to adjust my dry vocal signal to balance with the other harmony voices, or even eliminate it completely. However, it does not work like that for me. I also have a Voicelive 3 with the same parameter and same results.

       Just to experiment, I setup a simple preset with two harmony voices only, and no other effects enabled. Only Harmony, Tone, and Pitch. No matter how I adjust the Lead Level of the Harmony effect, it never varies relative to the harmony voices.

       I'm just looking for someone that knows what the parameter should do and how it should be used.

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    • fleahead
      PedroRodrigues Hi fleahead Try turning the “Lead Level” parameter to OFF when using one of the “Wide” styles. This will effective would suggest trying to remove your voice from the middle of the stereo field and helps recreate the wide-panned vocal style that can be heard on many recent recordings.
      I would also suggest adding some “1 Voice Tight” Double effect when using the Harmony effect can add some presence to your lead voice, preventing it from being overpowered by the Harmony.
      Also adding some “4 Voices Wide” Double effect when using the Harmony effect can significantly enhance the “group” sound of the Harmony voices, especially when using two or more Harmony voices.
      I hope this helps.
      • Aug 19
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    I'm trying to use my TCHelicon Voicelive2 as an interface to record into garageband. When I use the USB connection, I just get my voice with non of the effects or harmonies. How do I get this to work? Do I have to go thru my other interface, and if so, how do I connect it to the tchelicon so that it works with all the effects and harmonies?

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    • crystalsuzy1
      PedroRodrigues Hi crystalsuzy1 please consider that there are a few common methods of using VoiceLive 2 with a USB-connected computer and an audio application (DAW):
      Capturing a full mix of your performance
      Processing vocals from your DAW 3. Recording dry vocal and guitar tracks We assume you are familiar with configuring your audio application for input and output and that you understand connection of VoiceLive 2’s inputs and outputs.
      Method 1 - Capturing a full mix of your performance: Set VoiceLive 2’s I/O parameters as such:

      Connect your mic and headphones to VoiceLive2 and pick a preset you like. VoiceLive 2 will send the fully processed sound to your DAW and you’ll be able to monitor through your headphones or the analogue audio outputs of VoiceLive 2.
      In order to set VoiceLive 2’s sample rate, play a little bit of audio from your DAW before recording your vocal track.
      Method #2 - Processing vocals from your DAW:
      To use VoiceLive 2 as an effects insert, set the I/O parameters as such:
      Configure an aux send in your DAW to send the vocal track to VoiceLive 2’s left input and the instrument track to the right. You can monitor through VoiceLive’s headphone or main outputs. When playing back using VoiceLive 2 as the output audio device, don’t forget to set the

      Method #3 - Recording dry vocal and guitar tracks:
      You’ll need a fully dry mono vocal track and optionally, a dry instrument track (guitar or keyboard) or midi performance if you plan to use harmony. Set the I/O parameters as such:
      Connect your mic and a guitar to VoiceLive 2 and your headphones to the headphone out. Even though you’ll hear fully processed vocals and guitar (with Guitar FX) in the headphones, the output feeding your DAW will be separate dry vocal and guitar that you can process later with Method #2. Digital Input Notes:
      Sample rate is synchronized automatically to the incoming digital audio stream.
      There is no independent configuration of sample rate in VoiceLive 2.
      When processing an analogue input such as the MIC and sending to VoiceLive 2’s digital out, sending a short bit of audio from your recording application to either Digital in will set the sample rate.
      When DIGITAL IN is set to USB:
      - Or SPDIF:VOX L / INST R, the MIC and GUITAR IN are disabled.
      When DIGITALIN is set to USB (or SPDIF): STEREO, harmonies will follow the stereo audio coming from the selected digital input on presets where NATURALPLAY is set to AUX INPUT.
      Digital Output Notes:
      USB audio output will not function when either of the SPDIF: options is chosen for the DIGITALIN parameter.
      SPDIF digital output is always available regardless of DIGITAL IN or OUT settings.
      USB Audio And ASIO Applications
      PC-based ASIO apps such as Cubase may require you to install a WDM to ASIO “wrapper” such as ASIO4ALL which is available at in order for VoiceLive 2 to be recognized as an audio device.
      To select the audio device In the Mac and Windows operating systems, you can select VoiceLive 2’s audio device in your workstation program by name.
      In some Windows XP DAW apps, however, the name of the audio device may be “USB Audio Device”.
      To use VoiceLive 2’s MIDI IN jack for harmony, preset change or realtime control while USB is connected, enter the I/O tab in the SETUP menu and set USB CONTROL to OFF.
      USB audio will function normally but MIDI will only be accepted by VoiceLive 2’s through its MIDI IN port.
      To re-enable VoiceSupport’s features and reception of MIDI from your DAW, turn USB CONTROL to ON
      • Aug 18
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    Does anyone know when TC Helicon will begin fulfilling orders to the US?  Guitar Center told me that they haven't had any VoiceLive Touch 2 units since last year.  What's the hold up?  Does this shortage go beyond the US?

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