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    It was available for backorder on Guitar Center as of 3/17/2021, however Sweetwater and some others say they no longer have that product.


    If you can find a unit out there, is there software support for it?


    Is there an update or a Touch 3?

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    • MarqueeMusicGroup
      nneptune5 I'm also looking for this on 3/17/21, and I can't find one anywhere! I'm so disappointed. I've been waiting months to buy one. I hope an answer comes soon. I'm in America, and the only sellers are in Japan for an extremely high price. Help!
      • Mar 17
    • MarqueeMusicGroup
      DavidKnighton Hello Marquee,
      The TCH VoiceLive Touch 2 is not discontinued. Production is a bit slow since the beginning of pandemic.
      • Mar 18
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    A few years ago TC Helicon released some free preset packs for VL2, VL3 and Voicelive Play etc - does anyone know where I can download these from now?
    They aren't showing on the TC website anymore. I need the Voicelive Play pack which was called "More Play"
    Thanks in advance!
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    I'm wondering if these are still being made and if so when will they be available. Thanks!

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    • Mbille
      DavidKnighton Hello Mbille,
      The Harmony G XT is not discontinued. I'll send you a DM real quick with more information.
      • Mar 16
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    Hello team
    I bought a Voicelive touch 2 years ago. We moved and now it doesn't seem to work. There are only a few voice effects. I would like to know how to update my device. I have installed voicesupport2 on my computer. I don't understand how it works. There seems to be no update available: no yellow icon. I would like to know if my device is damaged, if there is a way to update it to be able to access all voices. Currently, I have only 4.

    Thank you very much for your help !


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    • lison123
      NicJonesMT Hi Lison123.
      You need to connect your VLT2 to your computer via USB. In the SETUP > MIDI Menu there will be an option to change the MIDI type to USB.
      Once you have done the above, open the Voicesupport 2 application and in the top left corner will be the "UPDATE" option. Select this and then follow the on screen instructions.
      You can also manage your presets from the Voicesupport 2 app.

      If you are still having issues, please select "SUPPORT" at the top of this page and submit a tech support ticket.
      • Mar 16
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    Hi folks. My pedal works but it doesn't harmonise until I keep pressing it. It originally is supposed to work with one tap but somethings wrong. How can I fix it ? 

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    I was at rehearsal last week and decided to plug in my phone to the aux jack to run through a song. Seemed to work fine but now the unit seems to have an j thermal mic issue or something. If nothing is plugged into the aux jack(even just a cable with nothing in the other end) then the unit picks up every sound ( pressing buttons, touching the machine at all) very loud and clearly with a slight delay. The k my way I have found to remedy this is to just leave an 1/8" cable plugged into the aux port. This seems like a very strange issue, I'm wondering if anyone else has come across it. Thanks! Cory

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    • CoryDumont
      PedroRodrigues Hi CoryDumont this may be related to the RoomSense being active, as this tool controls the two onboard microphones on the unit and in some cases can cause similar issues as the ones you just mention. Can you please press MIX and turn the ROOMSENSE level all the way OFF and see if the issue is still present?
      If the steps above, do not resolve this matter have you tried to perform a factory reset to your unit?
      To perform a factory reset hold down “Store” and “Back” during power up.
      Thank you
      • Mar 14
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         Hey, everyone. I've recently purchased the blue base model VoiceLive Play and while I'm super excited to see what this thing can do, I've been met with some early frustrations due to VoiceSupport 2 not functioning properly. I can tell that VoiceSupport recognizes my device by the blue icon representing it when I open the application, but I can't interact with anything due to receiving two error messages every time: "VoiceSupport is unable to establish an internet connection with the TC-Helicon server." and "VoiceSupport is unable to load required control files." I know there were some server issues last year relating to these error messages. I'm unsure if that's the case again or if something else is wrong. I'm attempting to run the application on a desktop PC running Windows 8 Pro. My internet is connected through a USB Wi-Fi dongle. FL Studio recognizes my unit as an audio interface and I can record with it fine. So, I don't think Windows is the problem. Thank you for your time.

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    • ae91
      PedroRodrigues Hi ae91 effectively that is a similar behavior with the issue we had last where where we update your servers systems and for some days the service was down. I would suggest to reinstalled VoiceSupport, please follow the link below :
      • Mar 14
      • VoiceSupport 2 not working with VoiceLive Play
        ae91 Hi, Pedro. I reinstalled the application directly from the link you provided, and I'm still getting those two error messages. I've tried running as administrator, ensuring the app is allowed through my firewall, restarting my PC, etc.
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        • Mar 15
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    Hello all. Can you please enlight us with some compatibility information regarding the latest appleOS release and TC-Helicon products. Kind regards Nils

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    • nmalexandersen
      PedroRodrigues Hi nmalexandersen Please consider that at this moment VoiceLive 3 Extreme and VoiceSupport 2 are not compatible with Big Sur, unfortunately we cannot provide a time window of when this may be resolved so we do not advise nay of our customers to perform the update if they wish to keep using our units. Thank you
      • Mar 14
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    I am thinking about buying a Helicon VoiceLive 3 Extreme unit.  I downloaded the manual and see where I can send MIDI CC messages to the unit to turn ON/OFF various effects in the unit.

    I can see that I can specifically turn ON/OFF harmony.  I want to know if I can change the unit's harmony preset before turning ON and OFF that harmony.

    The reason I ask this is that my band uses MIDI for our rhythm and bass section.  I would like to use a MIDI channel to select a preset, control the harmony via MIDI notes on one of the MIDI tracks, and turn ON/OFF those harmonies at selected times in each song.

    Thank you in advance.

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    • rmwestjr
      PedroRodrigues Hi rmwestjr the MIDI implementation in VL3 is essentially the same as the VoiceLive 2…
      There can be up to 500 presets loaded into a VoiceLive 3, and it’s possible to navigate between these presets with an external controller sending MIDI Control Change (“CC”) and Program Change (“PC”) messages. The VoiceLive 3 can receive CC and PC messages via MIDI from sources like keyboards, footswitches, DAWs, and more. For the controlling device to send a MIDI message to VL3 it needs to be using the same MIDI channel as the VL3, typically this is channel 1 but you’re welcome to change it. Also make sure you aren’t misusing the MIDI input filters, and ensure that the MIDI input is set to be either “USB” (for the USB-mini input) or “MIDI Ports” (for the 5-pin MIDI input) depending on how you're connecting. These settings can be changed in VL3’s “Setup” menu, on the “MIDI” tab.
      To change Presets via MIDI, first tell the VL3 which Bank to look in, then tell it which Preset in that Bank you want to change to.
      Bank select: To specify the desired bank, issue an LSB Bank select message (CC#32) with a value of 0-3.
      Preset Select: After specifying the Bank, issue a PC Preset select message with a value of 0-127.
      MSB LSB VL3Bank Program Change (PC) VL3 Preset #
      0 0 0 0-127 1-128
      0 1 1 0-127 129-256
      0 2 2 0-127 257-384
      0 3 3 0-115 385-500

      The internal number associated with a Preset isn’t exactly what you see on the VL3’s screen, they’re actually all off by 1. This is because internally the list of Presets actually starts at an index of 0. This means that 0 = Preset #1, 1 = Preset #2, 2 = Preset #3, etc. It’s like your presets are saved from 0-499 but are displayed as 1-500.
      There are 4 Banks in VL3, and each Bank contains 128 Presets. Therefore the Preset selection number that goes to VL3 needs to be between 1 and 128. So for a Preset above 128, you need to subtract the number of the first Preset in the same Bank to get the MIDI Program Change info.
      The 9-digit message for changing to a preset is in the format of:
      MSB LSB PC#
      Or, you can first send a CC#32 of the Bank you’re looking in, then a PC value of the Preset you want.
      Here are some examples:
      Preset #5 would be: 5 - 1 = 4
      000 000 004
      or CC#32 value 0, then PC 4
      Preset #100 would be: 100 - 1 = 99
      000 000 099
      or CC#32 value 0, then PC 99
      Preset #208 would be: 208 - 129 = 79 (because Preset #208 is in Bank 1, which starts at Preset #129)
      000 001 079
      or CC#32 value 1, then PC 79
      Preset 259 would be: 259 - 257 = 2
      000 002 002
      or CC#32 value 2, then PC 2
      Preset 322 would be: 322 - 257 = 65
      000 002 065
      or CC#32 value 2, then PC 65
      Preset 491 would be: 491 - 385 = 106
      000 003 106
      or CC#32 value 3, then PC 106
      Preset 500 would be: 500 - 385 = 115
      000 003 115
      or CC#32 value 3, then PC 115

      When you try to address a Preset that does not exist (either an empty spot or one outside the 1-500 range), there is no built-in warning system, VL3 just won’t do anything. So if you can see the “MIDI” indication on the VL3 appearing when you send commands, but are not getting the Preset to change, ensure you’re not referencing an empty or non-existent Preset location.
      If that all seems too complicated for you, consider using Steps instead of Presets. Steps are essentially Presets within a Preset, and you can have up to 10 Steps all in the same Preset. If your current Preset contains the Steps you’ll be using, it just takes a single CC message to choose your Step…
      CC 115 = Step
      Value represents Step Number, i.e. 1 = Step 1, 2 = Step 2, etc.
      So sending a CC#115 with a value of 2 will take you to the second Step in your current Preset.

      Sources: I hope this helps ......Thank You
      • Mar 14
      • Helicon VoiceLive 3 Extreme MIDI Control Question
        PetGerbil I don't know if it's a "permission" issue, and you can access it but we can't. But those links you posted don't work..(except the sweetwater one.)
        I get a "Server not found" error message.?
        • Mar 14
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    I found another post that touched on this but had no solution.  I love the sound of the adaptive EQ on my voice. The problem is, whenever I play harmonica the tone adapts to it.  When I start back singing the voice is really muddy for half of the verse.  Is there any way to lock or save the adaptive tone settings so they no longer change once you like the sound?   Another reason this would be helpfull is in Live band situations.  My vocal sounds great durring sound check but once the band kicks in I can hear the EQ and compression settings changing. 

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    • ronross
      kiskadar69 I don’t think adaptive EQ could be locked. Use manual EQ mode (TC-Helicon VoiceTone Correct, VoiceTone Correct XT, VoiceLive 2, VoiceLive Rack, VoiceLive 3).
      • Mar 11
    • ronross
      kiskadar69 Which TC-Helicon processor are you using now?
      • Mar 11
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