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    How do I set voice live touch for chromatic pitch correction?

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    • jnepier1
      PedroRodrigues Hi jnepier1 the Hardtune effect block corrects the pitch of the Lead voice by gently or not-so-gently nudging it to a target pitch.
      This effect block can produce everything from Auto Tuning effect to gentle pitch correction.
      As with the Harmony effect, it requires either a stream of chords from an instrument or a fixed key and scale in order to sound musically-related to your songs.
      The Key and Scale parameters are found in the main and advanced edit pages of the Harmony effect respectively.
      The Correct Chromatic setting allows you to use correction without setting Key and Scale.
      This is the same as the Pitch Correct Amount setting found in the Setup menu. However, using the Hardtune block with this setting gives you the possibility of using simple pitch correction just when you want it as opposed to having it set globally and active full-time.
      It may also be useful to check the Pitch Cor Amt (Pitch Correction Amount) parameter, that applies a small amount of chromatic pitch correction to gently improve the accuracy of your output pitch.
      No scale reference is required for this feature.
      When Pitch Correction is engaged, you will hear a slight chorusing as you sing, which is illustrating the difference between your sung pitch and the corrected pitch.
      This is normal. In Talk mode, Pitch Correction is turned off.
      Please note that even at maximum, this is not intended to sound like the typical “Auto Tune” effect. If this is what you want, engage the Hardtune effect.
      • Mar 27
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    Good afternoon,

    I purchased your unit approximately 2.5 years ago and I was quite impressed with its operation and functionality until recently. Firstly, I would like to emphasize that thus far it has been utilized on a minimal basis when my son and I would jam maybe twice monthly for about 90 min or so. We did three or four gigs with the unit also. Anyway, over the last month or so the unit has been intermittently cutting on and off. It seems to happen more often when when I'm hitting the left foot switch. Yesterday it froze up and all of the vocal harmony lights were on and the unit completely froze up. I had to unplug the unit to get it to operate again. Is there something I specifically should be looking for to remedy the situation? Is there a factory authorized company I could send it to get repaired? I'd hate to have to purchase a new one (as like I stated earlier, this one really doesn't have a lot of use). Any help you can send my way would be greatly appreciated as I just signed up for a couple of ongoing weekly gigs and the last thing I need is for the unit to fail whilst on stage doing my thing. I'm sure you understand. Thank you in advance. I'll await your reply. Make it a great day...


    Ed ✌️

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    • Maxie1234
      PedroRodrigues Hi Maxie1234, please consider that in this case I would suggest performing a factory reset. A reset will delete all your edited presets and return all settings to the factory defaults.
      To reset the unit, insert the power connector while holding the Manual and Voice 2 buttons.
      If this does not resolve your issue you must follow the link below and contact one of our partners and request assistance for your unit.
      Please consider that some of our partners and shops can offer repairing services.

      Thank you
      • Mar 25
      • TC Helicon Harmony G-XT
        SteveWB I Had exactly the same problem with my VOICETONE HARMONY-G XT, they couldn't fix it and advised me that they would replace it under warranty, that was 3 months ago, still waiting for a replacement.
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        • Apr 1
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    I love using my TC Helicon Play Acoustic for performing live, however it isn't ideal for recording.  I'd like to be able to separate the harmonies from the main vocals so I can pan and mix separately.

    Is there such a thing as a VST or DAW plugin that I can use in Cakewalk that would allow me to create vocal harmonies similar to what the Play Acoustic does, but with more flexibility for recording?

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    • StueyLewis
      WilliamR Hello Stuey, There is no TC Helicon Vst plugin options at the moment. I'm sure it is something our development team will take into consideration. You never know.
      • Mar 23
    • StueyLewis
      kiskadar69 1.Set SETUP/OUTPUT to MONO.2.Set SETUP/LEAD_MUTE to On. 3.In VOCAL FX, you have to turn off all effects blocks except for Harmony (ie Double, Delay, Reverb, Hardtune, Transducer, uMod). Lead vocal will be sent via the right XLR output. Harmony and Guitar sounds will be sent via the left XLR output.
      • Mar 24
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    Hello TC-Helicon.


    Can you please tell me what the specs are for the XLR output on the Perform VG. I can't find any info on your website, or even in the Perform VG manual.


    Can you tell me if this is a Mic level signal or a Line level signal ?

    And if it is a Line level signal, is it a +4dB or a -10dB signal ?


    Kind regards Nils

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    I'm playing Saxophone using the VL3 for harmonies. After month I have a goor result that sonds near a brass section.
    But changing the sound of the sax similar to a trument or trombone give the horns a robotic aspect.
    It would be nice to "match" each of the voices from the harmonies to a midi smple.
    Maybe I had to use a other harmony processor for that, a keyboard, the Oberheim or something like that, but it would be a nice feature for a future VoiceLive 4 :-)
    Thank you


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    • Roland1
      PedroRodrigues Hi Roland I will send your suggestion to the Development Team, never the less it may be useful for you to consider that VoiceLive 3 offers a completely new way of combining harmony voice modes that allows you to make some great sounds.
      I will use the Voice mode example as this unit was designed to be used as such, but I believe that you may be able to implement as you require.
      Previously, all harmony voices were defined by a single “type” – i.e., they were guided by an instrument (NaturalPlay) or defined by a fixed key and scale.
      In VoiceLive 3, you can define a different method of harmony note output for each voice!
      The new “Mixed Mode” harmonies allow you to, for example:
      set one voice to follow your guitar (NaturalPlay)
      the second voice to follow a key/scale
      a third voice to only sing a single “Fixed” note and
      a fourth voice to only sing the “root” note of any chords you are playing on your guitar (Pedal).
      This flexibility allows you to create some very sophisticated setups and vocal arrangements.
      You can mix and match any of the available modes for the four harmony voices.
      You could have three NaturalPlay voices and a fixed voice, or two scale-based voices, one fixed and one NaturalPlay voice. It’s completely up to you!
      Mixing NaturalPlay, Fixed, Pedal and Scale modes in one Preset
      Keep in mind that when you are using mixed mode harmony, you will need to define the correct key/scale (Scale) or note (Fixed) and play your instrument (NaturalPlay/Pedal) in order for the combination of voices to sound good together. Otherwise, a Fixed voice could be singing a completely inappropriate note for your song.
      Harmony can suffer from “warbles” when sound other than your voice is picked up via your microphone. Check out this “Craig’s Corner” video for a bit of TC-Helicon Harmony history and some advice on reducing warble:

      I hope this helps
      • Mar 21
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    I'm experimenting some years with VoiceLive 3 for Saxophone. It works well and I have a lot of fun with, included in my Pedal Board.

    IN some parts of a song playing wirh my band, the harmony jumps a lot, because the VL3 don't understand in what key they play, especially in funky tunes, when keys, bass and guit are playing wild notes, single notes etc.
    So I had the idea to connect the keyboard by Midi. That works also well, but in some parts the keyborder don't play a stable chord or longer notes, but single notes, so the VoiceLive 3 don't understand the base harmony.
    No I had the idea to connect the VL3 with a Midi Pedal Bass (something like the Studiologic MP-113 Midi Bass Pedal).

    But it's a bit too big for live gigs. Maybe you ha an idea for a smaller midi foot controller with min. 12 switches to control the 12 bass notes/keys.
    Is there anybody out there, who experimentet the same way?
    Thank you

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    Do we have any informations about Voicelive rack 2 ?
    It would be really nice to have rackmouted vocal proccesor from tc helicon once again :)

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    • obrys
      WilliamR Hello obrys, There are always new products in the works and exciting new products in the development stages as we speak. All of your feedback is taken into consideration.
      • Mar 20
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    have a band in the Detroit metro area. We could use a female singer for some songs, but the perform VK is the great tool we use for harmony fillins

    need to get a split above AND the above area transposed down.  can't seem to get it done.

    Our band, Spoonfulband, plays some classic rock, blues, and songs with a danceable beat.

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    Hi all out there!

    Can all you good folk tell me what is wrong and what to do with my Voicelive Touch. When i put the powercable in it, it will not come up - no lights in it.  Is it garbage now, or do I have a chance to "bring it back to life"?

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    • mimojo
      DavidKnighton Hello mimojo,
      I would double check the power supply to ensure it's the correct voltage output for your pedal. It should be 12V DC. Quite often users will get their power plugs mixed up and will plug in the wrong type. If you're 100% certain it's the correct plug, then I would suggest opening a SUPPORT ticket. Click the SUPPORT link at the top of this page and scroll down to where it says SERVICE REQUEST.
      • Mar 18
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    Hello . My mic looper is buzzing a lot when using a condenser mic. When using a dynamic mic it's great . Any advice ? Thank you 

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