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    I want to use the FX150 simply as a monitor but not sure how to connect for this purpose.

    I'm currently going out of the VL3X mono output into a Bose L1, headphone jack to FX150 for Backing tracks, guitar out to Bose L1.

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      PedroRodrigues Hi JOHNRYAN,in your case the best option will be to use a Mixing desk that will manage the Monitor signal and will send that signal to the Monitor Input on your VL3X via Aux Send so you can have that same signal being outputted via Monitor Thru to feed it to any monitor you would like.
      • Tue at 1:23 AM
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    Hi, I am having some hissing noises from my Voice Solo after a stray glass of Whiskey.

    I have given to a local tech guy here in Australia but need some technical documents to be able to proceed in and detail.

    Trying to fill the details in to contact Helicon seems to be a huge effort as I don't have proof of purchase and other details they require before you can even send in a request for help.

    Just need some tech drawings....anyone???

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    • DonWishart
      Nigel67 Hi DonWishart. Unfortunately we are not permitted to send out schematics apart from to our Service Centres. I will send you an e-mail shortly to see if I am able to help you further. If you haven't received it in the next couple of hours, please also check your junk / spam boxes. Many thanks
      • Sep 15
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    Last week we had our vocal pedals taken away because the sound guys said the pedals caused a monitor to blow. Do you guys have any experience with that? Can a vocal pedal blow a monitor? Is there any documented evidence of a vocal effects pedal blowing a monitor? To the contrary, can anyone provide me with supporting evidence that a vocal pedal couldn't possibly blow a monitor so that we can get them back in the club?

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    • sellis67
      kiskadar69 1. Which vocal pedals are exactly?
      2. Turn off the EQ / compressor / deesser effect of the vocal pedals so the sound guy can adjust them to what he likes.
      3. The sound guy should receive not only the wet but also the dry signal so that he can better control what he returns to the monitor.
      4. It is a good idea to set the XLR outputs of the vocal pedals to microphone level (if possible).
      • Aug 31
    • sellis67
      kiskadar69 5. Automatic Gain Control:
      "The last thing any live sound engineer wants is something external to his desk effectively changing a mics sensitivity on its own before it gets to his gain trim. It's just going to wreak havoc with the stage monitor mix, potentially cause feedback and not to mention the FOH engineer having to correct what's been given to him all the time." (RogerBanks,2018.01.22.)
      • Aug 31
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    I bought a used  VoiceSolo300xt because all my other TCHelicon products have been great. Problem is the mic stand mounting insert is missing.  Could I buy one of those or is there something else I could use?  Thank you

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    • pstoneman
      WilliamR Hello, William from musictribe here. Please click on the support link above and create a service ticket, someone will contact you asap.
      • Jul 27
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    I have now bought 2 SingThings and both have the same major fault.

    Over the course of about 2 weeks all was good, BUT twice now when powered on/off - 50% self stored presets have disappeared!!!

    Once was my first attempt to gig with it.

    Before you bother to ask - Yes, I have reset all factory settings and made sure software is up to date, as recommened.

    As this has now happened to both SingThings that I bought, I really need an answer from TC Helicon/Behringer - what on earth is going on????   It seems like an internal battery problem.

    Has anyone out there got a clue?



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    • Undercovers
      Dale_M Sorry this has been your experience, please can we ask you to go to the support tab above and select Technical for us to assist you.
      • Jul 26
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    A guy in my band has one of these but he lost the power supply for it.  Is it possible to buy a replacement, or does anyone know if there is a 3rd party power supply that will work?  I can't even find any specs on the power requirements!!

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    • ta2112
      ChrisEdwards1 Hi ta2112, the originally supplied power supply for the VoiceSolo FX150 is of the following ratings:

      42.5V, 1.5A with a center-positive polarity.

      If you would like to check if we have stock of these please if not already done so submit a parts request ticket, this can be done by going to support at the top of the page and scrolling down to the parts tab.
      • Jul 19
    • ta2112

      Thanks for the information Chris. I submitted a ticket to the parts area but have not received a response yet.

      • Jul 20
    • ta2112

      This is the case number for the Parts Request: Case Number CAS-471408-K2R0M5

      • Jul 20
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    Hi, will VoiceSolo FX150 and other missing (Slovakia & middle Europe) products of yours available for purchase again or has the production been discontinued?



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    • Gaudelier
      DavidKnighton Hello Gaudelier,
      We are unable to provide logistical answers on this forum, specifically because our team is not involved with product distribution to our super partners. You will need to reach out to the regional super partner directly, or you can submit a PRE SALES inquiry using the SUPPORT tab at the top of the page.
      • Jul 13
    • Gaudelier

      Thank your, David!

      • Jul 14
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    I need a new powerplug for my voice solo fx150 it seems impossible to find. It should have 42,5 vdc 1.5 a.


    can anyone help

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    • NickPallisgaard
      DavidKnighton Hello NickPallisgaard,
      For spare parts, please submit a SUPPORT ticket using the tab at the top of the page. I'll also send you a DM with some info.
      • Jul 9
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    Hi, my Ditto X4 doesn't play the beginning of the loops (like the first bar or two).

    My setup is a Korg Minilogue into the Ditto X4 into an amp. Any ideas on why that is and how to fix this are appreciated. Thanks!

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    • sunshinesoul
      WilliamR Hello, William from musictribe here.

      Usually, issues like this can be fixed by reinstalling the firmware.
      Firmware Update Procedure.
      The procedure requires a PC with a standard USB Interface and the specified DC power supply.|en)

      Do following steps before you start the firmware update application on your PC:
      1. Unplug all cables from the pedal.
      2. Connect the pedal to a PC with the USB cable.
      3. Press and hold the LOOP1 footswitch on the pedal.
      4. Insert the DC power supply plug.
      5. When the LOOP1 footswitch LED turns from Orange to Off, release the footswitch.
      6. When all four LEDs turn green the pedal is ready to be connected via USB.

      Now your PC will recognize the pedal which is ready to receive a new firmware:
      7. Launch the firmware update application.
      8. (STEP1) Select the pedal in the combo box (see note).
      9. (STEP2) Press the update button when it turns green.
      10. Wait for the progress bar to reach 100% and for the pedal to automatically restart.

      Note: You should select 'USB Audio Device', if you use Windows XP.

      Trouble Shooting:
      - Please quit any MIDI related application on your PC.
      • Jul 7
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    Hola amigos, tengo el TC Elicon voicesolo xf150, tengo instado el software en mi PC, y cuando lo  conecte me pidió actualizar el software del monitor, resulta que genero un error, y ahora los led se quedaron con las luces  intermitentes y no termina de cargar.

    ¿Alguien sabe como solucionarlo? 

    Estaré agradecido.

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    • Olivaproducciones
      ChrisEdwards1 Hi Olivaproducciones, please download the recovery file in the below link. You will also need to download MIDI-OX in order to send this file to your device.

      Doing this should recover your unit if it has failed during a firmware update, however, if after trying this you are still experiencing issues please submit a technical support case so we can assist further. To do this go to support at the top of the page and scroll down until you see the technical support tab, clicking this tab will open up the form, and once submitted you will be provided a case number.
      • Jun 1
    • Olivaproducciones

      Thank you, I'll try doing what you have suggested.

      • Jun 2
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