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    Hey there,

    just bought a Perform-VK and my VoiceSupport 2 can't find it. I tried all the obvious stuff (Reconnecting, Restarting, no USB Hub...).


    My VoiceLive Play gets recognized with no issues at all.

    My Mac also sees the Perform-VK (System Info under USB-Devices, Audio/Midi-Tool under Midi-Devices, even Ableton Live shows it).


    Please help. Jann

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    • geesus
      PedroRodrigues Hi geesus, thank you for your post, please confirm that your unitis being conencted to your computer via USB cable as any adaptive cable such as USB TO Thunderbolt will not work. On the other hand the VoiceSupport application can run into trouble connecting to your TC-H device, usually due to system settings on the computer itself. While we can't account for every system configuration, there are some steps that can help VoiceSupport to properly interact with your device. If you've connected your device and started VoiceSupport, but can't communicate with the unit, click on the H logo in the bottom left of your screen. Click Manage and then Show Devices. If you can see your device in the list, but it says something like "not a TC-H device" or "not connected", your computer is able to "see" the unit, but VoiceSupport can't communicate with it.
      If your device status is "In Use" refer to this FAQ.
      There are several steps you can take if your product is not recognized by VoiceSupport.
      1. Make sure that you are running the latest VoiceSupport
      2. Confirm you have an internet connection. You can confirm this by clicking on one of the posts and confirming that it loads into the Content Window. An internet connection is required to have the latest updates that may be necessary to connect to your device.
      3. Try re-scanning by pressing the Control Button, then select manage, then click Scan for Devices.
      4. If your device still isn't recognized press the Control Button, then select manage, then click Show MIDI Devices. If the product is in the list, try restarting VoiceSupport.
      5. Try running VoiceSupport as an Administrator (Windows only). Close VoiceSupport. Right Click on the VoiceSupport Icon. Click "Run as Administrator" from the menu. You may have to accept a UAC (User Account Control) prompt.
      6. If #5 solves your issue, you can permanently force VoiceSupport to run with Administrator privileges. Right Click the VoiceSupport Icon. Click Properties. Click the Compatibility tab. Select "Run Program as an Administrator". Click Apply.
      7. If your device is not in the list, navigate into your Operating System to find what devices are connected. If your device is not connected, try disconnecting power and USB to the device, and then reconnecting.
      8. It's also a good idea to have the latest OS updates.
      9. Remove as many USB devices from your system as possible and connect the device directly to a USB port, not a hub.
      10. If you are using USB ports on the front of your computer, try the ones on the back (desktop systems), since they are on a different internal USB hub.
      11. Try uninstalling the device via your Device Manager (System Properties --> Device Manager). It should be listed under "Sound, Video and Game Controllers". Reboot your system and re-attach the device.
      12. Ensure that "USB Control" is turned ON (VoiceLive 2, VoiceLive Touch, VoiceLive Rack). See your manual for details.
      13. Ensure that SYSEXID is set to "0". (VoiceLive 2, VoiceLive Touch, VoiceLive Rack). See your manual for details.
      14. Ensure that USB MIDI is enabled on your device. Some devices have options like USB/MIDI/MERGE in their setup menus (check your manual). MERGE and USB should both work, but in some cases USB will function while MERGE will not.
      15. Shut down any DAW software or other devices/components using MIDI. Some systems "grab" the TC-H device and take exclusive control over it's I/O before VoiceSupport has a chance to connect.
      16. Restart your computer. Yes, we know "have you tried turning it off and then on again" seems silly, but it often works!
      17. Change the connection/startup order. After rebooting your computer, try opening VoiceSupport then connect your device. If that doesn't work, reboot and connect your device, then open VoiceSupport.
      PC Specific issues
      1. Enable the device in Windows . New audio devices, for some mysterious Microsoft reason, are disabled when first connected to the computer. To enable your device go to: Control Panel --> Hardware and Sound--> Manage Audio Devices. Click the Playback tab. If you see your TC-H device, but it's translucent, click on the device and then choose Enable from the drop down menu at the bottom of the box. Do the same for the Record tab.
      2. If you've tried the step above, but your device isn't shown in the Playback or Recording tab, right click in the window and make sure that "Show Disabled Devices" is checked.
      MAC Specific issues
      1. Macs seem more sensitive to #15 above than PC's. Ensure you've tried that step.
      2. Try repairing both file and disk permissions (video guide) I hope this helps
      • Nov 2
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    Dears, I'm a singer / synth player. I've been performing live for the past 2 years and unfortunately there are many venues without a proper voice/guitar (mic or floor) monitor, which might lead to a bad performance.

    I don't seem to be able to find the VoiceSolo FX150 or the Singthing at any store. What am I missing? are they discontinued or are there new products? would you recommend me any other product? 

    Thank you so much!

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      PedroRodrigues Hi SUNESIS, thank you for your post, please ponder that neither the TC Helicon VoiceSolo FX 150 or the SINGTHING are discontinued or even in End of Life. I would suggest that you follow the link below and contact some of our Partners and Resellers to request information on availability. I hope this helps. Thank you
      • Oct 2
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    Hello I have had a TC Helicon singthing since it became available to the public I love it I use it for all my gigs as a monitor and for a little reverb and I also like some of the digital effects like the Auto-Tune and The voice activere functions all around I love the unit recently I come to find the speaker is in need of replacement if anybody can help me with replacing that speaker it will be greatly appreciated I'm willing to pay I know it's out of warranty thank you

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    • ChadGoldbach
      PedroRodrigues Hi ChadGoldbach, thank you for your post, please ponder that this is the page for TC ELECTONIC and as you mentioned correctly above the SingThing Speaker is a TC HELICON unit and therefore you must post any question related to TC HELICON on the respective TC HELICON PAGE on the MUSIC TRIBE COMMUNITY.
      • Oct 2
    • ChadGoldbach
      PedroRodrigues When it comes to your question I would suggest that you contact one of my colleagues on the Service Department by following the link below so they can advised you on this process. I hope this helps. Thank you
      • Oct 2
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    I would like to know where I can get a replacement speaker for a tc voicelive fx150 monitor. It's a 6.5" speaker. 

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    The mic input on the VSM 300 peaks out and distorts no matter where the volume is set on the monitor. The line input works fine and is clean and clear sounding. The problem is therefore in the mic section only. A tech told me the op-amp might be bad for the mic input. Any suggestions or thoughts would be helpful. The tech won't work on it as they aren't a Helicon service center. Are parts available?

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    • Ghpoe01
      PedroRodrigues Hi Ghpoe01, thank you for your post, considering what you have reported, I would first suggest confirming that the XLR input cables being used are in good condition and that the fuse located on the back is in good conditions.
      220-240 VAC ~60 Hz 1.2A Fuse: T1.25AL 250V
      120 VAC ~60 Hz 2A Fuse: T2AL 250V
      100 VAC ~50/60Hz 2A Fuse T2AL 250V
      Please test if reducing the input gain helps, I would also suggest performing adjustments on the LOW and HI EQ controls a.
      It is important to take under consideration that the VSM 300 XT offers 150 watts into 4 ohms, with 200 watts peak, with a distortion: 0.5% @ 150W; 10% @ 200W and a frequency response: 75 Hz–20 kHz.
      If you have confirmed all the steps above and you have established that unit is outside the distortion values described above this may indicate that the unit is not operating as it should and must be inspected.
      With this in mind I would suggest contacting one of our Certified Service Centres to request assistance for your unit.
      To access our network of Certified Service Centres, please following the link below:
      Our Certified Service Centres will be able to provide you any information on any level of the repair process including Spare Parts availability
      I hope this helps
      Thank you
      • Aug 3
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    Hi there, I need a replacement power cable for the TC-Helicon VoiceSolo FX150 150W 6.5 inch 2-way Personal Monitor. Does anyone know the name of the male connection type, or how to find an adapter that would work? A band member lost the power cable (drummers, eh!!?) and the company tells me that power cable is discontinued, which renders this thing useless until I find a solution. Thanks so much!

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    • Jwjonesblues123
      NicJonesMT Hi there.
      If you click support at the top of the page and submit a parts ticket a member of the team should be able to advise you further.
      Alternatively you can contact one of our service partners who should be able to assist (See following link).

      Alternatively if you find another power supply with the same specifications it should successfully power the FX150. You can find the power specifications in the user manual.
      • Jul 26
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    It turned out from 19 of 20 bought Mic100 power supplies have this issue by „default“ – they are damaged right out of the box!

    Please see the pictures attached.


    We contacted our distributor Thomann to handle this power supply request.

    Thomann tries to sell us for 19x 30€ a different power supply (Rockpower).

    This is not what we understand in customer support from Thomann!


    What is Behringer going to do in this issue?

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    • stiegler
      NicJonesMT Hi Stiegler. Can you please click support at the top of the page and submit a technical support ticket.
      • Jul 3
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    I have an old model.  I need the vocal input POT.  A schematic or parts list would help, along with a source for the parts.

    Thanbk you in advance!

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    Looking for a good small mixer match for my VL3X. I'm running mono with just acoustic guitar and vocals direct into my QSC K12 powered speaker but want more control over volume.

    Here's my issue. I can't seem to open up my QSC's sensitivity(volume)control beyond the 8'Oclock position(so two notches) and even that is a bit loud for small space practice. At 7'Oclock (or the first notch) there is no signal.

    I'm wondering if a mixer will allow me to open up the speaker a bit more (most recommendations for best response QSC setting is around the 12 O'clock position) ,but also have more control to level the volume down without the signal disappearing.

    Could a mixer resolve this?

    Also small mixer preference is very subjective,but any suggestions for a good match for my VL3X?

    I love my the possibilities and tone the VL3X has opened up for my set but I hesitate to practice because I don't want to blow the windows out.

     In retrospect,now that the venues have gotten smaller,the K10 might have been a better match but I'm way past that point now.

    Cheers to anyone who might have some thoughts! 

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    • brynnerhead1
      kiskadar69 If the "SETUP" / "Output Tab" / "XLR Output Level" parameter is set to "Line Level", set it to "Mic Level".
      • Apr 16
    • brynnerhead1
      Paul_Vannatto Ahh... the other way around. If it is too loud at 8 O'clock position, the speaker input is set to mic level. Change that to line level.
      • Apr 17
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    Hi. The power connection in my FX-150 isn't working properly. After plugging the adapter cord into the FX-150, I have to wiggle it around to get a connection, and even when i finally do, it often cuts out suddenly. I took it today to an audio technician to see if he could replace the internal connection thingy or just macgyver a solution, maybe hard-wiring it so I can plug it straight into the wall. However, it's not clear how to open the back of the unit to get access to the electrical power connection.

    Could you please tell me how to open up the back of the unit? Also, is it possible to buy a part for this problem? I tried to create a Support ticket but the web page was down. Thank you. 

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    • Jeffiner
      NicJonesMT Hi Jeffiner. The Ticket system is now back up and running. So you can submit a spares or technical support ticket if needed.
      Unfortunately we do not provide any assistance for self service repairs. All repairs need to be handled by our authorised service partners otherwise you will invalidate any outstanding warranty.

      Please submit a technical support or parts ticket and we can then advise you further.
      • Apr 6
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