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    I have an old model.  I need the vocal input POT.  A schematic or parts list would help, along with a source for the parts.

    Thanbk you in advance!

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    Looking for a good small mixer match for my VL3X. I'm running mono with just acoustic guitar and vocals direct into my QSC K12 powered speaker but want more control over volume.

    Here's my issue. I can't seem to open up my QSC's sensitivity(volume)control beyond the 8'Oclock position(so two notches) and even that is a bit loud for small space practice. At 7'Oclock (or the first notch) there is no signal.

    I'm wondering if a mixer will allow me to open up the speaker a bit more (most recommendations for best response QSC setting is around the 12 O'clock position) ,but also have more control to level the volume down without the signal disappearing.

    Could a mixer resolve this?

    Also small mixer preference is very subjective,but any suggestions for a good match for my VL3X?

    I love my the possibilities and tone the VL3X has opened up for my set but I hesitate to practice because I don't want to blow the windows out.

     In retrospect,now that the venues have gotten smaller,the K10 might have been a better match but I'm way past that point now.

    Cheers to anyone who might have some thoughts! 

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    • brynnerhead1
      kiskadar69 If the "SETUP" / "Output Tab" / "XLR Output Level" parameter is set to "Line Level", set it to "Mic Level".
      • Apr 16
    • brynnerhead1
      Paul_Vannatto Ahh... the other way around. If it is too loud at 8 O'clock position, the speaker input is set to mic level. Change that to line level.
      • Apr 17
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    Hi. The power connection in my FX-150 isn't working properly. After plugging the adapter cord into the FX-150, I have to wiggle it around to get a connection, and even when i finally do, it often cuts out suddenly. I took it today to an audio technician to see if he could replace the internal connection thingy or just macgyver a solution, maybe hard-wiring it so I can plug it straight into the wall. However, it's not clear how to open the back of the unit to get access to the electrical power connection.

    Could you please tell me how to open up the back of the unit? Also, is it possible to buy a part for this problem? I tried to create a Support ticket but the web page was down. Thank you. 

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    • Jeffiner
      NicJonesMT Hi Jeffiner. The Ticket system is now back up and running. So you can submit a spares or technical support ticket if needed.
      Unfortunately we do not provide any assistance for self service repairs. All repairs need to be handled by our authorised service partners otherwise you will invalidate any outstanding warranty.

      Please submit a technical support or parts ticket and we can then advise you further.
      • Apr 6
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    The power connector on my FX150 has broken and needs replacing. It looks like it's not manufactured any more, and it's out of warranty. Is it possible to buy the connector, or will I need to cannibalise something? 

    Also, is there a replacement unit for the FX150? I really like it and wanted a second, or something that does the same job. 

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    • MagicMattBlues
      WilliamR Hello Matt, Please click on the support link above and create a tech support ticket and someone will get in touch with you about ordering this power supply for you. As far as the FX150 goes, we don't have an updated version of the fx150 at the moment.
      • Mar 29
    • MagicMattBlues
      Mtthiede70 Looking for a replacement foot switch for my harmony singer 2 pedal.
      • Mar 30
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    The Bose L1 compact has anti feed back circuitry when placed behind the microphone. And when not going through my TC Helicon VLT, I have no feed back issues. But when I go through my TC H VLT I get a high pitch feed back.
    Not sure what I can do to EQ that out. Any suggestions?

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    • Wilbil
      NicJonesMT Hi Willbi.
      Could you please click support at the top of the page and scroll down to the technical support option.
      We would need some more information on exactly how you are setting your full system up, the type of Mic you are using and you exact mic settings on the VLT.
      • Mar 21
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    Hi, I'm trying to incorporate the VoiceLive Play into my set up with the Bose Tower L1 using the Bose ToneMatch T1.

    In bigger clubs where I need volume I'm having a ton of trouble with feeback, Long sustain on Guitar, and less than desireable Vocal Quality. Is anyone using this combination of equipment successfully?

    My music partner plays a Tele through his own amp and we run from it through the T1 as well.

    looks like this.

    Me: guitar, vocals through VoiceLive Play. Vocal - Senheiser e935 to T1 channel 1; guitar out to T1 channel 3

    Lead: guitar goes through his amp then master out to the T1 channel 4; Vocal - SHURE 58 to T1 channel 2

    Any suggestions will me majorly appreciated.

    I should mention, I haven't updated firmware since purchasing. It intimidates me!

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    Is there a way to connect bluetooth earbuds to this foot pedal

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    • mmahar617
      Nigel67 The Play Acoustic does not have a bluetooth facility so you would have to connect a bluetooth transmitter to the headphone jack which would then pair with your bluetooth in ears.
      • Feb 27
      • voice play acoustic
        mmahar617 Thanks is there anything that has to be done on the pedal to make the sound come through the headphone jack? We have a transmitter and the ear buds are connected, we also tried wired buds and not getting any sound through them. Can you use this at the same time you are wired to a speaker, so the ear buds can be a monitor?
        • Feb 27
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    I have got a  Tc helicon voicelive touch 2. I am very confused with the connections and for the past 3 weeks I have been tring to call TC Helicon customer care for the support and it didn't workout. Please call me very urgently when you see this message. My contact number is +1226-6782020. 

    Thank you,

    Sonu George

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    • sonugeorgesonu
      Nigel67 Hi sonugeorgesonu. All support is now answered via our MSD Ticketing System. I am sorry, but there is no longer any phone support. Please send in your questions to the Technical Support Team and they will answer them for you. This can be done by clicking on the support tab at the top of the page. A new window will open. Scroll down and click on the Technical Support tab and submit a ticket. Many thanks
      • Feb 15
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    Am I correct to state that the output to the main mixer cannot be clean of the performers added FX and Volume changes? Ideally only preamp signal would be sent to FOH, and the speaker volume and FX changes would be local only. Is this not possible?

    If not, this personal monitor product Voicesolo FX150 would seem to be the bane of sound engineers everywhere and is only meant for rehearsals or very small acts that don't require an engineer?  Or am I missing something?

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    • DouglasFindley
      PedroRodrigues Hi DouglasFindley, thank you for your post, the VOICESOLO FX150 has a few cards up his sleeve such as the FULL MIX/CH1 switch that may be useful for you. Nevertheless I would suggest to check the manual for this unit as there are a few set up examples on the output stage that may be useful, to access the manual please follow the link below: Thank you
      • Feb 12
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    We are thinking of purchasing the Harmony v60 amp and wondering if the harmony effect will work for us if we plug our TV audio out into the guitar channel on the Harmony v60 amp. We were watching one of the YouTube videos on reviewing the harmony V 100 and it said that if you want to use the harmony feature on the microphone channel without using the guitar channel it's not going to sound as good. I guess the idea here is that the harmony a fact relies on what Khiva guitar is in.

    So my question is: has anyone played in an audio feed into the guitar channel (because TC helicon also makes a vocal processor "Preform-V" that bases it's harmony effect off the audio inputed track and we are wondering if the technology in the harmony V60/V100 is the same so we can do karaoke with it as well. 




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    • StuWebster
      ChrisEdwards1 Hi StuWebster, as with the PERFORM V and Voicelive range the Harmony V60/100 can also detect chord information via the Aux input. It will always priorities the guitar input over Aux, however, in this instance when no guitar is being used and you are using backing tracks it is recommended to utilize the Aux input.
      • November 25, 2021
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