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    I wanted to install the latest update just because the internal mics are always doing feedback on the PA speakers no matter what and I could not find any option to turn off that mic or something about it. So I used to record no problem on LOGIC, but then I opened the newest VOICESUPPORT 2 and it wasn't being detected (VOICELIVE 3 icon appeared on MIDI DEVICES with a question mark below it, and the VOICELIVE 3 XTREME icon was on MY OFFLINE TCH DEVICES). It is recognized as a MIDI only, so I decided to do a factory setting restart. After that it is not recognized by the mac as a sound device anymore, Voicesupport2 and Logic as well.

    It is crazy that something ended on making the VL3X useless for me, i'm very dissapointed of the many user unfriendly things about it. I'm begging for some help!! 

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    Hi everyone

    Had my Voicelive 3 Extreme for 18 months and all of a sudden it won't turn on.  No lights, screen, nothing.

    I haven't even gigged with it yet, so very disappointed.

    Has anyone had this happen?


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    By mistake I installed the latest software for the "tc helicon voice live play" via voicesupport 2. But I have the "tc helicon play acoustic". What can I do to get rid of the wrong firmware? Where do I get the latest firmware for my "tc helicon play acoustic"?

    Can't find it on the TC Helicon website.

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    • TorstenPeh
      WilliamR Hello, William from the musictribe here. I believe I was the one that helped resolve this for you through tech support. If I am mistaken please click on the Support link above and create a tech support case and we can get you all sorted.
      • 10 minutes ago
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    The VoiceLive Play has a brilliant range of features available. But one thing I've found could be really useful if implemented slightly differently in the software would be the Robot autotune - currently it's only available in the "hardtune" area, so the effect can only be applied to your lead vocal, without the original vocal passing through.

    A really creative way of using the Robot would be either as a "double" or "harmony" - so that you could set your robot to a specific note, then you can sing lead on whatever note you want, while the robot stays on note you've set. If there's already a way of doing this, I'd love to hear it! :-)

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    Hello Folks,

    I am seeing a dramatic decrease in Volume when running my Guitar and Mic through TC Helicon Live Play Guitar into my Fishman LB amp.  I have to turn volume up on the amp greatly to get enough volume.  Does anyone know what settings need to be tweeked to correct this?

    Input/ Output settings?

    Thanks, Randy McHugh

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    • mchugh48
      PedroRodrigues Hi mchugh48, thank you for your post, form your description I would assume you are referring to the TC HELICON VOICELIVE PLAY.
      This pedal was designed to be connected directly with a Desk or a PA system .There are 3 settings for the OUTPUT

      1 . STEREO – XLR outputs receive a stereo mix of all voices and other inputs .
      2 . MONO – A MONO full-mix signal is on the LEFT and a DRY vocal is on the RIGHT .
      Any Tone and Pitch Cor Amt settings from the Setup menu are included on the RIGHT DRY channel .
      3 . DUAL MONO - A MONO effected voice signal (all voices) is on the LEFT and AUX is on the RIGHT.

      This is great for sending music to one channel of a PA and Vocals to another, especially in a Karaoke situation.
      Vocal Cancel – Attempts to remove the vocals from a piece of music .

      There are two settings:

      1 . OFF – No processing is performed on the aux input .
      2 . ON – Processing occurs to attempt to remove lead vocals from a piece of music .

      This process can create “Karaoke” style music for you to sing along to, including key information for harmony generation.
      The processing capability can vary quite a bit from song to song, depend- ing on the way the song was originally mixed .

      Lead Mute – Mutes the Lead vocal and only outputs processed signals .

      There are two settings:

      1 . OFF – Lead vocals are routed to the main mix .
      2 . ON – Lead vocals are removed from the main mix .

      Digital Out Level – Controls the USB output level .

      Headphone Lim – Controls the level at which the headphone output limiter engages.
      Levels closer to 0db allow for louder headphone output levels.
      • Wed at 12:00 AM
    • mchugh48

      Thank you very much for that detailed explanation. What I did was do a factory reset on the Box and that seemed to fix the problem

      • Wed at 5:47 AM
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    I am contemplating using a TC Helicon VoiceLive Play as an effect with a H&A QU32 digital mixer.  Here is what I have in mind reading the manual.  Does this seem right?  My goal is lead vocal (dry) into unit from  the mixer and only harmonies/effects return (wet) to the mixer.  If you can suggest another TC Helicon product that might do better than the VoiceLive Play let me know.


    Aux in for musical input for harmony generation from mixer (line level) using "Live" setting

    Mic Input with vocal to be processed from mixer (can a line level be used instead of a mic level)

    Left Out - Dual Mono-a-Mono   Voices Only with "Lead" mute "on" so only the harmonies come through

    Right out - nothing, not needed


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    • Wannjlw
      PedroRodrigues Hi Wannjlw, thank you for your post, your proposed set up for the VOICELIVE PLAY seems to be configurable, nevertheless please take in to account that the VoiceLive Play Mic Input only accepts Mic Level. In this case you can attempt to use an adaptor that will help you manage the signal discrepancies, but please consider that is not an officially supported solution and we cannot guarantee the results. I hope this helps. Thank you
      • Tue at 2:20 AM
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    Hey all, was wondering if anyone else had some problems when controlling the Voice Live Rack (or VL3 it happens to both) in Ableton. I'm controlling the Presets via midi on a song by song basis for synced BPM eg. It works well but if we ever mistrigger, turn off the tracks or restart a song it sends a message to turn the Transducer on. I've had a look and I can't figure out why this happens. Was hoping someone could have a fix.



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    • Clutchalator
      PedroRodrigues Hi Clutchalator, thank you for your post, can you please provide a print screen of the message that you mentioned? Thank you
      • Tue at 1:43 AM
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    When will stores start receiving the Harmony Songer 2? Everyone nationwide is out of stock and have been for months.

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    • Kcsaxondemand
      PedroRodrigues Hi Kcsaxondemand, thank you for your post, in these cases I would suggest to contact directly our Partners present on the link below to request any information on this matter, as the Partners manage the Shipping process directly and we do not have any access to our Partners stock management tools to allow us to provide this information. Thank you
      • Tue at 1:32 AM
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    Hello everybody,

    I want to perform hands-on, modifying in real-time the effects of VLX3. Is it possible to control the device externally via Midi knobs, especially with Arturia Beatstep or iOS TouchDesign ( CC/SysEx )? 

    Please help me with suggestions. Thank you.


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    • Xeraphixos
      PedroRodrigues Hi Xeraphixos, thank you for your post, please ponder that this is a not official configuration process, due to the use of External tools but I can recommend you attempt the following implementation that we have confirmed with other customer that works.
      The below works successfully when triggering VL3X from Linkesoft Songbook via iRig MIDI2 interface.
      Triggering commands are entered on the Songbook edit page which operates in chord pro hence {} brackets.

      {midi:CC32.# PC#}
      Where CC32 is the bank number and PC is the program preset

      Bank 0 runs from 1 - 128
      Bank 1 runs from 129 - 256
      Bank 2 runs from 257 - 384
      Bank 3 runs from 385 - 513 Note VL3x only has 500 presets

      Also note midi starts at 0 and not 1
      This is important when you want a particular preset. The PC entered needs to be -1 from the preset you want

      Example for preset 1
      {midi:CC32.0 PC0}

      Example for preset 129
      {midi:CC32.1 PC0}

      Example for preset 257
      {midi:CC32.2 PC0}

      Example for preset 385
      {midi:CC32.3 PC0}

      Calculating presets:
      If you want preset 208 on the VL3x
      208 - 129 (which is starting number in the bank 208 falls into) = 79
      So syntax would be {midi:CC32.1 PC79}

      If you want preset 494 on the VL3x
      494 - 385 which is starting number in the bank 385 falls into) = 109
      So syntax would be {midi:CC32.3 PC109}

      Its worth again noting on the VL3x the preset needs to be active to be selected. If there's nothing on preset 498 then the VL3x does not change when command is sent from the page on songbook you have chosen.

      I hope this helps

      Thank you
      • Tue at 1:19 AM
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    HI I need help. I purchased this Harmony Singer 2 to use with my saxophone. Will it work with Horns and my Sax mic? Has someone done this yet?

    Best, Brian K 

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    • cbkillian
      NicJonesMT Hi Brian. It should work.
      Just connect your Microphone to the HS2 using an XLR cable and you should be good to go. If you have a Music Tribe reseller near you, it may also be worth visiting them to test the pedal so you can get an idea of how it will work.
      • May 21
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