• 2020-08-05

    Hello all,


    I wanted to inquire about an issue I am having with my vocal pedal... I seem to have the right power supply for it (the 12 V 400 mA) and the pedal lights up indicating that it is on... although there is no output from the pedal, and turning the mic gain knob on the left of the pedal does nothing to increase volume. This is especially noticeable when I got to record vocals via my DAW using the pedal. Could this be a power supply issue or an issue within the pedal itself? If anyone has any tips or maybe a way to use the product number to have it sent and fixed/checked out that would be so helpful. 

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    • Zachary Dighans
      William Reichling Hello, Sometimes issues like this can be cleared up with a firmware update. Make sure when you run the voice support 2 software that there are no web browsers open while you are running voice support 2 as it tends to interfere with the detection of the device.

      1. Download and install VoiceSupport2 software from here.


      2. Connect the device to PC / Mac with USB and turn on the power.

      3. Start VoiceSupport2.

      4.VoiceSupport2 recognizes the device, and if there is the latest update, an update mark will be added to the device image.

      5. Select Update in the upper tab, click the latest firmware and try the update.
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