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    I tried to record in Band in a Box 2022 using Behringer UM2 audio interface but so far not successful. Biab not picking up my electric guitar in inst line 2 but the output device is working but distorted. Any suggestions appreciated.

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    All of a sudden my Audio Interface (Xenyx 802) is not outputting any Phantom power? I have tried Turning off the interface, Unplugging it and putting into a different socket but it is still not working? Has anyone else ever had this problem or knows how to fix it please?

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    I've been trying to connect my ada8000 to my quantum 2626 by presonus and I've tried every master/slave combination possible.  For instance - when I optical OUT of Ada into the presonus and use the universal controller to tell presonus to sync via adat and have ada8000 switch to 48.0 kHz, my presonus inputs all rail to max input and the front led preamp indicators go red.  If I try to use BNC and space the Ada, nothing happens.  

    am I doing something wrong or could it be my Behringer is toast?  I've had it for several years in storage

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    I've already opened a ticket regarding this issue, but so far I haven't got any helpful reply.

    Using the current latest drivers (5.51.0), the windows 11 native volume control is unusable, because it is not linearly mapped.

    I happened to stumble upon this because I also have a behringer UMC202HD and that one does not have this problem. When I recently upgraded to a UMC204HD, and tried to control the volume of the interface via my volume keyboard shortcuts, I noticed that from 100% volume down to almost 4% there is almost no noticeable change in real output volume. After that, you do hear a slight decrease from 4 to 2%, and after that it goes to 0% and the audio interface is muted, as it should.

    The problem here is that 2% is almost half volume for the audio interface, so when you go up from muted to 2% volume in windows, it actually goes from muted to 50% volume. After that, the increments are not linear, so it goes up in volume real fast (close to max volume at around 10%), and from 10 to 100% it is almost not noticeable the difference in volume.

    I also confirmed this by installing the earlier version of the drivers, 5.30.0, that have the output volume tab in the UMC control panel. If you open that tab and start changing volume using windows 11 volume controls, you will see this weird non-linear mapping between windows 11 volume percentage and the db slider in the UMC control panel.

    This is a big and annoying bug, in my opinion. I almost regret having upgraded to the 204HD from a perfectly functioning 202HD now. I just hope this gets resolved quickly, or the 204HD will have to be sent back.

    Also, while I'm at it, the 5.30.0 driver does clean up the unknown "Behringer UMC 204HD 192k Subdevice" from "Other devices" in Windows Device Manager, but the 5.51.0 driver goes back on this! So now with the latest drivers, I have the unknown subdevice without a driver installed... I don't even know what it does, but this doesn't seem like a good thing...

    I hope someone can help out in solving these two issues.

    Thank you.

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    Hi there,

    Is it possible to use U-Phoria UMC22 without a laptop?

    Namely to power it with a powerbank via USB cable and get audio signal from output of the UMC22?



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    My AI Behringer U-PHORIA UMC22 is not working on Apple MacBook Pro (2019 - All USB C) with MacOS Ventura 13.0. I tried connect it with standard USB-A -> B cable with USB Hub. I tried connect it with USB-B -> C in all USB C ports. MacOS can’t detect device. The power LED is lighting but I can’t see I/O audio source. Then only thing I see is this in USB devices list:

    USB Audio CODEC :
      ID produktu: 0x2902

      ID producenta: 0x08bb  (Texas Instruments Japan)

      Wersja: 1.00

      Szybkość: Do 12 Mb/s

      Producent: Burr-Brown from TI              

      ID lokalizacji: 0x14400000 / 7

      Natężenie dostępne (mA): 500

      Natężenie wymagane (mA): 100

      Natężenie dostępne dodatkowo (mA): 0


    I tested this device on Windows and it’s fine.  Any idea how to fix this?

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    • Marcinkowski
      NicJonesMT Hi Marcinkowski.
      Can you please click support at the top of the page and submit a Technical support ticket.
      • Nov 24
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    I have a stereo L+R out for my main monitors.


    When playing sound directly from my CPU speakers, I have great audio quality and volume control. The issue I'm having is when I run sound directly from my UMC1820 to my monitors, I am losing over 12dB of level and can hardly hear what I'm playing.

    I have tried changing the cables from balanced to unbalanced. The only solution I have found is running a higher voltage into the speakers but this is dangerous and I don't really want to blow my monitors up.

    The only solution I can think of is buying an amplifier to run my main left and right outputs through, but that is going to cost me upwards for $500. 

    Is there a solution to fixing the output levels for the audio interface? I haven't been able to find any troubleshooting online or create a fix myself.


    - Puddle

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    Dear guys,

    I want to open my Behringer Xenyx Control 2 USB and clean it from dust with an air spray. Do you have a manual, how to open it? Or a manual for cleaning it from dust? :) 

    Which screws to unscrew? Anything I should know before doing it?


    I know, I will lose warranty, but that's okay.


    Best wishes,


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    • DiggiMorris
      PedroRodrigues Hi DiggiMorris, thank you for your post, unfortunately all our Service Resources are reserved for our Partners and Certified Service Centres. Considering what you have stated above I would suggest to contacting one of our Certified Service Centres in your area. To access our network of Certified Service Centres, please follow the link below: I hope this helps. Thank you
      • Nov 17
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    Good day, I updated my Ipad to the new ipadOS 16.1.1. Now the app keeps crashing. What now? I have uninstalled the app and reinstalled it, this didn't work. I need it to work before Sunday. Any suggestions. 

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    • AriseMartin
      Dale_M The X-AIR app or M-AIR app the development team are aware of problems with the app. A new app to resolve the issue is currently under development but we don't have an ETA for release at the moment. For the time being you will need to use a different device for control.
      • Nov 15
      • X Air App
        DJHATCH What are we supposed to do with this unit? I've owned it since 2019, can you use it on a laptop/PC?
        • Nov 16
    • AriseMartin

      • Nov 15
    • AriseMartin
      ThomD Dear Dale,
      We realy need it, to be fixed. Sometimes we cannot easily change to another device.
      • Nov 15
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    Salve, è possibile acquisire un segnale stereo?

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