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    I want to use The GoXLR as a unit to get my mic in, but how do I connect this to my audio interface (used for Ableton) (interface = Steinberg UR28M but could be another one).



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    • alexbreugelmans
      WilliamR Hello Alex, William from musictribe here. The Goxlr is an interface itself and will not work as a standalone mixer. It needs to run with the goxlr app to route the signal properly. You can use the go xlr itself to record into your DAW. You need to set up the routing properly within the go XLR app to record in your DAW. If you require specific details on how to do this, feel free to click on the support link above and create a tech support ticket, and one of our specialists can get in touch with you.
      • 3 hours ago
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    Hi all

    Wondering if any is kind enough to help.

    Im having issues getting any sound from my blender. I have drivers installed and can see it is connected via the app. Using Win 10 and Ableton 11. Trying to get some Korg Volcas to 'sound' but nothing. In fact since buying it I have only ever been able to use it via headphones.

    In truth I dont understand this at all. Struggling with connections for a wide range of kit.

    So how does anyone using this kit for ableton and external synths get sound in ableton?



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    • cow1970
      NicJonesMT Hi Matthew. Can you please submit a technical support ticket and we will then be able to advise you further.
      Simply click support at the top of the page and scroll down to the tech support option.
      • Jul 8
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    I really like the GOXLR mini, after trying loads of different pre amps and gates / channel strips for my mic its just about the only thing i found which works for a really great price! however, my set up for it is complex and due to the way its set up i cant use it to its full capacity (for some background i stream on twitch via obs studio), my input chain is as follows: shure s7mb > go xlr mini > pc

    this works and is great as an input, my issue stems from output which i personally have two issues with, 

    1. i like to keep my own listening volume sepparate from stream volume, with the goxlr this currently isnt possible as far as im aware, if i were to use all the faders and output to stream mix, if i decreased the volume on a single fader, i have no way to compensate for that in obs, this could be fixed by optionally outputting the channels sepparatly as well as a combined "stream mix" , so currently i am only using a single fader to output music only to stream mix, so if the volume is too low for stream, i can increase it in obs without affecting my listening volume.

    2. i use a external dac and headphone amp which makes routing output from the goxlr a bit of a pain, currently with the single fader im using, with voicemeter i take the streammix input and output it to my dac > headphone amp > headphones which isnt a great chain, i'd really love to see a feature either in a new go xlr to have lossless clean usb output, or have a software update to output to a specific device or again having seppareted channel outputs would allow me to fully use the faders to control my own volume sepparate from obs' output


    other than those personal problems, i really love the goxlr! i think its a fantastic product and in more simple setups works really really well

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    • AlexNotTheLion
      TC Helicon Hi AlexNotTheLion, great to hear from you! Thank you for your incredible support! This means a lot to us.
      • 13 hours ago
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    Hi. One Question.

    Does the TC Helicon Go Twin USB audio interface work with the latest iPad/iPhone 2021 with the M1 chip?

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    Hello, their appears to be a connection problem with my go for mini, the headphone jack makes an buzzing sound, once I plug my headphones in, I have tried 3 pairs and still get the same sound, please can you help 

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    • Mark77
      DavidKnighton Hello Mark77,
      Your unit may need service to correct the buzzing issue. Please click the SUPPORT tab at the top of the page and submit a TECH SUPPORT ticket.
      • Jun 17
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    Not a technical issue, please direct me to where this question would be more appropriate:

    How do you set the default control tab in the GOXLR app interface upon open? Currently, it's the Mixer control tab that displays, and I would like it to default to the Routing control tab. Perhaps an .INI file somewhere I could edit?


    Thank you.

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    This is not a new request or suggestion.  I've read comments in YouTube videos from months/years ago, but I couldn't easily find a topic here to chime in on, so here I am starting one.

    I'd love to see Mic settings have their own profiles.  It's not just about separate/unique microphones; for me, it's not at all about that.  I only make use of one mic.  But...

    My wife uses my PC, her eq and compression settings are vastly different than mine.

    My daughter uses my PC for virtual guitar lessons.  Obviously, playing guitar is a completely different use case than spoken word.  

    It's a hassle - not an insignificant one - to change pretty much every mic setting each time someone different will be using the GoXLR.

    Is there a technical constraint that makes it not possible to save different mic setting profiles?

    Thanks in advance.

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    • Bradautry
      PedroRodrigues Hi Bradautry thank you for your comment please consider that I will forward your request to our Dev. Team but it may be also beneficial to check the TC HELICON GAMING DISCORD CHANNEL where we have a fair amount of discussions on this unit, we present solutions and also features new request and news. Thank you
      • Jun 16
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    Hi please help me set up my go xlr. How can I connect it to my phone for live streaming apps? 

    thank you 

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    • FitzGerald
      NicJonesMT Hi FitzGerald. Please submit a tech support ticket and we will be able to advise you further.

      To do this just click Support at the top of the page.
      • Jun 1
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    Can someone tell me the best way to record audio using Blender on PC or Android phone  ( not garageband) ? i have tried apps and software including  ...audacity,wave pad  etc...they recognise the usb drivers but still does not record???


    Anyone recommend what to use and how to go about it!!


    Many thanks and God bless

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    This still apears to be part of your range but UK stock is just not available. When and with whom can we expect to see stock in the UK?

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    • radioman47
      NicJonesMT Hi Radioman47.
      Unfortunately as we Don't sell products Directly to end users we can't comment on the stock levels of our resellers.
      All we can advise is that you use the following link to directly contact our official resellers and ask them when they can expect stock of this unit.
      • May 14
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