• 2020-07-03
    I have a GO Guitar, it will not connect to my computer so that I can record sound, why do you not have a support area that I can get help today, not when you get to it
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    • rdadscomp1
      Nic Jones Hi Rdadscomp1.

      Please see my comment on your last post.

      We will need to gather some more information from you based on what system you are using and how you have the device setup and configured. We can then determine how to resolve this issue for you.

      Can you please click "Support" at the top and open a Technical support ticket. Please ensure that you provide the following when opening your ticket;

      • Can you please detail any other devices that are being used in conjunction and exactly how these are connected to your device?

      • Can you please detail how parameters on the device are set?

      • Have you tested the device using an alternative audio source?

      • Do you have access to alternative computer?

      • Are any LED’s or lights on the device lit up or behaving erratically?

      • What software are you using the device with?

      • Are you connecting to a Windows or Mac computer and what operating system are you using?

      • Do you have a similar device that you can compare the behaviours of?

      • Can you please provide me with a detailed description of how the device is behaving and any other trouble shooting steps that you have undertaken?

      If possible could you please also prepare a short video that clearly shows how the device is setup and behaving? These videos are extremely helpful in quickly identifying the cause of your issue and finding a resolution.

      If you upload the video to file sharing platform, such as Dropbox or Google Drive and paste a Shareable link into the case subject field, the Case handler will be able to download and view (Please ensure that you have it set so that anyone with the link can view the file).
      • Jul 3
    • rdadscomp1
      rdadscomp1 All I did was plug it in to my headphone plugin area, then downloaded your player, the headphones give me sound, but the guitar is not connecting to the computer, it said no device found, am I to download a program, or did I download the wrong program, there is nothing other than the GO Guitar connected
      • Jul 3
      • I am still having problems
        Nic Jones Does your computer have individual Mic and Headphone ports or a dual port?

        If Separate then you need to get a TRRS splitter to connect to both Ports. You will then be able to get input and output of your machine.

        Something like the following should work;

        Click Here

        If you have a dual headphone and mic port, do you see any input signal in the Recording devices menu?
        • Jul 3
    • rdadscomp1
      rdadscomp1 there is no light on the unit, what am I doing wrong
      • Jul 3
      • I am still having problems
        Nic Jones Can you please open a Technical Support ticket and we can then advise you further on how to setup and use the device.

        Click support at the top of the page and then provide the previously request information.
        • Jul 3
    • rdadscomp1
      rdadscomp1 windows 10 is what i am using
      • Jul 3
      • I am still having problems
        Nic Jones If you right Click the speaker icon in the bottom right corner of the screen and select Recording devices, do you see an input coming in? It would normally be named as "Realtek" or something similar as you are using your Computers main input and output.

        As Above, If you are using a computer with a port for the headphones, and a port for the Mic, you will need a TRRS to dual TRS splitter cable to connect to both, and allow input and output from your computer.
        • Jul 3
    • rdadscomp1
      rdadscomp1 It has one port, and nothing said recording on it
      • Jul 3
      • I am still having problems
        Nic Jones If there is only one port on your computer then you will need the splitter cable as stated above.

        Sorry I'm using an older version of Windows 10. on version 1803 or later, you need to right click the icon and "Open Sound Settings".
        You should then be able to see your input and output levels.

        With the Go Guitar connected to the Mic input on your computer, you should see the input raise.

        As above, I think the best and fastest option would be to open a support ticket and one of the team can go through all setup steps with you.
        • Jul 3
  • 2020-06-07

    I have a GoXLR Mini connected to my PC via USB. I have a vocal mic connected to the GoXLR Mini via XLR and I can successfully change the levels with the 'Mic" slider, no problem. I've run an optical cable from my PS4 Pro to my GoXLR Mini and set my "System" slider to be "Console" - and the audio from the PS4 Pro always comes through at the same level, no matter what I do. I can turn the "System" slider all the way up or all the way down, and I'll see the audio meters in OBS reflecting the changes I'm making with the sliders (barely moving when I turn the sliders down, bouncing wildly when I turn them up) but if I record a clip to test the audio set up, the audio from the PS4 Pro via optical cable never changes, it's always loud no matter where I set the slider. What really confuses me is that the meter in OBS looks like everything is working as expected. Anyone have any ideas? Thanks.

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  • 2020-04-28

    My audio in my headphones cuts out when I use my scroll wheel on my mouse, and when I go to full screen. Is there any troubleshooting out there for this problem?

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  • 2020-04-17

    I am looking to get the go guitar but wondered which android apps is it compatible with

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  • 2020-04-08

    Hey there

    i got my Go XLR Mini today and ran into an issue setting it up: So far I had my PC Speakers (5.1, logitech) plugged into the three ports of my sound card and had quite satisfying surround sound. Plugging only one of the cables into the Go XLR's headphone jacks logically results in just the front two speakers working, which really isn't the desired outcome. Is there a way in a one PC Setup for the Go XLR to stay in control of all the audio (and the XLR microphone) while the ports of the soundcard emit the sound that powers my 5.1 speakers? The least favorable working option for me would be to lose the surround sound and have all 5 speakers on stereo.   

    Many thanks in advance,


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  • 2020-03-29

    Hello.. I have just purchased a GoXLR mini and would like to use the line in and line out to feed a cell phone TRRS input so that I can include a telephone call in the podcast. Can the source for the line out be changed to the chat mic input?

    Thanks for any assistance. 



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  • 2020-03-24

    Does the goxlr mini has a inbuilt amp and dac? I read on twitter that the non mini goxlr has an inbuilt amp that goes up to 150 ohm is that the same case for the goxlr mini? and is the dac inside of the goxlr mini (if it has one) enough to drive my Sennheiser HD 660 S?


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  • 2020-03-22

    I keep getting the error I attached does anyone have a workaround?

    GOXLR Issue.PNG
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  • 2020-02-29

    I am running the audio out of the GoXLR mini to the capture card audio input, then to the streaming computer. The audio is fine in OBS until I start up the Logitech Webcam software on the streaming computer. This kills the audio input into the streaming computer. If I power cycle the GoXlr mini (by pulling out the USB cable and re-inserting it), audio is restored to the line out and can be heard in obs and the stream.

    This only happens when I start up the logitech software and use the webcam. If I do not use the webcam, the audio never has an issue. To be clear, the webcam is in no way connected to the go xlr directly.

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  • 2020-02-19

    @TCHelicon-Tad Thinking about getting the GoXLR Mini but im wandering if and how you can add intro's, outro's and sound clips to your recording since the Mini has no sampler buttons?

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