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    Hi. Please give me the service munual on Konnekt 24D. The power supply overheats, which makes the card lose clock. I will repair it.

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    • Vitaly Voytekhovsky
      William Reichling Hello Vitaly,
      We only share schematics with our Partners and Field Authorized Service Centers.*

      If you would like to have your device serviced by us, please submit a Care Ticket in the MUSIC Tribe Community., to get this process started. If your device is under Warranty, please be prepared to provide your device's serial number, proof of purchase, and your contact information.
      • Nov 16
      • Konnekt 24D
        Vitaly Voytekhovsky I will be quite surprised to learn that you have a Partners or Field Authorized Service Centers in a country like Belarus!
        • Nov 19
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    Hi, everything is in the subject: can i link my TC Konnekt 24d with a TC Konnekt Live using firewire cable and TC NEAR software?

    Documentation says that it is possible to link multiple Konnekts with TC NEAR, but it is not specified if it is still possible with different models of TC Konnekt units.



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  • 2020-10-20

    Hi, any chance of a 64 bit version of the Konnekt 8 interface being developed? OSX Catalina doesn't run 32bit architecture anymore... thanks in advance.

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    • Kai Lundewall
      Joe Rivers Hi Kai, unfortunately not. As this unit is now discontinued, we are no longer producing software for compatibility issues with later Operating Systems. I apologize for the inconvenience here.
      • Oct 20
      • Konnekt 8 64 bit driver for OSX Catalina
        Kai Lundewall Hi Joe. Thanks for your reply. Sorry to hear so. Will have to revive an older mac then. Thanks anyway.
        • Oct 27
  • 2020-10-07

    Hi there,

    I have a MacBook Pro with El Capitan installed and a software version 3.5.1 f3664 for my Impact Twin.

    The latest Impact Twin driver available is version 3.6.1. Which version of Mac osx does it support the last driver?





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  • 2020-07-03
    Hi, I know that the TC Konnekt 24D is discontinued, so I won't bother support with a lot of questions. But I'm a long time customer of TC Electronics and my trusted TC Konnekt 24D has worked great since 2006 on my win 7 64 bit pro system. Yesterday I installed Win10 Pro (64 bit) on my PC and the 2.4.1 drivers (which I had on an old hard drive). That worked fine. After a while I found the "newest" drivers from 2016 which are called tcaudiointerfacesoftware-x64-361.msi - and installed them 5 minutes ago. But now I get a warning message which I haven't seen before. It says: "Driver version does not match the control panel". How do I solve this issue? Yes, I had to uninstall the 2.4.1. drivers before I installed the tcaudiointerfacesoftware-x64-361.msi - and I turned off the TC Konnekt 24 interface before I uninstalled the drivers and installed the latest ones, and restarted my PC, and then turned on the interface. Can someone help me out here? I love my TC Konnekt 24D and it would be great to have it working on win10 ;-) Thanks in advance. Cheers!
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    • dagovitsj
      dagovitsj Hi, I just uninstalled the drivers and installed it one more time, now it's working as it should, no more warning message. Great!
      • Jul 3
  • 2020-07-03
    Hi, I wonder if its possible to purchase spare parts to a Konnekt 24D, like the potentiometer to the volume knob for example? Thanks in advance :-)
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    • dagovitsj
      Nic Jones Hi DagovitsJ.

      The Konnekt is now discontinued so it is unlikely that we will still have parts available. However if you click on "Support" at the top you can open a Spare Parts request. Alternatively you can use the following link and contact one of our approved service centres to see if they have any stock;
      • Jul 3
      • TC Konnekt 24D - spare parts?
        dagovitsj Wow, that was ligthing fast - thanks for your reply, I'll check about that! Have a nice day :-)
        • Jul 3