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    Hello, I've just purchased the Go Guitar interface from TC Helicon. I've connected it as the instructions say but cannot hear the guitar as it's recording. I've tried using the Go Record app and Dolby Go. For some reason the signal is not being sent back tomthe headphones. Am I missing something? It's an S10 phone. Thanks in advance

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    • thomstove
      Dale_M Sorry to hear this, please go to the support tab above and select Technical for us to assist you.
      • Jul 27
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    Hi. One Question.

    Does the TC Helicon Go Twin USB audio interface work with the latest iPad/iPhone 2021 with the M1 chip?

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    DW 20BR connect iphone or ipad (ios) ,will stop output sound when tap to other song to play ,have to disconnect it and re-connect the DW20BR then play the sound .Its not allow tap to change any song after the first tap from beginning.

    Its work on andriod phone.

    Anyone have this issue on ios ?


    Thanks in advance




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    Hi please help me set up my go xlr. How can I connect it to my phone for live streaming apps? 

    thank you 

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    • FitzGerald
      NicJonesMT Hi FitzGerald. Please submit a tech support ticket and we will be able to advise you further.

      To do this just click Support at the top of the page.
      • Jun 1
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    I bought a Go guitar Pro in December and was working perfectly... till yesterday. When I plug into the USB with my iPad Pro the blue TC Helicon logo lights up, then the square light above it which is supposed to be blue (red when guitar output is over limit) constantly flashes red. There's no audio input into the device and it does'nt seems to solve restarting the iPad o repeat the connecting process. Any toughts?

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    I purchase a Go Guitar Pro interface last Dec 22, 2020 when I received the item I notice that sometimes I am having a difficulty for the output to be heard either by headphone o amp. Since the purchased I only used it a couple and only today Apr 1 I use the product again and I can not make it work. I change guitar cable USB mini and and OTG but it still do not work. The serial of the interface is S190701472DPE. I need help regarding this matter. Thanks

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    • rtp_78
      DavidKnighton Hello rtp_78,
      I would suggest opening a service ticket to have the item evaluated under warranty. Click the SUPPORT link at the top of the page, then scroll down and click SERVICE tile to start your claim.
      • Apr 1
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    Hello, is it possible to use Go Vocal with 3.5mm to Lightning gender for iPhone12 pro and Mac?

    I can't find the above information, so it would be appreciated if anyone let me know.


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    • JMJMJM
      PedroRodrigues Hi JMJMJM please consider that the Go Vocal must be connected directly using the 1/8" TRS jack, the usage of any adaptor may create issues .
      • Mar 2
      • Using Go Vocal with a gender (3.5mm to Lightning)
        JMJMJM Noted with many thanks!
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        • Mar 3
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    Can not get my x32 rack to recognize my ipad. Ipad is recognizing wifi but not x32. help!!!


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    Just purchased the go guitar pro and it works flawlessly on my windows 10 setup. I use my headphones and the sound is wonderful. I just don't like being tethered by another cable, so I was wondering if I can use powered speakers through the headphone jack for stereo output, or do I need to go through the thru/fx monitor mono output port.

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    • PinTwister
      KyleJohnson Hello, Kyle here with Music Tribe. Definitely, as long as you have the correct cables/adapters to connect out of the headphone port, you can connect to any powered speaker(s).
      • Feb 7
    • PinTwister
      PinTwister Thanks
      • Feb 7
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    I perform in a 6-piece band, and with the way the world is, a lot of our shows don't include a sound guy for the time being. We have been pretty successful with either myself of the lead singer adjusting vocalists on the X-Air app on iPad as we go, but I am looking for an easier solution.

    We have 6 players, (4 instrumentalist with vocals, 2 vocalists). While the lead is singing, all 5 vocal channels are still on for backups. BUT we switch to each individual person to take lead. In that situation, we have to bump up the person, and pull the lead down.

    Is it possible to have 5-6 presets that say "Person 1" "Person 2" etc that will adjust the channels accordingly?


    Thank you!

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    • misshollydawn
      Paul_Vannatto Hi Holly, yes there is a way, but not with an iPad. It can be done using X-Air Live Toolbox (found here ) and using some custom buttons with some tidbits (snippet like commands). Live Toolbox works with a PC, Mac, linux or Raspberry Pi. An example of a tidbit for one of the buttons to make channel 1 the lead singer is:

      Set chan 1 fader to 0 db
      Set chan 2-8 fader to -15 db
      • Feb 5
      • X Air - Is there a way to auto adjust multiple channels with one button?
        misshollydawn Thank you. I'll look into this.
        If I am able to work that out, it will be a huge relief and time saver for the show. No more fumbling!
        • Feb 5
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