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    I am finding it difficult to purchase the Flow 8. Do you have a trusted seller in Nigeria?

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    Can not get my x32 rack to recognize my ipad. Ipad is recognizing wifi but not x32. help!!!


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    I perform in a 6-piece band, and with the way the world is, a lot of our shows don't include a sound guy for the time being. We have been pretty successful with either myself of the lead singer adjusting vocalists on the X-Air app on iPad as we go, but I am looking for an easier solution.

    We have 6 players, (4 instrumentalist with vocals, 2 vocalists). While the lead is singing, all 5 vocal channels are still on for backups. BUT we switch to each individual person to take lead. In that situation, we have to bump up the person, and pull the lead down.

    Is it possible to have 5-6 presets that say "Person 1" "Person 2" etc that will adjust the channels accordingly?


    Thank you!

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    • misshollydawn
      Paul_Vannatto Hi Holly, yes there is a way, but not with an iPad. It can be done using X-Air Live Toolbox (found here ) and using some custom buttons with some tidbits (snippet like commands). Live Toolbox works with a PC, Mac, linux or Raspberry Pi. An example of a tidbit for one of the buttons to make channel 1 the lead singer is:

      Set chan 1 fader to 0 db
      Set chan 2-8 fader to -15 db
      • February 5, 2021
      • X Air - Is there a way to auto adjust multiple channels with one button?
        misshollydawn Thank you. I'll look into this.
        If I am able to work that out, it will be a huge relief and time saver for the show. No more fumbling!
        • February 5, 2021
  • kenwade
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    The mini 3 pin input to the 802 preamp is damaged. There is a input jack in model MXUL3 cpnverter. I want to buy one

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  • LesBell
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    is anyone else having problems with connecting UMC1820 Adat to (in my case) the apollo twin?

    the mic is coming in on the 1820 but in the apollo, it's not recognizing it

    i have, from the 1820 Toslink adat out. to, apollo twin adat in

    my operating system is the latest mac 

    if anyone could shed a light on this I will be forever grateful



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    • LesBell
      KyleJohnson Hi Leslie, Kyle here with Music Tribe. The ADAT inputs and outputs on the UMC1820 are only tied to the USB port on the UMC1820. It is not possible to route the analog inputs on the UMC1820 to the ADAT outputs, or route the ADAT inputs to the Analog Outputs. The UMC1820 is not intended to be an extra 8 channel preamp.
      • October 1, 2020
    • LesBell
      LesBell that's not what said on the lovely utube advert. U say (The ADAT inputs and outputs on the UMC1820 are only tied to the USB port on the UMC1820. so could u tell me what adat is used for
      • October 1, 2020
    • LesBell
      LesBell so what ur saying is it cant be used as a slave only master to slave
      • October 1, 2020
      • Behringer UMC1820 Adat peoblems
        KyleJohnson That's correct. The ADAT inputs/outputs are only accessible from a computer via the USB connection. It is not possible to directly link the ADAT I/O to the Analog I/O.
        • October 1, 2020
    • LesBell
      LesBell ok, thanks Kyle.
      • October 4, 2020
    • LesBell
      Fablot Hello, Is it normal to see the 8 ADAT inputs and 8 ADAT outputs in my DAW menu even if the I/O option switch is not on the ADAT position ? And if UMC connected with an ADA8200, should I see 16 ADAT inputs + 16 ADAT outputs in the menues ? Thanks in advance for your support.
      • May 12, 2021