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    Hi could someone recommend a audio interface with 32 in and out for a Sound Craft Ghost that i can plug into new MBP 

    Many Thanks 

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    I am beginner and have I guess a simple question. Is there an adapter I can use to have sound stream through my IPhone from the soundboard? For example I use a video camera that plugs directly into the X32 and I have sound from the board opposed to the camera. I stream through Stream yard and would love to do this using my IPHONE 12 pro Max using sound from the soundboard. Thank you 

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    • KENMACK5808
      DaveMorrison Yes. There are several solutions to send audio from the X32 to an iPhone. What audio sources does Stream yard support? You could use a simple lightning to headphone adapter. Apple's and Belkin's will allow audio in using the Ring 2 and Sleeve connections (on a TRRS connector). Better quality will be from an external audio interface or USB from the X32. The phone can use these signals, can your software? It's all about the app.
      • March 25, 2021