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    I am planning to buy a TC-Helicon GO XLR MINI.
    I read it has a USB2 connection, but my new laptop will only have USB3 contacts.

    As an example my webcam doesn't work in USB3 ports (only USB2), therefore
    I wonder if there are any safe ways to get USB2 stuff to work on USB3?
    And mainly that GO XLR MINI will work on modern laptops?

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    • CharlieL
      djtetei USB 3 should be backward compatible with older USB 2 and USB 1 protocols, so if you encounter issues, like with your webcam, these are due to port configuration or driver related. XLRMini specifications states support up to Windows 11, but no support for Linux or Mac.
      • Tue at 6:29 AM
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    The app will not connect with the goxlr mini. It lights up but will not be recognized by the app. Have uninstalled / restarted software multiple times and it will still not show up in the app. 

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    I have sent my VOICELIVE 3 EXTREME device to Thermal Relief Design for repairment at the beginning of March (2022) after music tribe sent me the instruction and case number for repairment. But now, the repairment has not been done. I sent couple of email to TRD, they replied that they are waiting for the part. Anyone has experienced the similar issue? What is the solution for me? Wait? I have already waited for almost 3 months. 




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    • liao0ciya
      PedroRodrigues Hi liao0ciya, thank you for your post, can you please provide me the case number used to submit your assistance request so I can relate this information to our Spare Parts Team and request an investigation. Thank you
      • May 24
    • liao0ciya
      liao0ciya Hi PederoRodrigues, thank you for replying. case number: Case CAS-552721-S6L5L4 , RMA number:382454
      • Jun 3
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    Hallo from Germany, I would like to use the Perform VK as an Audiointerface with Cubasis. But there in no Input-Signal. Is there a problem with IOS 15? Is there a Firmware update available? Thank you for help

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    • Klaus4711
      PedroRodrigues Hi Klaus4711, please ponder that the Perform VK was designed to be implemented with a PC/MAC and not with an IPAD. To implement your Perform VK with a computer you must follow audio configuration described below.
      Regarding USB audio please be aware that there are 4 inputs and 8 output channels for USB audio in PERFORM-VK.
      A driver is required for both USB audio AND MIDI use, it can be found at

      USB IN
      CH 1 Backing Track L
      CH 2 Backing Track R
      CH 3 Dry vocal in
      CH 4 NaturalPlay IN

      If no signal is transmitted to the product on USB audio channel 3, the product will use analogue in for the voice input.
      So, you could use channels 1&2 to input stereo tracks from your DAW but sing into the product via your mic.
      Please note that channel 1&2 input is NOT passed to the USB outputs, but IS passed to the Main analogue outs.
      If you use a computer for backing tracks, they will get sent analogue to the PA. Volume control for those tracks happens at the computer.
      NaturalPlay IN is not connected to the audio output. It is used only for NaturalPlay chord input.
      This is intended to allow you to use a “guide track” for NatualPlay that you may not want heard in the mix. It could be dry guitar chords or piano chords, with different voicings or placement to create your desired harmony output.

      USB OUT
      CH 1 L processed vocal, Keyboard/ Aux in (same as what is on main outputs, less the audio received on USB in
      CH 2 R processed vocal, Keyboard/ Aux in (same as what is on main outputs, less the audio received on USB in 2
      CH 3 Dry Voice input
      CH 4 Not used
      CH 5 Dry INST IN R / Aux L
      CH 6 Dry INST IN R / Aux R
      CH 7 Harmony Voices L
      CH 8 Harmony Voices R

      Thank you
      • May 5
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    I've replied to my RMA email and everything, started a new ticket to try and get any info on what is happening. It was delivered to the repair place on the 6th and just radio silence, cannot get any answers. My RMA number is 382577  

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    • Qweets
      PedroRodrigues Hi Qweets, thank you for your post and for suppling your RMA, it would also be useful for this process if you could provide your case number so I can request the Service Department to look in to this matter. Thank you
      • Apr 22
      • Sent goxlr mini for RMA haven't heard anything
        Qweets CAS-581853-S1X8G6
        • Apr 22
      • Sent goxlr mini for RMA haven't heard anything
        WilliamR I've reached out to the service department. They will contact you ASAP. Sorry for the delay
        • Apr 22
      • Sent goxlr mini for RMA haven't heard anything
        Qweets I've been told they can't fix it and they can't replace it and are offering a refund and gave me the most confusing pdf file I've ever seen to fill out. No instructions on what information needs to go where and I'm just so mad about this entire experience, I've never had to jump through so many hoops with a company before and I just want this to be over with. Can anyone here help me figure out how to fill out the form? I've emailed them and asked them to call me or give me instructions.. I just want this to end already
        • Apr 25
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    I unplugged my Goxlr from all cables to clean the desk. When I tried to turn it back on, it didn't work. what can i do to fix this ?

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    • rustymusik
      WilliamR Hello, Are you using the correct power supply? Specifically the DC 12 Volt tc helicon power supply? We do get a lot of cases of power supplies getting swapped accidently.
      • Mar 10
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    This is not a support request, it's "just" some feedback.

    Switching pic related on "silently" with an app or firmware update after it never having been on before was kind of a **** take.

    I realize the setting is there for a reason, but where I come from the VOIP or streaming software takes care of that, not the hardware. Which I consider the GoXLR app part of. Great setting to have, very annoying setting to discover the wrong way.

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    was out of town a few days and when i came back my mini was having issues. had connection issues but it is connecting now. an audible tone is coming through my headphones that gets louder when i speak into microphone. its constant and is can be heard in chat. the tone cuts over my voice. only thing i havent tried is reverting to previous version driver or app. help please!

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    • mikey67
      PedroRodrigues Hi mikey67, thank you for your post, please confirm that your BIOS and USB DRIVERS on your MOTHERBOARD are up to date, also confirm that unit is connected directly to a USB 2.0 PORT. Please follow the link below to confirm that you have installed the latest GOXLR APP and the latest driver. Thankyou
      • Mar 2
      • GoXLR mini help?
        mikey67 i updated those but had issues doing it. tried the driver repair also. yes 2.0 usb
        • Mar 2
    • mikey67
      Dale_M Please can you go to the support tab and raise a Technical ticket so we acan assist you.
      • Mar 2
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    As per title, the unit itself is only outputting right channel audio through line out. I've confirmed that it's the unit by removing it entirely from my sound output chain. If I just have everything go directly through the sound card I get both right and left channels. But when it goes through the Go XLR Mini first, I only get the right channel. The cables are not at fault (I've tested them with the soundcard and they work properly). 

    I was hoping to use the Go XLR to handle Console sound, etc., as well as my microphone, but the inability to get left channel out, puts an end to this. Is my unit broken? I bought it in the middle of last year, but have only just tried setting it up for anything other than just the microphone.

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    • Fedup
      NicJonesMT Hi Fedup.
      Can you please click support at the top of the page and provide as much detail about your setup, and any trouble shooting you have already undertaken. From there we can advise you further.
      • Feb 24
      • GoXLR Mini only outputting right channel audio
        Fedup The issue seems to have fixed itself. I tried to audio Y split cables plugged into a hum destroyer, then plugged into each other, and finally a standard non-split audio cable, and the Mini is properly outputting both channels in the one cable.
        • Feb 27
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    Hello dear developers,

    the GOXLR is a great product and I love it!
    There is only one feature missing:
    The Cough Button should get a ducking function.

    with click or hold on the Cough Button reduces the music Kannal for Radio Live Moderation!
    When Radio Modertor click on the "Cough Button" and hold it down, the user's music canal (Channel 4) will lower to a chosen value and after releasing it, the value will increase back to the default.

    Could you implement this?

    Please excuse my english


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    • Dexxa
      PedroRodrigues Hi Dexxa, thank you for your post, I will forward your feature request to the Dev. Team. Thank you
      • Jan 28
    • Dexxa
      Dexxa Hi Pedro Okay thank you very much,

      the function would be really perfect if it existed
      • Jan 28
    • Dexxa

      I think many music presenters could use this feature! They would certainly be grateful for it. ;-)

      • Jan 28
    • Dexxa
      Dexxa the idea is already being worked on?
      • May 2
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