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    I've tried recording from all inputs in both Audacity and Ableton Live but I can only get audio over USB for the device connected to input 1.

    As I understand from the specs, I should be able to connect up to 6 stereo devices for mixing and then get a 2ch stereo output of the sum all over USB.




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    • Jonathan Reynolds
      Pedro Rodrigues Hi, Please be aware that via USB Connector the unit allows 12 inputs and 2 outputs, one stereo channel offering a sample rate of 48 kHz at 24-bit.
      So to input the signal for this unit on a computer you should set up a stereo input track on a DAW.
      Thank you
      • Nov 5
      • Blender on Windows10 not recording from any input other than 1
        Jonathan Reynolds Thanks Pedro, I'll continue trying with that information in mind
        best regards --Jon
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        • Nov 5
  • 2020-10-11

    The GO XLR is almost perfect.
    What is missing is an equalizer for the music channels
    Can this still be built into the software?

    that would be really great


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    • Marcus Grunwald
      John Matthews Hi Marcus, Thanks for the suggestion, I'll pass it along to the relevant team for consideration.
      • Oct 11
    • Marcus Grunwald
      Marcus Grunwald Hello, John,

      that would be great and I hope you can do the equalizer
      • Oct 13
  • 2020-10-09

    hello, I am in trouble because there are few recording samples.
    It's hard to understand from the official video alone, so I want to listen to the sound without any editing.
    In a loud voice, and small, whisper, etc. It would be helpful if there were variations.

    by the way,
    It was released in Japan in July, but I feel that there are few promotions. I'm wondering if Japanese distributors are willing to sell this product.

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    • hirotoshi komiya
      Pedro Rodrigues Hi hirotoshi komiya - san please be aware that the App for your unit will be the Go Record, Guitar Rack and Go Studio FX, on this last case you can optionally acquire 21 extra effects to expand your library via the purchase areas of your respective Android or IOS. Thank you
      • Oct 12
      • I need some more recording samples to buy Go solo.
        hirotoshi komiya excuse-me... I was going to talk about this product, am I wrong?
        • Oct 12
      • I need some more recording samples to buy Go solo.
        hirotoshi komiya Rewrite;
        I want TC Helicon's GO solo.
        However, I hesitate to buy it because there are few samples recorded with it on the net.
        If possible, I would like to hear unedited loud singing voices, normal voice volume, and whispering voices.
        Don't you know, isn't it somewhere? Or is there something that someone made?
        • Oct 12
    • hirotoshi komiya
      Pedro Rodrigues Hi Hirotoshi komiya my reply is for any of the GO product line, please investigate Go Record, Guitar Rack and Go Studio FX so understand the advantages for what you have requested
      • Oct 13
  • 2020-10-09

    Hi there, 

    Is it safe to unplug XLRs connected to mics, dynamic or condenser, while the GoXLR mixer is on and running or should one unplug the mixer to turn it off before making changes? Fear is damaging either the mixer itself or the mic. 

    ps  I've already unplugged one while it was on once :) 


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    • James Netherland
      Pedro Rodrigues Hi James if you cut the gain being feed to the mic you should no have any issue, so please cut the gain and then unplug the XLR cable. Thank you
      • Oct 12
  • 2020-10-03

    I want to record my amp sound using GO GUITAR PRO. I have plugged my guitar into the guitar input and my amp into the amp input.

    When I record I only hear the dry sound. How do I record the sound from the amp instead?

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    • Brett Spahr
      Pedro Rodrigues Hi Brett Spahr have you confirm the Gain on the Go Guitar Pro and is the output of the Go Guitar Pro connected via " TS mono, unbalanced?
      • Oct 4
      • Recording Amp with Go Guitar Pro
        Brett Spahr Yes, the gain is up on the Go Guitar Pro and it is connected using a standard guitar cable. I am recording into Logic on a mac.
        • Oct 8
  • 2020-10-01


    I have a TC helicon play acoustic. I tried to connect play acoustic to my pc using USB cable but my DAW can't find play acoustic.

    Can you help me how to connect play acoustic to DAW?


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    • GEONYOUNG Choi
      Nigel Turner Can you tell me what type of computer you are using and what OS is it running. Is the computer seeing the play acoustic in its USB settings? Have you downloaded voicesupport and if so, does voicesupport see your Play Acoustic? If you are using Windows, have you set up Play Acoustic as your Recording and Playback devices? This video may help. It is for Windows 7 but if you are using 10 it is very similar.
      • Oct 1