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    Hey everybody I am curently having issues with my audio interface, I have installed the latest driver and everything but everytime i try to switch my playback from speakers to out 1-2 in my daw or even when I'm on youtube, there is an insane amount of Lag that persists, only way I have found to fix it is by messing around my daws output device switching between OUT 1-2 behringer or OUT 1-4 and then it works decently, only issue is this has never happened before and is honestly very annoying because I can't switch my output without wasting like 10 minutes everytime. I have using FL STUDIO 20 as of rn

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    • utsang
      ChrisEdwards1 Hi utsang, Is the interface currently directly connected to your computer without the use of USB Hubs? If you do use a USB Hub could you please remove this and try connecting directly?
      Have you also experimented with your buffer settings at all? The lower the buffer setting the less chance you will have of experiencing latency but a higher the chance of CPU Strain, the strain on your CPU can cause audio to freeze momentarily or introduce pops and clicks. The higher the buffer setting the less chance you will have of this happening but the higher chance you will have of experiencing latency.

      If this does not help with your issue could you please submit a technical support ticket so we can assist further?
      • Jul 14
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    Hello people, 


    I bought 2 pcs of Behringer UMC202HD from Amazon. I have been struggling (since May) to register one of these products using the link provided somewhere on this community page. It does not work. The page hangs there forever.

    Does anyone have a better idea on what I should do?

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    • odhiambo
      Dale_M Hi there do you have a ticket number? Have you ever managed to send any type of support ticket in to us? I can take a look for you.
      • Jul 14
    • odhiambo

      I did send an e-mail to an address that I got from the Internet, but it was never responded to. Can I just share my Amazon invoices, the device serials and my details for the registration?

      • Jul 15
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    In a live broadcast situation, we use the USB interface to send the 4-mic inputs to the computer for the live stream.  However, we also need to send a line level feed to an external audio monitor.  As soon as we plug a cable into the Main XLR Outputs, the USB sends to the computer get muted.  Unplug the XLR, and the USB sends return.  Is there a setting we're missing?

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    • magnetic
      RexBeckett Hi magnetic, that is just plain weird. Are you sure that there are no software changes being made at the same time? Are you recording and sending from the same software? Any change in sample-rate?
      • Jul 10
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    Hello there, 

    I would need your kind support - 

    I just have bought an ADA 8200 and an UMC 1820 for recording drumset with 10 mics and another instruments in my home studio.

    The 1820 works well, but the ADA8200 I cannot marry with: one Toslink cable joinscthem, adat button on, rear switch to master.

    Leds onbthe ADA show the drum mic signals but I do not see the ADA channels in my tracks in Bandlab.

    My questions: 

    One or two Toslink cables I need for this application?

    Which will be the master, the umc or the adat?


    Many thanks in advance,


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    • soultain
      ChrisEdwards1 Hi soultain.

      The most important concept to remember in this setup is that the ADA8200 unit needs to slave off of the UMC1820.
      To ensure proper connection:
      1. Connect 2 Toslink/ADAT Cables. One cable connects from the ADAT OUT on the ADA8200 to the ADAT IN on the UMC1820. The other cable connects from ADAT OUT on the UMC1820 to ADAT IN on the ADA8200
      2. On the rear of the ADA8200, ensure that the Clock Sync switch is set to the SLAVE/ADAT IN mode.
      • Jul 10
    • soultain

      Hi ChrisEdwards1, many thanks for your kind help :)

      • Jul 10
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    Hi all

    Wondering if any is kind enough to help.

    Im having issues getting any sound from my blender. I have drivers installed and can see it is connected via the app. Using Win 10 and Ableton 11. Trying to get some Korg Volcas to 'sound' but nothing. In fact since buying it I have only ever been able to use it via headphones.

    In truth I dont understand this at all. Struggling with connections for a wide range of kit.

    So how does anyone using this kit for ableton and external synths get sound in ableton?



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    • cow1970
      NicJonesMT Hi Matthew. Can you please submit a technical support ticket and we will then be able to advise you further.
      Simply click support at the top of the page and scroll down to the tech support option.
      • Jul 8
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    I bought long time ago an audio interface by Behringer (U-PHORIA UMC202HD): it was stated that the product included "free audio recording, editing and podcasting software plus 150 instrument/effect plug-ins downloadable at". This was one of the main reasons that made me buy this product. So much time has passed and I still haven't figured out how to access this material. From day one I didn't know how to: no informations in the box and no manuals or guides in the website. Still today I can't find anything, even in the FAQs or in a single generic Google result. The only thing I ever downloaded from the website were the drivers. In the 'download' section it appears that only quick-start guides, drivers and images of the product can be downloaded. To me, it sounds more like a scam rather than something else.


    Adnan Nemri

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    • OPOX
      Dale_M Please can I ask that you send a Technical ticket in to us via the above support tab so we can advise.
      • Jul 6
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    Hello all.

    My UMC22 cannot be detected in the control panel. I cannot see any light from "SIG" and "CLIP" signs. ASIO4ALL control panel also did not show the interface details under WDM device list tab.

    OS: Windows 10

    DAW: Waveform 11

    mic: BY-MM1

    studio headphone: OneOdio Pro10

    Please help.

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    • theafiqismail13
      Dale_M Hi there we would suggest trying another PC to be 100% certain, if you are still having issues please go to the Support tab and raise a Technical ticket with us so we can help.
      • Jul 6
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    I tried everything  and having problems setting up the UMC22 into my HP laptop.

    I was hoping This would be alot easier.




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    • Tommy1963
      ChrisEdwards1 Hi Tommy1963, If you have not yet done so i would highly recommend checking out the following setup video -

      Please note the UMC22 utilizes the ASIO4ALL driver which can be downloaded from the product page or directly from the ASIO website.

      If upon running through the steps in the video you are still experiencing issues please submit a support ticket so we may gather further information on your setup, to do this go to support at the top of the page and scroll down/click on the technical support tab.
      • Jul 5
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    I really like the GOXLR mini, after trying loads of different pre amps and gates / channel strips for my mic its just about the only thing i found which works for a really great price! however, my set up for it is complex and due to the way its set up i cant use it to its full capacity (for some background i stream on twitch via obs studio), my input chain is as follows: shure s7mb > go xlr mini > pc

    this works and is great as an input, my issue stems from output which i personally have two issues with, 

    1. i like to keep my own listening volume sepparate from stream volume, with the goxlr this currently isnt possible as far as im aware, if i were to use all the faders and output to stream mix, if i decreased the volume on a single fader, i have no way to compensate for that in obs, this could be fixed by optionally outputting the channels sepparatly as well as a combined "stream mix" , so currently i am only using a single fader to output music only to stream mix, so if the volume is too low for stream, i can increase it in obs without affecting my listening volume.

    2. i use a external dac and headphone amp which makes routing output from the goxlr a bit of a pain, currently with the single fader im using, with voicemeter i take the streammix input and output it to my dac > headphone amp > headphones which isnt a great chain, i'd really love to see a feature either in a new go xlr to have lossless clean usb output, or have a software update to output to a specific device or again having seppareted channel outputs would allow me to fully use the faders to control my own volume sepparate from obs' output


    other than those personal problems, i really love the goxlr! i think its a fantastic product and in more simple setups works really really well

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    • AlexNotTheLion
      TC Helicon Hi AlexNotTheLion, great to hear from you! Thank you for your incredible support! This means a lot to us.
      • Jul 23
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    i have a brand new sm7b and my uphoria um2 doesn't seem able to provide enough gain for the mic to work, even cranking up the volume to 100 i can barely hear anything, is that ok or should i check the mic ??? 

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    • TomasEPerezOcariz
      NicJonesMT Hi TomasEperezOcariz.
      If possible could you please submit a tech support ticket, and provide us with a short video that shows the issue that you are having?
      Ideally we would also need some more information on your system and how you are using the UM2, so could you please also provide the following in your ticket.

      • How do you have the device connected to your computer? We always recommend connecting directly to your computer rather than an external hub, and also recommend removing any non essential USB devices.
      • Have you connected the device to an alternative USB port?
      • Do you have access to an alternative USB cable that the device can be tested with?
      • Do you have access to an alternative computer that the device can be tested with?
      • Are you connected to USB 2.0 or USB 3.0 ports? Please use USB 2.0 ports where possible, there is no advantage to using a USB 2.0 device in a USB 3.0 port and USB 3.0 ports can vary quite a lot, which gives differing levels of performance and stability.
      • Have you tried and alternative Microphone?
      • Can you please detail any other devices that are being used in conjunction?
      • Are you connecting to a Windows or Mac computer and what operating system are you using?
      • Can you confirm what driver you are using (Windows Only)?
      • What software are you using the device with?
      • Do you have a similar device that you can compare the behaviours of?
      • Can you please provide me with a detailed description of how the device is behaving and any other trouble shooting steps that you have undertaken?
      • Is the Issue Intermittent or constant? If it is intermittent is there a specific setting that needs to be used to cause the issue?
      • Jul 3
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