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    I have a UMC 1820 which, if connected to AKAI Force via USB, can replace its internal audio interface and enable, in this case, 18 inputs and 20 outputs. If I connect another UMC1820 to a PC, I could connect them to each other via 8 analog cables, but I'm not sure if I could get the remaining 8 channels via the ADAT connection and thus send a total of 16 channels from Force to my DAW on the PC?

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    • Midibomb1976
      NicJonesMT Hi MIDIBomb 1976.
      Unfortunately it is not possible to use 2 UMC1820's together. This is because it is not possible to change the clock settings to slave, so the two devices would not be able to sync correctly.
      • Oct 25
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    whats new in v5.51.0 driver for windows ?? 

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    se escucha interferencia, alguien tiene ese problema? y como solucionarlo. corro en windows 10 pro

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    • cesarcare
      Dale_M Try another USB cable/USB port, if the problem is still there, try on another PC/MAC and see if the problem follows the UMC204HD.
      • Oct 18
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    I am looking for an economical but efficient interface preamp. Right now I have a at2020 mic but i am not married to it.  I am using a line6 ux2 interface. but am not getting the gain i need using phantom power.  with a sure sm58 mic it has enough gain but the mic is not what i want to get the sound I want.

    I have been thinking the um2, or the berhinger Mic500 usb.   or perhaps just a Berhinger microphone preamp mic 300 or mic 500. it is just for fun so do not want to spend more than i need. but willing to spend what i need for what I want.

    Can someone please help me decide what kind of setup I should order?  I would like to know if i put a preamp between the line 6 interface and the Microphone if it is a wise decision ... If a Berhinger Mic500 usb solve all my issues in a single unit?  Getting totally confused. If i am advised to buy a preamp why should I upgrade to the Mic500 and not just get the mic300?

    thank you in advance

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    Recording live instrument over recorded playback without delay or volume howl - Behringer 802 Mixer / TO CTRL vs TO MIX - Newbie

    I am using a Behringer 802 two bus mixer through a Shure MVi USB interface into a laptop running Windows 10 and Audacity.

    I can’t figure out how to get the pre-recorded tracks to playback through the monitors while recording a live instrument or vocals without either a delay or feedback/howl/volume swell.

    I’ve got the playback audio from Audacity coming out through the headphone jack into the CD/TAPE Input via RCA, the CTRL ROOM Out to the monitor speaker and the MAIN OUT into the Shure MVi USB into the laptop.

    When I depress the CD/TAPE TO CTRL while recording in Audacity there is a delay in the live instrument.

    If I depress CD/TAPE TO MIX during recording the live instrument does not have any delay but there is an awful feedback/howl happening.

    I have the settings in Audacity set to “Play other tracks while recording” and “Software Playthrough (play new track while recording”

    I am trying to both hear the other tracks as well as the live one through the monitor speaker during recording but can’t figure out how to do it without a delay in the live instrument/track or without noise coming into to the recording.

    The closest I’ve gotten is disabling the “Software Playthrough” in Audacity while depressing the CD/TAPE TO MIX which eliminates the delay and the loud howl but there is still noise coming back in being recorded.

    Anyone know how to fix this?

    Thank you in advance!

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    If I go into the control panel it only gives me three options, 48,000k, spdif, or Adat, but not an option for 44,000k.

    So obviously Pro Tools will not allow me to change it within Pro Tools because it already doesn't match.

    It would appear it's default is 48000, but I want to record it 44.

    Can anybody shed some light on this problem? Thanks much!

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    • Dwib86
      NicJonesMT Hi Dwib86.
      We've recently released a new driver for Windows. Can you please download this and you should be able to then change the Sample rate.
      Alternatively (If on Windows) you can go into your Windows Sound Settings and select Sound Control Panel. In the Playback tab, right click the UMC and go to Properties > Advanced. You should see a drop down menu and you can use this to change the sample and bit rate.
      On Mac go to your Audio MIDI Setup and again you should see a dropdown menu to adjust the sample rate.

      If you are still having issues please click support at the top of the page and submit a tech support ticket.
      • Oct 11
      • How can I set Behringer Uphoria 1820 to 44,000k instead of 48,000?
        Dwib86 That's amazing! Thanks for the info!
        • Oct 11
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    Hey folks,

    I've been dealing with an issue with my GoXLR Mini for several weeks now and have not been able to find a discussion or solution regarding anything similar.

    For context, I bought my GoXLR Mini in March of 2021 and have had 0 issues with it until recently. As for the issue, every time I boot my PC, the faders on the interface do not work until I unplug the device and plug it back in. Upon booting, my audio and mic work, but the faders do not when moved. The LEDs under the faders don't even change. The only temporary fix I've found is to unplug the device and plug it back in. Other fixes I have tried (that did not work) include restarting my PC, restarting the app, and changing device/mic profiles. There has been no obvious firmware/software updates prior to the problem. I engaged the TC Helicon Gaming Discord for support but never recieved a response.

    Any suggestions for a fix would be greatly appreciated!

    Thank You!

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    • griffinschulte
      PedroRodrigues Hi griffinschulte, thank you for your post, please ponder that the GOXLR MINI does not offer mechanised Faders this unit uses a fader latching mechanism, this means that that you need to move the physical fader across the LED lights on the fader to "latch on" and control them. Please confirm that the GOXLR App say "GOXLR connected via USB" in the bottom left.
      When restarting please, try moving the faders up then back down and see if it picks up and controls the audio levels again.
      Also note that the levels are saved by your profile, so if you adjust your levels, then don't save your profile, none of those changes will save. Doing that then restarting can really make the latching thing a bigger issue, since you will have to make large movements to latch up again.
      For last please bear in mind that LEDs on the faders will not be as accurate as they would be on the GOXLR that uses motorised faders. This is a common behaviour on devices with non-motorized (latching mechanism) faders. I hope this clarifies this matter. Thank you
      • Oct 5
    • griffinschulte
      yaanthebarb Hi all,
      I've been having the same issue recently too. The mute buttons work, but the faders don't change volumes and the LEDs don't work when moving the faders until you unplug and replug the GoXLR Mini.

      I've tried completely reinstalling the drivers and software.

      Just to confirm, this isn't an accuracy issue with the LEDs, they just don't work/change, and it is also not concerning motorised faders as the GoCLR Mini doesn't have them like you said, but in this case manually moving the faders doesn't work either.
      • Nov 18
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    I've recently purchased a Behringer U-Phoria UMC204HD and have some Presonos monitors pluges into OUT1 & 2. When ever Windows 11 starts, stops or hybernates do to no activity I get this load obnoxious buzzing pop sound (attached). 


    How do I make it go away?

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    I purchsed Berhinger UM2 audio interface on 11th Feb-2020, but I have not downloaded the Tracktion DAW which is free with this product.  I need Tracktion activation key.  Please help me how to get the activation key !!!

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    • aktripathy
      Paul_Vannatto If you had registered your UM2 within 90 days of your purchase, you would have received an email with the Tracktion DAW activation key. If you did not register, you are SOL. Get Reaper instead, or use Audacity (free open source).
      • Oct 4
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    I'm getting a strange echo when using USB 3/4 for performance.  It lasts only a few seconds and then goes away, but it's loud and alarming.  Seems to happen once every hour or two. 

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