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    I've been trying to connect my ada8000 to my quantum 2626 by presonus and I've tried every master/slave combination possible.  For instance - when I optical OUT of Ada into the presonus and use the universal controller to tell presonus to sync via adat and have ada8000 switch to 48.0 kHz, my presonus inputs all rail to max input and the front led preamp indicators go red.  If I try to use BNC and space the Ada, nothing happens.  

    am I doing something wrong or could it be my Behringer is toast?  I've had it for several years in storage

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    So I’m thinking about buying a goXLR just wondering if the presets have character voices n stuff

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    • Gingertom
      ChrisEdwards1 Hi Gingertom, the default presets within the GO XLR App are as follows:

      Big Echo
      Big Verb
      Comms Radio
      HardTune Music
      Kid Robot
      PitchDN Echo

      There are currently no specific presets created by TC Helicon for Voice characters, however, other users may be able to help you achieve this or share their presets with you.
      I would recommend checking out our Discord server if you wish to look into this further:
      • Nov 27
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    Hi. I'm looking for advice of how to connect my tc system 6000 to my digidesign Xmon.

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    I'm currently using my ADA8200 to handle input for hardware sysnths into my DAW via the line in jacks on the front. I assume those bypass the preamp? If I were to plug in a microphone to a channel that has a line in via the 1/4" jack as well does one override the other?

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    Hi, I recently purchased a Behringer Ultragain ada8200 and a Behringer UMC1820. When I use the Behringer UMC1820 on its own i have no problems but when i connect the Ultragain ada8200 to the UMC1820 I get crackling and popping sounds in my audio (from both units). I connected the Ultragain ada8200 exactly according to the manual but the problem persists. Ive also searched the internet for answers to my problem and tried all the suggestions i could find but nothing helps.

    The crackling and popping occurs once every 2 minutes or so.

    My computer: MacBook Air i7 dual core 1.7GHz (3.3Ghz in Turbo mode)  

    Ive tried different DAWs but also the problem persists.

    Can anybody help me?



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    I use an Ultramatch Pro to connect our sound desk to a Black Majic ATEM Television studio.  today it stopped working.  some of the buttons on the front panel are not responsive and there is no sound leaving the device.  The input seems to be working OK - just no output.  Is there likely to be an easy fix or is the device broken.  We purchased the device in June 2016 so it is 6 years old.  If it can be repaired - how might I be able to find a workshop that can do this for us?  ALso can I purchase a replacement - I cannot find any supplier who is selling new units today???

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    • jimbuchanruach
      Dale_M Please go to the link attached, find your location and inquire with the official Behringer service centre for a non warranty repair.
      • Jul 24
    • jimbuchanruach
      Nigel67 Hi jimbuchanruach. You could try a factory reset. Press and hold the "EMPHASIS" and "COPY" buttons together while powering the unit on. This will delete any settings that you have stored inside the unit
      • Jul 25
      • Ultramatch Pro - stopped working
        jimbuchanruach Thanks for this - I could not find any factory reset information - useful to know.
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        • Jul 26
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    I am looking for a device that I can use the SPDIF in/outs on my UMC1820.  I was wondering if I can use an SRC2496 converter.  

    NOTE:  I am also running an ADA8200 - so I have 8 channels using the lightpipe cable.  I would like to get access to the two SPDIF inputs as well.  Can the UMC1820 utilize both the lightpipe and the SPDIF at the same time?  I see conflicting information between chat groups and the UMC1820 documentation.

    Thank you

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    • TheSingingDrumr
      NicJonesMT Hi there.
      You should be able to use them at the same time.
      The SPDIF ins run on channel 9 and 10, and the optical is on 11 - 18.
      If you are having any issues please click support at the top of the page and submit a technical support ticket.
      • Jun 23
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    Please i need help on my system

    1. I recently got a UMC1820 with ADA 8200. I have 2 toslink cables connected from in of one to out of the other on both device with the ADA 8200 set at slave in but still coul not get my ADA working.


    2. The driver does not recorninse all the channels and I had to swith, please can you help?

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    • p1a2p3a
      Nigel67 Hi p1a2p3a. Can you confirm that the sync LED on the ADA8200 is green? You say that it isn't working. Are you describing the ADAT signal to the UMC1820 or the AD8200 is not working at all even in stand alone mode, i.e if you input signal in the front you are not getting any Line Out signal from the rear? Are the signal LEDs lighting? You have the UMC1820 connected to a computer running a DAW. Are you seeing the UMC inputs in the DAW, or no signal to the DAW at all? You mention that the driver does not see all the channels and you had to switch. What did you switch to? Have you checked that the clocks are all set up correctly. I think to be honest, this would be easier to answer if you raised a Technical Support ticket. This can be done by clicking on the support tab at the top of the page. A new window will open. Scroll down and click on the Technical Support tab and submit a ticket.
      • May 22
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    goodmorning comunity

    i have a problem with a u-phoria umc1820 and ultracurve pro when i listen audio with optical fiber connection in mode spdif and play project with logic pro or reason 11 i lister more click and pop in my monitor , how i do solve this problem?

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    • Fabius
      Dale_M Have you tried changing the optical cables and blowing out the ports with air? If the problem still remains please raise a Technical ticket via the Support tab.
      • May 9
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    I have a Behringer X32 mixer that we been using for a few years, we recently integrated the P16 personal monitors and they worked quite well for a while. 

    All of the sudden one day we booted the mixer and everything seem to start normal. However we soon discovered that our P16's were powered up but no sound were coming form the mixer to our P16.

    We troubleshooted with everything on hand, and concluded our Ultranet port either has stopped working or a software driver became corrupted and is no longer functioning. 

    My question is if is possible to replace the Ultranet jack and how easy is to do so ourselves. Does anyone have a place that sells that part or will I have to send it in for repair?

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    • KelbinP20
      Dale_M Hi there, it may be best to raise a Technical ticket from the Support tab first, if we can't progress any further we can always advise on a non warranty repair, we do not advise end users try and perform rework as there is the risk of damage and it is likely to not actually be the port at failure, I hope this helps.
      • May 5
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