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    Hi all,

    I noticed that it seems like there is no MIDI signal generated when changing layers using the layer buttons on the controler.
    Is there a way to either detect layer changes caused by the layer buttons on the controler (before another MIDI message unique to the new layer is send), or set feedback (like letting the LED of a button blink or setting the led ring behaviour) based on the active layer ?

    This would be useful in order to give visual feedback to the user on states of functions which might get changed externally (e.g. on another controler or in a GUI), if the same physical control has different functions (and therefore different states) on different layers of the controler.

    I am using firmware 1.12 (according to X-TOUCH Editor 1.21), using the factory preset for standard midi operation. I send and recieve MIDI messages using a python wrapper for rtmidi on Windows 10.


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    • ebosseck
      PedroRodrigues Hi ebosseck to configure the button layers on the X-TOUCH have you tried to perform the following MIDI implementation :

      The Layer A and Layer B files assign the controls on the X-TOUCH to MIDI Commands
      Default layer files are provided on the product resources disk, or you can customize your own.

      Please note the layer files must match the map file that you load in DashBoard.
      Connect the X-TOUCH to the server.
      Launch the X-TOUCH Editor application that came with your controller.
      Click the GLOBAL tab.
      Click LOAD in the PRESETS ON COMPUTER area and click Yes.
      Select the X-TOUCH-LayerA####.bin file and click Open.
      Wait for the file to be loaded and click Close on the success dialog box.
      Click Dump A in the TO HARDWARE area.
      Click Yes to start the upload and Close on the success dialog box.
      Repeat these steps to load the X-TOUCH-LayerB####.bin file and click Dump B. In the case of this not working please submit an assistance request so we can assit you with more tools by following the link below : . Thank you
      • Apr 21
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    While working on a programm in order to be able to use the Behringer X-Touch Compact remotely with OBS, I noticed that when remote controling the button LEDs, the LED will not turn on if I send the message [145, 0, 1] (Note On, Channel 1, Note no. 0, velocity 1), as it should according to the quick start guide. On the other hand, when I send [145, 0, 2] (Note On, Channel 1, Note no. 0, velocity 2), the LED turns on, as it should according to the manual for velocity = 1. I was able to witness the same off-by-one error for setting the LED to blink.

    Is there a off-by-one error in the user guide or am I missing something ?

    I am using firmware 1.12 (according to X-TOUCH Editor 1.21), using the factory preset for standard midi operation. I send MIDI messages using a python wrapper for rtmidi on Windows 10.



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    Hi, I have an X-Touch One for evaluation with Cakewalk by BandLab. It works pretty nice in MC Std mode but I'd like to change the mapping of some keys to have access to FLIP and SEND.

    So I switched to MC user mode but noticed that the DAW navigation behaves differently, although no mapping was changed so far. (The Assign feature displays the same name as labelled, for each button.)

    After more detailed investigation it is obvious that the Channel> and <Channel button use different events in MC Std compared to MC user.
    with MC user: Channel> = C#3 (49), <Channel = C3 (48)
    with MC Std: Channel> = C#1 (25) on 1st push, then D1 (26), D#1 (27), ..., G1 (31). With each push the note value is increased, up to 8 times. This corresponds to the 8 channels in the fader bank.
    Similarily, <Channel decreases from F#1 (30) to C1 (24).


    1. Why do the mappings of MC Std and MC user differ?
    2. How can I get the navigation behaviour of MC Std with different mappings on keys F1 to F6?

    Thanks for your help!


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    • juba
      juba It looks like MC Std mode sends "Select" button events (24 ... 31) whereas MC user mode actually sends "< Channel" (48) or "Channel >" (49) button events.
      MC Std mode seems to keep a counter which is the currently selected channel (1..8) to emulate the 8 faders of the MCU.
      • Apr 20
    • juba
      NicJonesMT Hi Juba,
      Could you please submit a technical support ticket and from there we can gather some more information from you on how you have the XT setup with Bandlab and look into this further.
      Thank you!
      • Apr 22
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    Somethings wrong with my Unit. I use it on Nuendo/Cubase. The fader and a number of buttons were not functioning. I was searching for a hard reset but found none. The Firmware started with V1.04 then upgraded to V1.07 but it will not update to V1.08. HELP!!!

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    • Psalmer
      ChrisEdwards1 Hi Psalmer, if you have not yet done so I would recommend submitting a Technical support ticket so we may gather some further information on your setup/the issue. This can be done by going to support at the top of the page and scrolling down to the Technical support tab.
      • Apr 19
    • Psalmer
      Psalmer Already did. They said there is a problem with my unit. I wish there is a hard reset on this.
      • Apr 24
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    I have a X Touch and the Ethernet Port is not working to be able to connect to our XR18. I updated it to the newest firmware after we discovered that it wasn't working. The activity light blinks on for a brief second after plugging in a cable and then immediately turns back off.


    Any ideas?

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    • jeremycables
      DavidKnighton Hello jeremycables,
      Please click on the SUPPORT tab and enter a TECH SUPPORT ticket into our system. This item may require service.
      • Apr 17
      • X Touch Ethernet not Working
        jeremycables I have done that. Waiting on a response.
        • Apr 19
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    Hi, I have a couple of questions, I use Cubase Pro 10.5 and the full version of XTouch:

    1. Does the Xtouch editor work with XTouch or only X-touch One / compact etc? 

    2. How do I activate the use of the footswitch (1/4") to punch in/out? In other responses it has been noted that other units (one / compact) need to be placed into midi mode in order to work. This would remove the normal cubase compatibility functions under the MC protocol which I wish to retain. 

    3. When selecting a bank of 8 channels which are not displayed on-screen (if there are a large number of channels) using the fader bank function on the XTouch, the screen in Cubase does not follow the selection of the next bank without pressing the select button for the last channel in the new bank of 8. When it is pressed the next bank of 8 channels come in to view. Is there a way to edit the function of the XTouch so that the view in Cubase follows the selection of the new bank on the XTouch?

    4. When scrolling through the plug in list using the rotary encoder (plug-in button selected) the list jumps through plug-ins in groups of 4 or 5, this means that many plugins are not selectable from the XTouch plug in settings. Is there a way to make the encoder scroll through the plugins one by one?

    5. The Xtouch One has overlay templates showing the different button assignments for different DAWs is this available for the XTouch?

    Kind regards


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    • LittleBearNoise
      DaveMorrison For Questions 1-4: The X-Touch is not programmable. It's a clone of a Mackie Control (plus a mode to connect to X/M mixers). The buttons and controls have fixed MIDI note/controller assignments and can't be changed. The DAW, in your cases Cubase, has to act on the information that it receives (and also sends). Everything is controlled/configured by Cubase. You'll probably have better luck by going to the Cubase forum and search for MCU.
      Question 5. Yes, templates have been made by third party suppliers. There are links to them somewhere in the bowels of this forum. I haven't had any luck searching for them (it's one of the many problems with this forum/site/disaster area ; ) ).
      • Apr 14
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    I have a problem. Just got a brand new X-Touch with a brand new HP Envy completely updated and I cannot even see the X-Touch as a Midi input. Therefore, I could not update the firmware because it is not seen by the program. However, it is weird that I can see it in the Device manager under audio devices. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

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    • caferrer
      gethindavies The same thing has happened to me. Bought brand new off of Thomman a few weeks back and the LCD won't show anything at all. There is nothing online to help. I'm completely stuck!
      • Apr 12
      • X-Touch with Windows 10 - not working
        caferrer Thank you for replying. I hope someone out here can help us.
        • Apr 12
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    Hello. Is it possible to use X-touch Extender with X-touch One?

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    • Olenga
      PedroRodrigues Hi Olenga please consider that the X-TOUCH EXTENDER was designed to work and an extension of the X-TOUCH and the X-TOUCH ONE was designed to work as one fader control to offer a smaller solution to control your DAW, never the less it may be possible to implement both unit considering that you may have duplicated functionalities on each. To assist you on this matter please check this video guide present on the link below
      • Apr 26
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    Hi just purchase xtouch ( 8 channel ). I have upgraded to the latest version of Cubase 11 pro and updated the firmware to the latest one on the website. 1.2.1.


    Alot of the buttons are not working.

    Click track button

    Had to program it using function keys.

    Utility save , undo

    marker track

    midi track, input, audio track, aux , busses, ouyputs, user buttons all not working

    solo button not working

    drop button not working


    Is there a new firmware update being created so this product will actually work with daw programs



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    • AcrobatStar
      DaveMorrison Unless you have a Ryzen processor, there seems to be no reason to upgrade to 1.21. I haven't yet because all the posts on this forum have been negative regarding 1.21. Of course that means nothing and I really ought to try. I'm still sticking with 1.15 though. The X-touch is a clone of the Mackie Control and it works very well (at least in Logic Pro). However, all the functionality is provided by the host DAW. MCU mode generally has more support than HUI. I bet the Cubase forum will provide you more information on Mackie Control support than this site.
      • Apr 7
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    Hi My Xtouch is not working .

    I upgraded to the latest firmware 1.21.   1.04


    Showing looking for i.p adresss.

    Is there a reset for this product

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    • AcrobatStar
      DaveMorrison Changing modes is a type of reset. It looks like your Xtouch is waiting for a IP address to be sent from a DHCP server. What mode are you in? Reloading 1.21 or Downgrading to 1.15 would be another option.
      • Apr 4
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