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    Does anyone know how to do a factory reset on X-Touch One?

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    • JBG7
      Nigel67 Hi JBG7. There is no factory reset for the X Touch One. I can only suggest trying to upgrade the firmware again and if that does not fix your issue it could well be hardware related. I would advise then submitting a Technical Support ticket and a colleague will be able to help you further. This can be done by clicking on the support tab at the top of the page. A new window will open. Scroll down and click on the Technical Support tab and submit a ticket. Many thanks
      • Dec 4
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    I recently picked up an X-Touch One for use in Cakewalk. It worked for a few days and then stopped. Now when I plug it into the USB the system reads "Unknown USB Device (Set Address Failed)".

    I am using a fairly new PC with Win 10 and an AMD Ryzen 5 cpu.

    I brought it in to work and hooked it up to my work PC and it seemed to be OK. MidiOx was able to talk to it and I was able to update the firmware (V1.08). But on my actual system at home, no joy.

    Any suggestions?

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    I am new here and hoping some of you can help me with thoughts/advise on using the X-Touch (8 fader) controller with Reaper. I am considering buying this controller. I am running the latest version of Reaper on a Mac Mini that is running the latest (Monterey) OS. I've heard rumers of the faders being very loud when running automation. Is there a Reaper overlay for the 8 channel X-Touch? I saw a video showing an overlay for the X-Touch One and the setup looked very simple. Are there any issues I should be concerned with? Thanks!

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    • billyg
      NicJonesMT Hi BillyG.
      Unfortunately the overlays are for the XT1 only, however there are a few third party companies that sell these for the full size model.

      With regard to Fader noise, Personally I dont think they are that loud. There is a motorised noise however i dont find it obtrusive or distracting.

      The best thing I can recommend would possible be to look on youtube at user reviews or people actually using the controller.
      • Nov 21
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    The additional menu does not work too.

    When I try to connect to USB the display shows "UP 1.21 Err". Without USB it also shows "UP 1.21 Err".

    While upgrading firmware, the display shows "UP 60 08", the mute button is lit on channel 1.

    I have the same results on the computer with an Intel processor and on the computer with Rayzen processor.

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    My X-touch with FW 1.21 works well controlling an X32 over a local network connection. And I can control an off-premises X32 remotely with the X-Edit software.

    Now I need the X-Touch to talk with X-Edit, which should work in MC /USB mode. However while the faders work, the button mapping is all over the place making it unusable. This happens in MC/USB mode even with a local X32.

    Has anyone here been able to get this to work?


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    I recently got an X-Touch One to use with Logic Pro X. When I first plugged it in everything was working well, except that the fader wasn't controlling the selected track. After doing some research, I found out that there was new firmware to fix that. I updated and that solved the original issue, but know the Pan Knob doesn't seem to functino at all. None of the indicator lights will turn on and it won't control panning on the active channel.

    Does anyone have any insight about what might be happening here?


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    • JackDarling
      PedroRodrigues Hi JackDarling, thank you fo r your post, in this case I would suggest to check the video guide present on the link below: Thank you
      • Oct 30
      • X-Touch One - Pan Knob not working in Logic Pro X
        JackDarling Thanks Pedro, I followed the manufacturer's instructions to set up the device properly. As I said, panning was working until I updated the firmware (which I had to do to fix another feature that wasn't working).
        • Nov 2
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    I'm connecting the X-touch Extender to an Akai Force and using it in MIDI mode. Is there anyway that I can change the internal MIDI Recieve parameters? I want to the button light on/off to respond to CC messages instead of Note on/off with Velocity. For example, I want to turn on the button light for the first mute button. Can I change it from responding to Note-On Velocity 127 to CC 1 Value 127? Basically I can't send back the correct message to turn the light; the Midi Learn on the Force only lets me send CC to a MIDI track. Mapping inputs is no problem, but the button lights don't toggle the way you would expect. With some guidance I could update the firmware with to change the internal params.

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    • cbarnes
      DaveMorrison The Extender has no programmability. The assignments are fixed for whichever mode you are in. If the Akai can't send the message the X-touch expects to see, you would need some device in between to translate.
      • Oct 23
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    I have a Behringer X-Touch One that when plugged in either causes S1 to freeze when it starts, or the device connection constantly disconnects when using control buttons or when using the S1 editor (usually when changing track selection or adding a new track). The latter situations always causes S1 to eventually crash.

    I have tested the X-Touch One in S1 4 on this PC and it works fine. I have also tested it on another PC with S1 5 and Windows 10 and it works there as well.

    The difference with the affected PC seems to be an upgrade to Windows 11. The device worked fine on this PC with S1 5 prior to the upgrade.

    Firmware is 1.07; the 1.08 doesn't apply to me as I don't have an AMD processor

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    Hi All:

    Just got my X-Touch One yesterday. First thing I did was upgrade the firmware (to 1.07). I see that when I switch the fader to Master, the LCD turns off. Is that right? I would have assumed it would change to Master instead of turning off. Just checking.

    Thanks for humoring a noob...

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    I am using an X-Touch with a XR18

    Updated my brand new X-Touch from 1.12 to 1.21
    Used MIDI-OX

    After reboot all my faders fly to the top as soon as a channel is adjusted on my XR18.
    They won't move back unless I pull them down.
    All other controls seem to work normal

    I am using X-Air 1.7

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    • ToddClemmer

      I am having the same problem. My setup is X-Touch connected to an X32 core in XCTL mode connected over Ethernet. EVERY fader on the X-Touch will fly to the top of it's travel as soon as a the fader is changed on the front panel of the X32 Core or in X32 Edit. Also, the faders will not move unless I manually pull them back down. I am connected to the X-Touch as my scribble strips populate and other functions work. I just really need the faders to work !!!! This is a brand new X-Touch also running 1.21.

      • Dec 3
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