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    Does anyone know how to preogram the function buttons using Pro Tools?

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    I've been looking for something to replace my DAW transport remote since it was made obsolete by a Mac OS update a few years ago. I've just come across the Behringer X-TOUCH MINI Midi Controller and it looks like a good candidate for the job, but my problem is this...

    My live room where I want to use the remote is separated from my control room by a sealed soundproof "Room within a room" structure. I already tried the Logic Remote using a borrowed iPad and the wi-fi signal is too weak to run it successfully. Not only that, since it is Apple's fault that my old remote no longer works, there is no way I'm gonna fork out £hundreds for an iPad!

    Whilst the
    Behringer X-TOUCH MINI Midi Controller appears to have more than enough functions for my needs, Amazon have told me that it will only work on USB2. My problem is that I have one USB connection sealed into the wall, but it is a 10metre standard cable, so it doesn't work. They didn't warn me of the length issue when they installed it. The only other way I have to get the signal to my DAW is to use USB to Ethernet converters and use my ethernet link that is also sealed into the live room.

    So I need to know whether the controller will work with either...
    A> Some USB booster plugs on either end of the USB cable, or
    B> Using the ethernet link with USB adaptors on both ends.

    Any ideas?


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    So I have a xTouch (full version) and 3 xTouch Extenders. They are connected via USB to each other (daisy-chained). I am trying to use them in Logic, but the 3 extenders are showing up with the same name inside of Logic and the software does not know what to do with it. The 3 extenders pick up the channels correctly in logic (channels 9 thru 32), but the 1st extender (2nd in the chain) keeps controlling all 3 extenders (i.e. channel 9 controls 9, 17, 25 etc...). But extenders 2 and 3 do not do anything if I move them.

    Is there a way to rename the extenders so that Logic seems them as separate units?

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    • JesseBusby
      DaveMorrison Someone on this forum has solved this issue before. You might be able to search for it. As I recall, they connected all (or most) of the units via ethernet instead.
      • Jul 20
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    i have behringer x touch mini, but i can't get xtouch mini editor software for mac os users. where can i get it?

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    Hello, I've purchased a used BCF2000, the problem is when in zero position, the 1st fader is slightly below the rest of the fader.

    I've tried run the calibration use method: turn off > hold learn button > turn on > release learn button, but the problem is still there.

    Is there any physical adjustment to the fader, to align with the rest fader?

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    good afternoon, can i use an eero pro or apple airport router to sync a x32 rack with an x-touch?

    I follow all the steps with dhcp, but it doesn't sync. with any tp-link they work fine


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    Just got my new X-touch. Plugged it in and powered up, but nothing happens (only the jog dial lights up its white ring). Any suggestions to try?

    Hoping I can fix it with something simple (factory reset maybe?) before I return it to Amazon.



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    • shibiwan
      Nigel67 Hi shibiwan, please can you try upgrading the unit following the video link If that doesn't work and the unit is under 30 days old then contact Amazon and request a doa replacement.
      • Jul 17
      • New X-Touch not working?
        shibiwan No luck. The display doesn't even light up when I try the upgrade process.

        Back to Amazon it goes...
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        • Jul 17
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    After e-mailing Behringer numerous times and not getting a reply (customer service really sucks) I've decided to ask the group. Has anyone managed to convert the X-touch to run off 12V DC?

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    • BalRayat
      DavidKnighton Hello BalRayat,
      Are you emailing directly or are you submitting inquiries via the SUPPORT tab? You can't email support directly with new inquiries, you must first submit the inquiry via the SUPPORT page. Also, check your SPAM/JUNK folders as often is the case when you don't hear from the support team. As for running the X-Touch off of 12V DC, that would be extremely difficult to pull off. You would have to isolate the 120V AC SMPSU circuit and find where the DC voltage branches off to the rest of the system. It appears that the majority of the system runs off 5V and 3.3V DC, since the whole device is just data/control mechanisms and there's no audio opamp circuitry.
      • Jul 13
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    Anyone know if you can buy new overlays for the x touch one as a spare part?


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    Really guy's? no edit software for Mac?, only windows? come on,.... what market are you aiming for....



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