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    Hi, I just bought X-Touch Compact. On the internet I found only a quick start guide, and on YouTube there are no videos with detailed explanations. Is there a complete guide for setting up the Compact with Cubase? I need to use it with the faders mapped via Behringer's Editing Software. What I need is to create a preset where the 8 faders control the CC11 on 8 different channels (this is just an example). I created this preset but I can't get it to work. Among other things, if I use the standard mode in the software I can map everything, but in MC mode I can't. But unfortunately I can't find a guide or tutorial (even video). Can anyone help me? Thanks.

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  • 2020-10-27


    Until last week this unit used to somehow work with LOGIC PRO. 

    I am in the MC mode, Logic never automatically scanned and found the unit. 

    There is absolutely no information on which CONTROLLER profile one should install as a surrogate unit. 

    So, i chased the rabbit with MACKIE units listed there and found something that works with the basic operations of transport, faders and panning. Disappointingly, i couldn't dig deeper because there is no info none whatsoever on how to configure. 

    Behringer has a bunch of videos for XTOUCH which has nil to do with this unit, so all that's available out there is sadly irrevelant. 

    Anyway, here is what's happening. 

    I link the unit to Logic. 

    But the faders are constantly keeping up and keep on pushing up, causing a type of clicking sound, when you move one fader down, it instantly jumps back up to the top position and starts the weird glitch as if it wants to jump out of its grove. 

    All tracks do this. 

    I looked for the firmware update however all i can download from the site is this file XTouch_Compact_Boot_Main_Test_Merge_V1.12.bin – and it doesn't open in a mac. There is no read me file or folder structure either. Filename suggests a mishap on Behringer. 

    Thanks to anyone who may have any suggestions. 



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  • 2020-10-26

    Hi. Can somebody tell me if I can connect a UMC1820 into Cubase and then use an Xtouch to control each channel

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    • Steve Redmond
      David Knighton Hello Steve Redmond,
      The X-Touch and Cubase software are compatible. The UMC 1820 would simply be incidental to the setup, meaning it's not required but it's there anyways. Here's a link that you might find useful.
      • Mon at 3:42 PM
    • Steve Redmond
      Steve Redmond Thanks for the reply David. Using the external 1820 would allow me to input several different instruments.( mics, guitars etc ) and put them onto their own channel. From there I could mix externally using the Xtouch. Am I on the right track or is there another setup I could use. Thanks again
      • Mon at 3:56 PM
  • 2020-10-21

    Hi all,

    In Reaper, you have the ability to hide tracks in your mixer that you may not be using to mix, for example, midi tracks that output to other channels.  If I hide them in Reaper's mixer, the XTouch one still selects them as I use the Channel buttons.  Is there a setting I can use/configure, to have the XTouch one ignore/skip hidden tracks?

    Easier still, simply follow the tracks as they're laid out on screen?  In Reaper, you can mix with folders, and certain views allow you to move all of the folders to the LEFT of the mixer.  However the XT1 simply rolls through the channels as if nothing has moved.

    I hope this is clear, and I appreciate any help you can offer.  Thanks!

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    • David Novin
      David Knighton Hi David Novin,
      I'm not too familiar with Reaper, but my guess here is that when hiding the track, it's not actually removing it from the virtual mix desk. I.e. the track is still there, you just can't see it. With this in mind, the X Touch is only relaying the data that Reaper is portraying. Since the hidden track is technically still there, the X Touch is going to display it regardless, since it has no logic in the sense of hidden tracks. What I would suggest is moving these hidden tracks to the far end of your virtual mix desk so that they are all clustered together and out of the way.
      • Oct 21
  • 2020-10-21

    Hi everyone,  

    I apologize if this has already been answered, but I searched and didn't see an answer.  

    I have the XTouch One, and I'm having a GREAT time with it.  However there is a feature I thought would be automatic that doesn't seem to exist, or I simply don't know how to configure it.

    When I use the Channel buttons on the XTouch One, it moves and controls the tracks in the mixer without issue.  However, if i select a track in Reaper, I was expecting the XTouch One to "jump" to that track, but it does not.  This seems like an oversight, or something that is "Wrong" in my eyes.  Having only one fader, it makes sense that the XT1 would jump to the selected track to help with workflow.

    Is there a setting I'm missing, or something I haven't done correctly to make this happen?


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  • 2020-10-11

    Hi folks, since the so called virus pandemic started I have taking on the task of upgrading my studio. Finally and the last item to replace is my old trusted Yamaha 01x digital mixer/audio interface. I had upgraded my audio interface options with a Sapphire Liquid 56 some years ago but still used the 01x as a control surface and use the audio interface when 48kHz is adequate which to be honest is most of the time since I added the ADA8200 to the Liquid and that reduces the sample rate to 48kHz as default anyway when switched on.

    SO my question is simple, my 01x has lasted me 15 years since I bought it new when it first came out. What has your experience been using the x32, reliability and integration with Windows 10 and the Studio One DAW software?I was somewhat surprised that the search engine come up with ZERO reference to the X32 using Windows 10 or Studio One? also a bit worrying




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    • stewart hannah
      David Knighton Hello stewart hannah,
      I can't speak to having any experience using Studio One and X32, but you may want to check the Presonus forums, as they have some existing threads on the topic. Music Tribe community threads are still very young.
      • Oct 13
  • 2020-10-08

    Hi all,

    I reckon X-Touch Extender is amazing as a standalone DAW controller product - with clear, fast VUs and track displays, responsive buttons and clear LEDs. Nothing in the physical design I would even suggest could be improved - certainly not for its price.

    But.. how disappointing that the background colour aspect of track name display (such a stand-out aspect of product photos) was restricted to XCtrl protocol and seemingly can't be addressed in HUI or MCU modes.

    I know neither of those protocols officially use colour for track name displays, but couldn't a MIDI message as an extension provide a way to set the colours when in MCU or HUI modes?

    It seems "hobbled" as it is, to not be able to use a distinctive feature in those modes.

    Could it be added with firmware update? (Actually.. how does one update the firmware without an X-Touch main unit present? :D )

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    • Drew White
      Dave Morrison Your assessment is correct in my opinion. You can send color via MIDI messages. Here is a link that Will O"Brian send me some time ago for a utility that might help. It's a python script. It thought this was the utility that also had the color documentation, but that might not be the case. The information is out there somewhere. I suppose you could capture the MIDI stream when it's in XCtl mode also.
      "(Actually.. how does one update the firmware without an X-Touch main unit present? :D )". Are you asking about the Extender?
      • Oct 7
      • X-Touch (+ Extender) track display colour support
        Dave Morrison FIRMWARE UPDATE
        To show the current firmware version, hold down the channel 1 REC button while you turn on the power switch.
        Check our website’s X-TOUCH EXTENDER product page for any firmware updates. If there is a firmware version later than the currently-loaded firmware, download the new file onto your host computer.
        To enter the firmware update mode, hold down the channel 8 REC button while you turn on the power switch. The REC button will blink during update mode. The new firmware can be dumped via USB. Follow the instructions in the firmware file.
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        • Oct 16
  • Hi. Is there any way to setup the Function keys of the Behringer x-touch to control some of the commands of the Protools? Any hope of future updates that will include Eucon protocol or more funtionality of this control surface with Protools?

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    • Alfonso Jesus Alvarez
      Pedro Rodrigues Hi Alfonso , to set up fnction keys on the X-touch to be used on Pro tools you will have to do the following: First, you will need to set up the X-Touch in HUI mode.
      1. Power off the X-touch.
      2. Press and hold the Select button on channel 1.
      3. With the Select button held down, turn the X-Touch on. Wait for the X-touch to power up before releasing the Select button.
      4. Turn the knob on channel 1 to select HUI (default) or Mackie Control.
      5. Turn the knob on channel 2 to select the connection type: USB or MIDI.
      6. Press the Select button for channel 1 and power cycle the X-Touch.

      Next, open the Setup menu in Pro Tools and choose Peripherals. Set it up according to the picture below
      • Oct 8
  • 2020-10-06

    how I can properly set X-TOUCH ONE on Reason 11?

    it looks not working properly, I can't move through different channels and have quickly access to volume fader control 

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  • 2020-10-02

    Hello. I am interested in purchasing a Behringer X-Touch One or X-Touch Compact. But I absolutely need to know one thing. Is it possible, in both models, to map the Faders so that they become midi controllers, instead of volume controllers? That is, can I assign a midi controller, such as CC1 (modwheel) or CC11 (expression), etc. to the Fader of the X-touch One and those of the Compact? I work with Cubase Pro 9.5 and 10.5. Thanks a lot.

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      Leah from Music Tribe Hello @TheEngraver ,

      If you're looking for customizable controls, you'll want to use either the X-TOUCH COMPACT or X-TOUCH MINI. Both of these devices are compatible with our X-TOUCH Editor software. The software will allow you to customize the assigned CC and PC messages that each button/fader/encoder will send out to your DAW.

      The X-TOUCH, X-TOUCH ONE, and X-TOUCH EXTENDER are not customizable and are compatible with MCU, HUI, and XCTRL protocols.

      X-TOUCH MINI -

      Hope this helps!
      • Oct 2
      • X-touch One and Compact mapping fader
        CORRADO LOFFREDI Ouff.....i was hoping on the One.... Ok, many thanks! :-)
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        • Oct 2
      • X-touch One and Compact mapping fader
        CORRADO LOFFREDI Hi Leah. So, I've been looking for products similar to X-Touch One, but none of them have the ability to map single fader to drive MIDI CCs. So I looked for products similar to the X-Touch Compact. I had found a couple, especially one (from a company I will not mention) that from the description, from the operating manual, and from the videos on youtube, allowed to configure the 9 faders in the way I need. But then several recent comments on the videos reported complaints from users that they couldn't do it. I literally collided with the technical support of this company, which showed incompetence, lack of seriousness, and unfairness, since they do not mention the fact that with the recent firmware updates, the software to map the commands no longer allows this thing. So I decided to send them to hell and only consider the X-Touch Compact. But I have to be sure to spend money having the product that meets my needs, so I ask you: can you confirm that with the Compact I can configure the faders to control all the MIDI CCs and not just the volume (in Cubase Pro 9.5 and 10.5)? Are there any problems with the latest firmware updates in this regard? And above all (since it is a product that is now a few years old), is the release of a new version of the Compact planned in a more or less short time? Thanks a lot.
        • Oct 15
      • X-touch One and Compact mapping fader
        CORRADO LOFFREDI Hi Leah. Could I please have an answer? Thanks a lot.
        • Oct 21
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