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  • luchenbe
    Contributor - Level 1

    Hi, I use the DCX2496 PC software to control 2 daisy-chained DCX-es, the first connected via RS-232 to a PC running Windows 10 and an RS-485 link between the first and the second DCX. This works fine if I use a PC with a normal serial port, but on recent  notebooks without a serial port it does only see the first DCX when used with a USB-serial converter (I tried 2) . This is for both the older version of the DCX as for the latest generation. Maybe the DCX2496 terminal software does not work correctly with such adapters ? Is there a solution to this annoying problem or can Behringer adapt the terminal software (I use version 1.16a) so that it would work with such a setup?

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  • Buchanfarmer
    Contributor - Level 1

    I have an MDX 4400 from brand new but I can’t find the documentation of how to use it.

    serial no - M0132161043, date code -109.

    please where can I find the docs to download?

    thanks, Doug.

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  • Jsobhani
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    I have some issues with the effect board on this unit and need to know how I can get hold of anothre board so I can replace this broken one. Thanks.

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