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  • jeronath
    Contributor - Level 2

    Hi everybody,

    I am trying to find the last firmware update for my TC-Helicon VoiceLive Extreme 3 serial no 17735736. As I have read on a recent post it seems to be the build 366. I am a Linux user so I cannot use the voicesupport software existing for Win and Mac and need to download a file to make the update via an usb key.

    Somebody knows where to get that file ?

    Thanks in advance for your support.


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  • DB-4433
    Contributor - Level 2

    FX 2000 New guy here ... thank you for your patience ...

    I'm using an acoustic guitar with a pickup.  I'm finding that when I play with some volume and finger pick, if I pluck the fifth-string A (440) the sound is loud and clear - but it keeps on going WAY too long.  This is only with the A string.  I'd like it to sound and then not really continue ringing for sixty seconds or more ... Would this be done through an EQ or a Compressor?  Suggestions on settings?



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    Contributor - Level 1

    I have just come upon the 'Duplicator.' I own the Harmony Singer 2 and I would appreciate it if someone who has or is using both would give me some information as to 'why' I might add the 'Duplicator' to my inventory. I also own a 'Mic Mechanic 2' as well as the Voice Live and VoiceLive Touch. I am 75 and have been playing since almost before electricity. I play acoustic 'enhanced guitar and other stringed instruments. Being 'plugged in' is a relatively new experience or me, but I love it and am an Ardent TC-Helicon user and owner. I  would appreciate your info. THANKS, Adriaan

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      Hey GeorgiaDreamer,

      Well, I'm not sure if you have the first Voicelive Touch or one of the later iterations, but a Voicelive 2 could replicate almost all of those pedals at once. So, if you have a Voicelive 2, it might be redundant. But there's additional benefits of the device being smaller, newer, and dedicated to doing that one effect. 

      If you have a very specific set you are planning, it could be much simpler and easier to use the three pedals rather than navigating through the Voicelive Menu system while performing. Additionally, what the Harmony Singer does is quite similar to the duplicator, but it's important to note that the Harmony Singer pedal can't emulate the Duplicator.

      Harmony Singer will double your voice, but it will take those additional voices and modify the octave up or down. There is no option for unison mode, where the octave doesn't change. That's where the Duplicator comes in. It has EQ and compression built in, just like all of our pedals, so you're voice will sound better whether you use the effect or not. But, the Duplicator adds two more voices and lets you keep it at unison mode, send the voices up 1 and down 1 octave, or slightly shift the mode between octaves and unison until you find the right balance for you. Lastly, there is some pitch correction and reverb built into the duplicator, so there is some redundancy with the Mic Mechanic, but if you plug into the Mechanic first, then the duplicator or Singer, you shouldn't have any issues. 

      Hope that helps!

      • January 21, 2020
  • crispernaki
    Contributor - Level 1


    I have a SpectraDrive, and I loved the compression so much, I picked up a SpectraComp so I could dig down into the settings and creat my own TonePrints.

    No matter what I do on the SpectraComp, I can't get rid of what sounds like clipping when plucking the strings agressively. There is no clipping when the SpectraComp is bypassed. There is no clipping when using the SpectraDrive ever.

    When comparing the two, I'm using the same amp, bass, cables, and power supply. Only swapping between the two pedals, and only using one pedal at a time. Tried almost all of the TonePrints.

    Have any of you had this issue? Is there a perhaps a problem with this particular SpectraComp? I submitted a support ticket, and am waiting to hear back, but it seemed like a good idea to ask around.


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    • crispernaki

      Hi Crispernaki


      I figure that you're using the right power supply for the pedal right? It might be, that the SpectraComp somehow came loaded with at TonePrint that distorts the signal. It does not usually come with that, but it might have been beamed in at the factory. 

      Please try to beam some of the TC TonePrints into the pedal via your Bass, and see if that changes anything for you. The Comp in SpectraDrive is based on SpectraComp, so they should definitely sound almost the same.

      Have a crack at it, and let me know if it works

      • January 20, 2020
  • bearaby
    Contributor - Level 3

    Perform V effects library - how are they created? How often are they updated? I have been using the Perform V on my main mic for karaoke singers and was considering getting another but may look for another product if the library is no longer going to be updated.

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    • bearaby

      Hi @bearaby , 

      The Perform V library hasn't been updated recently and likely won't be in the near future, as we're very focused on developing new products at TC Helicon. You may be interested in something in our Voicelive Play series, as these allow one to create presets easily and quickly, which would allow you to update your catalogue yourself. 

      Hope this helps, let me know if you have any further questions.  

      • January 16, 2020
  • Lydfabrikken
    Contributor - Level 1

    Does anybody know how to restore passwords for M6000 licenses?

    As I have changed battery in one of my mainframes, I have lost my license codes.

    Please help!

    Kind regards


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    • Lydfabrikken

      Hi Lydfabrikken,

      Please send me Your Mainframe serial and Restore Key in a PM

      All the best from


      • January 12, 2020
    • Lydfabrikken


       I have the same problem. I use the M6000 on an OB Van and lost the license after changing the battery. 

      unfortunatly I got no answer from [email protected] 

      hope you can help me



      • January 27, 2020
  • marcpinion
    Contributor - Level 1

    How many fx can you use at one time. If more than one are they serial or parallel. 

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    • marcpinion

      Any luck with this?  I'm interested in both an EQ and Compressor together.  Thanks!


      • January 20, 2020
    • marcpinion

      I am also trying to find this answer. For my new X2222usb mixer. Only one at a time, is that right? Unless  you choose a mix preset like #15 Delay-Reverb which is difficult to control. The delay (echo) goes on and on and I can't find a way to control it.

      Thanks for any help!

      • March 12, 2020
  • CEB
    Contributor - Level 1

    Hi I have a TC 6000 MK2, it says that the license have been destroyed and that we need to phone to get our license back. We are on a big show right now and we need our broadcast bundle. Can we call and give you the SN and get our license back??

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    • CEB

      Hi CEB,

      the support phone lines are unfortunately not available any longer and you have file a support request via the Community interface -> click on SUPPORT tab at the top of the page and then on "create ticket".

      Best regards,


      • January 8, 2020
    • CEB

      Hi CEB

      That is a unfortunately situation, but it happens and we will be here to help you resolve this matter.

      What you need to do first is to replace the 3 V  battery present on the Main Frame of your TC 6000 MKII.

      It is adviseble that the battery exchange is performed by someone who is confortable soldering or by a techician.

      Please see the link below to acess our network of partners and service centers:|en)

      After the battery is replaced you should power the unit on, please do power off the unit in any ocasion, then submit a request via via the Community interface -> click on SUPPORT tab at the top of the page and then on "create ticket".

      Provide the serial number for your Main Frame and the 16 digit restore present on your screen and we will reactivate your unit in no time.

      Please adress the assitance request submitted in my name so I can  deal with your request ASAP.

      Best Regards

      Pedro Rodrigues


      • January 8, 2020
    • CEB
      QQ8472626 我的也是这样的问题,已经申请了,请您查看下信息。谢谢
      • March 4, 2021
  • jankoppe1
    Contributor - Level 3

    Hi there.

    Was just using the DN9650+KTDANTE64 for the first time in conjunction with a Behringer Wing to bridge it into a Dante network.

    Just a simple question, as I find it a bit confusing: I noticed that from each AES50 cable only the first 24 channels have been mapped to Dante. I did route additional channels on the Wing on the first AES50 output, but they just did not arrive in Dante. I could not find any "routing" or "patch" menu that would change this behaviour. System was running at 48 kHz all the way.

    Is this just a hard limitation of the KTDANTE64, or some weird behaviour with the new Wing? Did I miss some option to change that behaviour? Having to use two AES50 ports for the amount of channels that a single AES50 port could handle worked this time as we only had a DL32 attached on the console, thus, two free ports available. In the future I will definitely add a Dante AoIP module to my personal Wing though.

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    • jankoppe1

      If you only get 24 channels then this suggests that the dn9650 operates at 96k.


      Are you using the dn9650 as the master clock and set to 48k. If not, then it is my understanding that it will up-sample to 96k.

      • January 2, 2020
    • jankoppe1

      Nope, all settings were at 48K, the AES clock was the master clock (coming from the wing, running at 48K).

      • January 3, 2020
    • jankoppe1


      I am not sure if the KT9650 is natively 96k, but what i can do is i will check if 9652 is able to do this solution. 

      Meaning to say AES50 card and Dante card on 9652. 

      I am waiting for my AES50 card to arrive and i will try this out if it works ok? 

      Hope to share more and learn more with you guys. 



      • May 8, 2020
  • midpres
    Contributor - Level 1

    how many open spots available for new sounds? anyone know?


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