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    I tried downloading the software for the Polytune 3 432hz and I had no luck getting my pedal to be recognized by my laptop. Need help.

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    • JefBodin
      NicJonesMT Hi JefBodin
      Please click support at the top of the page and submit a technical support ticket. We can then go through some trouble shooting steps with you to get this sorted.
      • May 24
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    Hello, someone would be kind enough to explain to me how I use my VL3X with my DAW via USB or MIDI (I don't know how it really is). I have a track with a dry voice and I want to give it some effects (especially the harmony) of my VL3X.
    At the moment I am using Cakewalk by Bandlab which is the same as any SONAR.
    Thanks in advance

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    • DavidDelemont
      PedroRodrigues Hi DavidDelemont Please be aware that VoiceLive 3 Extreme must be on the latest Firmware version.
      If you haven’t already, please use our VoiceSupport 2 application to update your VL3 to the latest available firmware.
      A USB audio connection is established through the USB-mini port in the back of your VoiceLive 3 connect that to your computer using the included USB cable, same as you would for a firmware update. User-added image. USB audio in VoiceLive 3 only supports 2 channels
      This means you unfortunately cannot do crazy multitracking with simultaneous separated auxiliary, backing track, stereo vocal, and stereo guitar channels. But we have included multiple modes for different uses to make the most of these 2 channels.
      There are three different input modes for VoiceLive 3 to receive USB audio from your computer, which are selectable in the Setup menu on the Input tab under the USB Mode parameter:

      STEREO USB audio from your computer is received with its panning intact, as a stereo signal. Incoming USB audio competes with the backing track player (Extreme only), and levels can be edited in the VoiceLive 3's "Mix" menu. USB output back to your computer is locked to a full stereo mix (wet vocals and wet guitar together)
      DAW TRACKING Incoming USB audio is stereo and one-way, as in VoiceLive 3 does not return the USB audio coming from your computer back into the computer
      DAW INSERT For applying VoiceLive 3's effects to dry audio from your computer. USB audio received from your computer is expected to be panned - audio panned left will go through VoiceLive 3s vocal path, and audio panned right will go through VoiceLive 3s instrument path

      There are also a couple output modes for how your VoiceLive 3 sends its audio (your vocal and guitar signals) into your computer, which are selectable in the Setup menu on the Output tab under the USB Output Mode parameter:

      STEREO USB audio output to your computer is a stereo mix of wet vocals and wet guitar
      SAME AS XLR The two left and right USB audio channels (1 and 2 respectively) sending to your computer mimic the two main XLR outputs from the VoiceLive 3
      DRY VOX L / GUITAR R Mono dry vocals are sent to your computer on channel 1, and mono dry guitar is sent to your computer on channel 2

      If you want to essentially use your VoiceLive 3 as a USB hardware plugin with your DAW, we recommend using the DAW INSERT input mode and the SAME AS XLR output mode, with the XLR Output Mode set to Dual Mono.
      With this setup, audio from your DAW panned left will be fed through VoiceLive 3s vocal path and back out wet in mono to channel 1, and audio from your DAW panned right will be fed through VoiceLive 3s guitar path and back out wet in mono to channel 2.
      On Windows machines, VoiceLive 3 is not compatible with ASIO drivers. We recommend using a native Windows driver like DirectSound, WaveOut, or Wasapi, which of the two gives you the lowest latency.
      If your VoiceLive 3 is not showing up as a selectable audio device in your DAW, please see this page.
      On Mac computers, VoiceLive 3 is class compliant and does not require additional drivers.
      Thank you
      • Mar 17
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    I submitted a ticked on the 4th of March about missing feet on the side of my Midas L6. It has been 4 days now and no response. I did receive the email stating a case had been created but that is it. I have checked spam folders as well and nothing. While my issue might not be a major issue it would be nice to get some sort of acknowledgement that they were looking into a resolution.

    This is my first time reaching out to this company for support. I have purchased and used Behringer products for years and never had a need to contact support. I have been a big fan as the products just worked!

    I have to say that this experience has made me nervous about continuing my journey with Behringer, Midas or any MusicTribe brands. It is a little uneasy knowing that support correspondence is so sparse. Granted I am only one tiny drop in the bucket of their customer base but in Googling this issue this seems to be a fairly common occurrence.

    Can someone please tell how long it usually takes to get some sort of response from support with actual help?





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    • ahowald
      Nigel67 Hi ahowald. I am sorry for the lack of response to your ticket. Can you give me your case number (begins with CAS) and I will look into it further for you.
      • Mar 8
      • Midas L6 missing side feet.. Support concerns.
        ahowald Nigel, did you get that case number I sent?
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        • Mar 10
    • ahowald
      ahowald Nigel, I'm posting this here as well as there seems to be two different threads between us... I did receive a response from someone giving me part numbers and prices. I replied asking that since the unit was purchased only a month or so ago should the replacement parts be covered under warranty. It has been 10 days since then and I have still not receive a reply. This has to be the worst customer service I have ever experienced! Do you think you could find some to respond to me in some sort of a timely manner? I realize the we are on opposite sides of the globe but this has become ridiculous! Thank you for your time.
      • Mar 21
    • ahowald

      • Apr 19
    • ahowald

      Nigel, I spoke with the parts person in Las Vegas and he stated he need to have the parts sent from the European warehouse to the US and then to me. Is the anyway to check on the status of where we are in this process?

      • Apr 19
    • ahowald

      It has now been 2 months since I first created the ticket for this issue. I noticed the case (CAS-428778-M5K5W9) was closed as "solved" on or around the 22nd of March. It is now May 4th and I still have not received any replacement parts. Can someone please give me an update on this? This is becoming a nightmare!! This has been the absolute worst customer service I have ever experienced! This is very much going to influence my purchases from all MusicTribe companies going forward.

      • May 4
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    Hi I'm using a lake lm44 and I  noticed on the Jbl file the JBL VTX S28 sub is only showing a Caridioid setting but not Regular setting I got the new software update on my computer  Version 7.0.4 & library V5:3 can anyone help me 

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    • devon51
      DavidKnighton Hello Devon,
      You can see in the module preset notes that Output 1 is the front fire sub and Output 2 is the rear. If you don't want cardioid config, simply don't use the 2nd output. Instead, go into the output assignments and configure output 2 to take input from the front fire config.
      • Feb 5
    • devon51
      devon51 Could u help me out step by step to set it up??
      • Feb 5
      • Jbl Vtx S28  regular setting
        DavidKnighton Hi Devon,
        If you are unsure how to configure the modules this far in, I would highly recommend some basic training before pressing on. Yes I could walk you step by step, but that's not going to help you in the long run, as this software is extremely thorough in terms of what can be achieved. I am going to provide you with links to our Lake training seminars so you can build confidence at a steady pace. Also, the Lake operator manual is bundled with the software and it is also very thorough. I strongly suggest giving it a glance around every corner. You can follow the file path here to find the manual on your C drive.
        C:\Program Files (x86)\Lake\Lake Controller v7.0.0\documents
        • Feb 5
    • devon51
      carolynperry this is really so good
      • May 26
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    Hi Everyone,

    I am a technophobe. I have a Behringer Crave, a Moogerfooger and a vintage Korg MS10: I want to get the Korg triggering the other two or vice-versa but I understand that I need a voltage processor to do this - is the Behringer+System+55+992 the correct item to achieve this ‘communication’ between the three items?



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    • MarkEason
      DavidKnighton Hello Mark,
      the 992 is basically a set of 4 in-line on/off switches as far as I can tell. Here's something I was able to find about the MS10: The MS-10's VCO uses linear voltage control (Hz/Volt) but note that V/oct scaling (−5V to +5V) is available via judicious use of the "freq" CV input socket. A CV converter can also be used.
      • Jan 15
  • jamizeta
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    Hi, I try to find out what type of balanced outputs the Konnekt interfaces provide. The manual (24d in my case) only describes them as "1/4” Phone Jack. Ground sensing design".
    I need to connect to a unbalanced RCA input, and the type of balanced output is important in order to use the right cable.
    there at least 4 types of balanced outputs: "1/4” Phone Jack. Ground sensing design"
    and here one can see that they require diferent kind of cables to connect to unbalanced devices:

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  • Malkout
    Newcomer - Level 1


    I need a new cable (GPIO connection) of the tc electronic clarity M which is already included in the box.


    where can i buy it

    please contact me directly at my email 


    thank you

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    • Malkout
      Nigel67 Hi Mahdi. Please go to the support tab at the top of the page and submit a support ticket to the spares department and one of my colleagues will get back to you with pricing and availability. Many thanks.
      • September 30, 2020
  • GaryHiggins
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    I have a series of outdoor concerts upcoming that will be done outside "Drive In" theater style. Interesting to be sure! Apparantly I need to get a stereo FM transmitter to allow concert goers to tune into the sound via their car stereo if so desired and in keeping with social distancing. Anyone doing this? Any suggestions as to what I should buy for the transmitter that will output decent sound? 

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  • Eaglesfield13
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    All I want to do is register a guitar effect pedal.

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    • Eaglesfield13
      KyleJohnson Hello, Kyle here with Music Tribe. To register your product, click on the Support link at the top of this page and create a Product Registration ticket.
      • September 3, 2020
  • dreyoung67
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    I'm looking for a service manual for download to the db max II by Tc Electronic. Please send to: [email protected]        Thank you.

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