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    Anyone know if it will be more bi-phase phasers on sale?



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    • fbert
      PedroRodrigues Hi fbert, I believe there will be more stock to be sold, nevertheless I would suggest to follow the link below to access our network of Partners and Reseller to request information on stock availability on this unit: I hope this help Thank you
      • Jun 15
      • Biphase
        TelboyD Hi Pedro, I just received my Bi-Phase this morning. I purchased it from an official Behringer distributor in Vietnam - - sent to my home in the United Kingdom. Just been to register the product but there is no option of 'Bi-Phase' listed in the drop down menus.
        Is there a chance this will be rectified very soon, please? Cheers, Terry.
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        • Jul 6
      • Biphase
        PedroRodrigues Hi TelboyD, thank you for your contact, this matter will be resolved ASAP, meanwhile please send me your case number so I can include notes on this matter and have your pedal correctly register when our internal product list is updated. Thank you
        • Aug 11
    • fbert

      Many thanks, Pedro !!!

      • Jun 16
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    Hi Everyone,

    I am a technophobe. I have a Behringer Crave, a Moogerfooger and a vintage Korg MS10: I want to get the Korg triggering the other two or vice-versa but I understand that I need a voltage processor to do this - is the Behringer+System+55+992 the correct item to achieve this ‘communication’ between the three items?



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    • MarkEason
      DavidKnighton Hello Mark,
      the 992 is basically a set of 4 in-line on/off switches as far as I can tell. Here's something I was able to find about the MS10: The MS-10's VCO uses linear voltage control (Hz/Volt) but note that V/oct scaling (−5V to +5V) is available via judicious use of the "freq" CV input socket. A CV converter can also be used.
      • January 15, 2021