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    Put this together is anyone needs it. It is MIDI assignment for Plethora X5

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    I plug my mic in and it is super hot with the input all the way down. Help!!

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    • Nakkim76
      Dale_M Do you find the same issue with another mic/cable? If you are still having issues please go to the Support tab and create a Technical ticket for submission.
      • Mar 7
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    So guess I had to make it myself... 

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    Hi all, I have brought a used TC-Powercore Mk2 PCIE with all licences activated.  I am having trouble installing the drivers.  The last two TC drivers V4.43 amd V4.44 (i think) and the last beta drivers start to install, but then state "Rolling Back Installation" with a further window message saying: "TC Electronic Powercore setup wizard ended prematurely because of an error.  Your system has not been modified".  I am currently running V4.33 which does install but half the plugins do not open/work.  I am running Windows XP SP3 OS, which i know is older OS but is the same age OS as the Powercore card.  Can someone know how i can get the newer drivers working or what 'modifications ' to my PC i need to make?



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    • Russs
      PedroRodrigues Hi Russ, thank you for your post, please consider that Back in 2011 we ceased further development of the PowerCore platform. Although we have been doing no official development with regard to the PowerCore software itself, for almost 7 years we were maintaining the PowerCore account system and provided customer support for PowerCore users.

      As we were reorganising our server infrastructure as well as human resources, we came to the conclusion that we could not continue our current support of the PowerCore infrastructure. As of December 31st, 2017, we have discontinued:

      • The PowerCore account system

      • Customer support for PowerCore

      Unfortunately, it is now no longer be possible to log into your PowerCore account to register products, transfer licenses etc. and we will no longer be providing customer support for the platform.
      There is of course nothing that prevents users from using their current PowerCore system, also, we will keep the PowerCore forum running.
      Nevertheless, I would suggest attempting to install this tool on Windows 7 by installing version, for that please follow the link below:
      I hope this helps.

      Thank you
      • Mar 18
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    Good afternoon,


    would appreciate some advise on connecting amp 800 to mixer



    mixer      studiomaster 12XS+

    effect unit Lexicon MX300

    recorder Tascam SD20M

    headphone amp Beringer amp800 (aquired recently


    connected to mixer:

    Microphone, keyaboard, ch 5/6 & 7/8 (stereo)

    lexicon (for vocals only) aux out, return to ch. 11/12 (stereo)

    tascam from mains out to recorder in (XLR)

    amp 800 from mixer/recorder headphones out to input A (mono) with TRS

    CD/recorder on ch. 9/10, channel fader normally down to avoid feedback when recording


    when listening headphones when connected directly to mixer/recorder I can her everything as it will be recorded, when connectiog amp800 to headphones out on mixer or recorder vocals disappear and only signal from lexicon is heard. same when playback of CD. instruments are OK, vocals disappear (no effect chosen on ch. 09/10)


    what am I doing wrong - please advise


    Already emailed Dutch supplier (see below), awaiting their reply


    Ter verduidelijking hierbij even mijn gear details:

    Mengtafel                Studiomaster club12+

    Effectunit                 Lexicon MX300

    Recorder                   Tascam SD20M

    Headphoneamp    Behringer AMP800 (recentelijk aangeschaft)



    Instrumenten         kanaal 1 t/m 8 (inputs; zang, drumcomputer en keyboards (stereo kan. 5/6 en 7/8)

    De Lexicon wordt via AUX out mono aangestuurd (wordt alleen voor de zang gebruikt) en komt stereo op kanaal 11/12 terug op de mengtafel. De AUX outs van de andere kanalen worden niet gebruikt, mocht er op de keyboards effect nodig zijn, gebeurt dat via de DSP met de interne effect processor

    De Tascam wordt via de Mains out (XLR) aangestuurd.


    Via de MON outs op de tafel stuur ik nog een stereo versterker en speakers aan. Vreemd genoeg wordt het volume van de versterker/speakers mede bepaald door zowel de volumeknop van de headphones als de Master volume schuif; hier kan ik echter wel mee leven.


    Normaliter kan ik op de koptelefoon uitgangen (zowel die op de tafel als die van de Lexicon) alles goed monitoren en wordt wat ik op de koptelefoon hoor ook correct op de SD kaart gezet.


    Na ontvangst van de AMP800 heb ik deze met de TRS kabel op de koptelefoon uitgang van de mixer met input A (de “mono” ingang) van de amp800 verbonden. Bij afluistering via de amp800 hoor ik echter alleen het signaal van de Lexicon terug (zit dus in een ontzettende galmbak). Het maakt niet uit of ik de amp800 direct met de mixer verbind of met de headphones out van de Tascam, het resultaat blijft hetzelfde. De amp800 is aangeschaft om met meerdere muzikanten op te nemen (home-studio). Kon uit de handleiding niet duidelijk opmaken wat dit veroorzaakt.


    Sluit ik e.e.a. verkeerd aan of moet ik beide inputs van de Amp800 middels TRS aansluiten (heb maar 1 stereo headphones aansluiting op de mixer).

    Zou het eventueel een optie zijn om de MON outs van de mixer met input a & b van de amp800 te verbinden?? Outs zijn echter wel mono. Opnemen doe ik sowieso alleen met de headphones.


    Ook als ik bijv. een CD afspeel valt de zang in de galm als ik via de amp800 terugluister. Bij directe aansluiting van de headphones op de mixer wordt alles correct weergegeven.


    Hoop dat jullie mij hiermee kunnen helpen, ben dit probleem de afgelopen 40 jaar nog niet tegengekomen.


    Many thanks in advance for your, hopefully, soonest reply

    best regards

    Will Francois

    the Netherlands



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    Hi Music Tribe Members!

    At Nov 27th 2021 I brought an TC VSS4 Native (Upgrade from VSS3 native) via your website.

    I didn't get an activation card yet! My already checked my spam folder, there is nothing.

    It seems the I am not the only one having an issue with that.

    I am sure you are working hard on a solution.

    Here is my PAYPAL confirmation with

    Transaktionscode 4RN439446L657813Y

    Transaktionsdatum 27.11.2021 02:32:50 MEZ

    Rechnungsnummer 1522146

    $299,00 VSS3 NATIVE USD

    Artikel 947200016


    What can I do?



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      PedroRodrigues Hi JGRSOUND thank you for your post, can you please provide me your ILOK USERNAME so I can check what happened. Thank you
      • December 2, 2021

      Hi! My iLok user ID is "JohannesRothenaicher" (without the quotes of course) . Kindly, Johannes Rothenaicher

      • December 3, 2021
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    Signature presets, for the Midas peq3000, dyn3000, Brickwall HD, Master X HD... 

    more presets for all of them please... Curious what other can get out of it. 


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    why why why does this have to happen to me Again 

    bought the Brickwall Hd seems like instead of the ceil profile button my tool has the Gain Rel Twice 

    Check the picture... 

    Are these hand made? 


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    • yann_
      yann_ I bought all the Icon series and it's kind of messed up that i don't have a proper stand for em when u turn 1 knob :D the other controllers move and you have to allign em back, i'm not so fond of the Icon dock since it cannot hold all the controllers... Any1 agrees with that??? Please make a proper dock thnx...
      • November 25, 2021
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    i have few prodacts of TC ...i have from afterglow and prophet to hall of fame,flashback and play acoustics from helicon ...i'm really satisfied how they work ...i also brought this days wiretap riff ...pedal is nice ...not best ...but ok ...thing is i'm gonna send it back to the web-shop from where i brought it as unstable prodact ...because situation by app and bluetooth is not on level that should be ...its unstable and its cracking ...its working,but very very not fluid and cracking after some time ...they say that they are first going to try in servise ...point is ...they will try in few minutes and say it works ...ok,it works but in long time its cracking and bracking ...maybe its an app,maybe my mobile,maybe the bluetooth ...i dont know and it doesnt matter ...i would like from Tc company if they say everything is fine to step on my side i tell them to money-back or something else but not to send me back that article.because it will work but not on the level of Tc prodacts really are ...i have every respect you as company and your prodacts are very good in my opinion ...but this one via bluetooth is not working well ...i really hope you can help,not to solve the problem of pedal but to help me to get money ...thnx,have a nice day.Marko


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    Hello all,

    I have a VoiceLive Play GTX and I am facing the following problem.

    When I connect my guitar with my DAW, it keeps the effects applied by the GTX. There is no option to turn them off.

    Is there any way to bypass the guitar effects?


    Thank you

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    • YiannisS
      kiskadar69 If you plug a cable into the INST THRU, the guitar sound will appear here (without effects) and the guitar will not be heard on the XLR outputs.
      • November 1, 2021
    • YiannisS
      PedroRodrigues Hi YiannisS, thank you for your post. there are 3 output settings VoiceLive Play GTX
      STEREO – XLR outputs receive a stereo mix of all voices, guitar and other inputs.
      MONO – A MONO full-mix signal is on the LEFT and a DRY vocal is on the RIGHT. Any Tone and Pitch Cor Amt settings from the Setup menu are included on the RIGHT DRY channel.
      DUAL MONO – All lead and effected vocals are sent via the LEFT output and all guitar, aux/ digital signals are sent via the RIGHT output. Loops are passed in Stereo.
      Regarding what you have mentioned I agree with what kiskadar69 mentioned and to pass guitar signals to an
      amplifier and bypass internal guitar processing, connect a 1/4” cable to your guitar rig from the INST/ THRU
      • November 2, 2021
    • YiannisS

      Thank you very much for your replies and your time lads. Very helpful, indeed. I will go with your common suggestion, through an amp and the INST/ THRU jack. Works nce. Take care...

      • November 2, 2021
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