• 2020-07-19
    Now if they will make the New Ditto+ in a stereo version that would be the ultimate. I run my pedalboard in stereo most of the time and like to have the looper at the end of the chain. Please, are you listening? Stereo Ditto+!!!
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    •  Mark Glass
      Tc Mike thanks for the feedback. i'll pass it on to the team. P.s. You have been customer number 6 who asked us just withing the last week :-)
      • Jul 20
    •  Mark Glass
      tomtetom A new Ditto+ X2 stereo would be great.
      • Jul 20
    •  Mark Glass
      mfilos Just registered to ask the same question! Glad I'm not the one feeling excited in case a new Ditto+ Stereo appears :D
      • Jul 26
  • 2020-07-04
    Hi my new Ditto x2 looper , occasionally won’t loop , just flashes green and makes a Terrible rat tat tat tat noise .
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    • GryThompson
      William Reichling Thanks for reaching out! I'd be more than happy to help you.

      Usually, issues like this can be fixed by reinstalling the firmware. I've included the link on how to do this.
      • Jul 9