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    hi, I can't connect my viscous vibe to the pc (Windows 10 Pro) either via usb or via bluetooth. Even with the application on the phone (android 9) I cannot connect to the pedal. What can I do to try to fix the problem?

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    • nicotina74
      ChrisEdwards1 Hi nicotina74, when connecting the device to your PC does it show within Device Manager and the settings section of the Toneprint Editor? If it does not show in these locations could you please try a different USB cable?

      Does beaming from the mobile app work fine?
      • Sep 10
    • nicotina74
      nicotina74 Hi ChrisEdwards1, in the pc it is only detected as a bluetooth device but not as a usb device. It is not detected in the setting section of the tone print editor. I tried 3 usb cables but the result doesn't change.. I don't have the original usb cable supplied. Transmitting a preset from the app to the pedal with the guitar pickup works. Should I buy 1 suitable usb cable? If so, which one? Thanks
      • Sep 19
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    • KBoyMaster

      Hi KBoy. No. If you purchase the bundle through the webstore you will get only the Native versions. Please contact one of our resellers if you would like the hardware version.

      • Sep 1
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    Hi, I hope that someone can assist me. I have reccently purchased the TC Electronic Icon Series of effects (TC-2290, TC-1210 AND THE DVR-250 and I am unable to authorise the units. I have registered all three and installed the software. I am using Ableton Live 9 Suite. PS can I also run these with Reason 10?

    Look forward to your response.

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    • NickH7203
      PedroRodrigues Hi NickH7203 if you have acquired the units with the controller software included, you must install on the computer where you use these units the PACE ILOK LICENSE MANAGER and set up an account for yourself. You will not need to register your units on the PACE ILOK LICENSE MANAGER but the present of the PACE ILOK LICENSE MANAGER will allow your software to be validated so you can sue the software control on any DAW.
      • Aug 19
    • NickH7203
      NickH7203 Hi Pedro. Thanks. That would explain it. Need to dig out my I Lok key.
      • Aug 19
      • TC Icon series Installation issues
        PedroRodrigues if you allready have an ILOK ACCOUNT you just need to install on your pc the PACE ILOK LICENSE MANAGER software and log in your ILOK ACCOUNT and you are good to go.
        • Aug 19
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    Hola, necesito descargar los driver de TC electronics DVR 250 y TC 2290 para 32bits, podrian decirme como los descargo? en la pagina oficial solo estan los de 64 bits, muchas gracias


    Hello, I need to download the drivers for TC electronics DVR 250 and TC 2290 for 32bits, could you tell me how to download them? on the official page there are only 64-bit ones, thank you very much
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    Hi is there any way that it is possible to use two mods at the same time i.e chorrua & flange with the Nova system

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    Bought MD4 HD Native since 6 hours ago and have received no software license. No confirmation Email. nothing in my spam. This purchase was to finish a project. I am now stock. This is a horrible experience. Please can you sort it out for me.

    Kind regards,



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    I would like to ask about the availability to download the latest version of Windows 32b software for TC ICON(TC8210-DT).

    I tried to download it as before, I found out that there is no 32b version available at TC now.

    Is there any way to download the 32bit version of the software?



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    I just got a Mimiq Mini and I notice it has a Toneprint port. I connected this to my laptop and Blutooth recognises "Mimiq Mini" but there is no Mimiq section in the Toneprint app. Is my app out of date or is the Mimiq not yet included?


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    • DougBGT6
      WilliamR Hello Doug, The mimiq doubler does not support tone print. The USB port is there for occasional firmware updates.
      • Apr 7
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    Hey Everyone

    Have just taken delivery of the Sub'n'Up Effects Pedal which I decided to buy because of the great sounds it can produce but especially for it's reported ability to emulate a baritone guitar (Fender Mark VI) as per Jet Harris in the 60's using a Standard Fender Stratocaster guitar.

    Tone Report review had the following to say about the Sub'n'Up in this regard .....

    Broken Tron quickly became my favorite TonePrint. As the name suggests, it exists to recreate the tone of a Mellotron—one that has been neglected and is suffering from sticky motors and degrading tape. The vibrato sounds great and if you use the sub-octave on its own, it's oddly enough the closest to actually sounding like a baritone guitar. And that subtle vibrato on the baritone is great for both classic Bass VI sounds as well as cool surf the stuff from the ‘60s. 

    I know other Octaver pedals (eg. Electro Harmonics Pitch Fork & POG) are able to produce this type of sound so if anyone can elaborate on the above or let me know what settings etc are required to get this sound on the Sub'n'Up, it would be greatly appreciated.

    Cheers  Pete

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    Greetings TC Electronic,

    I am a proud owner of your wonderful device Studio Konnekt 48 (SK48) which I still find very useful after all these years. I’ve gone through the various driver upgrades in Windows including the 32bit to 64bit upgrade. However just recently by chance I noticed (in Device Manager) that the drivers Windows was using for my SK48 were 32-bits (below) even though I’ve already installed your 64-bit drivers years before.

    1. C:\Windows\system32\DRIVERS\TCNear.sys
    2. C:\Windows\system32\DRIVERS\TCNearAudiosys
    3. C:\Windows\system32\DRIVERS\TCNearMidi.sys
    4. .......

    I've found that my SK48 64-bit driver files were in “C:\Program Files\TC Electronic\TC Near

    My question is how do I make Windows 10 use the SK48 64bit drivers above rather than the 32-bit ones ?

    Your advise to this is kindly appreciated.

    Many thanks in advance.


    Phil Mark

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    • radioinsectrecords
      PedroRodrigues Hi radioinsectrecords, please consider that the Studio Konnekt 48 is a legacy unit and we have stopped releasing any resources for this unit for some time now therefore if you wish to keep using this unit will must do it on legacy operating system as this unit will not interface on any 64-bit platform. Thank you
      • Mar 7
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