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    I would like to ask about the availability to download the latest version of Windows 32b software for TC ICON(TC8210-DT).

    I tried to download it as before, I found out that there is no 32b version available at TC now.

    Is there any way to download the 32bit version of the software?



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    I just got a Mimiq Mini and I notice it has a Toneprint port. I connected this to my laptop and Blutooth recognises "Mimiq Mini" but there is no Mimiq section in the Toneprint app. Is my app out of date or is the Mimiq not yet included?


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    • DougBGT6
      WilliamR Hello Doug, The mimiq doubler does not support tone print. The USB port is there for occasional firmware updates.
      • Apr 7
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    Hey Everyone

    Have just taken delivery of the Sub'n'Up Effects Pedal which I decided to buy because of the great sounds it can produce but especially for it's reported ability to emulate a baritone guitar (Fender Mark VI) as per Jet Harris in the 60's using a Standard Fender Stratocaster guitar.

    Tone Report review had the following to say about the Sub'n'Up in this regard .....

    Broken Tron quickly became my favorite TonePrint. As the name suggests, it exists to recreate the tone of a Mellotron—one that has been neglected and is suffering from sticky motors and degrading tape. The vibrato sounds great and if you use the sub-octave on its own, it's oddly enough the closest to actually sounding like a baritone guitar. And that subtle vibrato on the baritone is great for both classic Bass VI sounds as well as cool surf the stuff from the ‘60s. 

    I know other Octaver pedals (eg. Electro Harmonics Pitch Fork & POG) are able to produce this type of sound so if anyone can elaborate on the above or let me know what settings etc are required to get this sound on the Sub'n'Up, it would be greatly appreciated.

    Cheers  Pete

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    Greetings TC Electronic,

    I am a proud owner of your wonderful device Studio Konnekt 48 (SK48) which I still find very useful after all these years. I’ve gone through the various driver upgrades in Windows including the 32bit to 64bit upgrade. However just recently by chance I noticed (in Device Manager) that the drivers Windows was using for my SK48 were 32-bits (below) even though I’ve already installed your 64-bit drivers years before.

    1. C:\Windows\system32\DRIVERS\TCNear.sys
    2. C:\Windows\system32\DRIVERS\TCNearAudiosys
    3. C:\Windows\system32\DRIVERS\TCNearMidi.sys
    4. .......

    I've found that my SK48 64-bit driver files were in “C:\Program Files\TC Electronic\TC Near

    My question is how do I make Windows 10 use the SK48 64bit drivers above rather than the 32-bit ones ?

    Your advise to this is kindly appreciated.

    Many thanks in advance.


    Phil Mark

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    • radioinsectrecords
      PedroRodrigues Hi radioinsectrecords, please consider that the Studio Konnekt 48 is a legacy unit and we have stopped releasing any resources for this unit for some time now therefore if you wish to keep using this unit will must do it on legacy operating system as this unit will not interface on any 64-bit platform. Thank you
      • Mar 7
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    Hi! :)

    I'm having trouble with my konnet24d,my mac os 10.13 doesnt read the soundcard,the blue light didnt turn on.I installed the software on it,but doesnt work,is it my operating system that doesnt work with the soundcard?

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    • Giuseppe11
      PedroRodrigues Hi radioinsectrecords, please consider that the Studio Konnekt 48 is a legacy unit and we have stopped releasing any resources for this unit for some time now therefore if you wish to keep using this unit will must do it exclusively on legacy operating systems. Thank you
      • Mar 7
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    I am interested in the VSS3, MD3 and DVR2 native plugins I a have my licences from the all PowerCore unit.

    Do i have any discounts o crosgrade on the licences of these products ? and

    How Can I buy the licences for these products? Can I do it from your web?


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    TC Electronic
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    Dock, power and connect TC Electronic ICON Series hardware controllers such as TC2290-DT, DVR 250-DT, Master X HD-DT and PEQ 3000-DT in one flexible unit with a small footprint.

    List Price: $179

    #TCElectronic #TCICONDOCK #ComputerAudio #DesktopController #ICONSeries

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    • TC Electronic
      yann_ Waiting for a vid of this it kind of looks cool but doesn't seem like they've put a lot of thought in it there's more icon tools than u can fit in this... what will I have to do with the other ones it should fit them all... the 2290, 8210, 1210 Dvr250, master X hddt, brickwall, hddt, peq3000 and dyn3000. Let's hope Tc electronic is smart enough to offer different sizes...
      • Feb 19
      • TC Electronic New Product Release: TC ICON DOCK
        PedroRodrigues Hi Yann please consider that for now this is the only size we will offer and please consider that this dock must share the space on a studio with other units therefor we have selected this size to allow just that. Thank you
        • Feb 24
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    Hi friends

    Just received a Powecore X8, I bought recently. Unfortunately I can not turn it on.

    I've tried it  also with other power cables from my other PoCos, but  there is no blue light on the device and nothing appears in the PoCo software panel.

    Was the unit maybe damaged during the transport? I know these are old devices and there is no support, but anyway, is there a TC service in Switzerland? Maybe they still can repair it, if it is something small? Or may I open it and compare if all the wires are looking the same as in my other X8?



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    • arseny
      Nigel67 Hi Arseny. Unfortunately we do not have a Service Centre in Switzerland. Please see this link to find our closest one to you Or you could try contacting our two local partners ( and see if they have their own repair shop or know of someone in Switzerland who could take a look at your unit. The issue does look power supply related if the power LED isn't illuminating. Maybe a normal electronics repair shop may be able to take a look at the unit and advise further. Hope this helps.
      • Jan 20
      • Powecore X8 not giving sign of life
        arseny Dear Nigel, many thanks for your quick feedback! Gonna check it with a local electronics repair shop. If they can't help, I'd send it to Germany (closest to me).
        • Jan 21
  • Fujawarocks
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    I get it, that is not going to come with the hardware controller after reading others having this issue with various other plugins/controllers.

    i love your products I have all the plugins and controllers for the reverb, delay and expander plugins/controllers.

    The way the page is created you make it seem like it comes with the hardware especially as it's the same or similar pricing retailers exhibit.


    i have not activated this yet?  How do I get a refund?  I'll use a million other outboard eqs or one of the bazillion I have from waves or ua until I can get this.  Not mad at all I love the whole tribe and the products being offered.  Just want the hardware makes it so easy as I work hybrid in and out of the box.

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    • Fujawarocks
      WilliamR Hello Todd, we received your case. someone will be in contact with you shortly to get this resolved for you.
      • October 16, 2020
      • PEQ 3000 native purchased from TC Electronic Online Store
        Fujawarocks Appreciate yall no rush
        • October 17, 2020
  • Lasdeg
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    My Tc Powercore Firewire is suddenly not turning on anymore. I think it might be the power adaptator that is dead.

    Do you sell them as spare part  or can u advise me a similar product i can use to test my powercore ?

    I can't open any suppor ticket because the form is not working and does not allow me to select a brand and a product.


    Thx for help

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    • Lasdeg
      PedroRodrigues HI,PEGORIER PEGORIER, to contact our spare parts department to request information about the PSU for the TC POWERCORE please follow the link
      • October 6, 2020
      • TC POWERCORE Firewire problem
        Lasdeg Thx for the answer, I already tries but since the scroll menu for brand and product are empty i can't fill the form ans post a ticket...
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        • October 7, 2020
      • TC POWERCORE Firewire problem
        PedroRodrigues Hi PEGORIER PEGORIER please be aware that you need to open an account on MUSIC TRIBE COMMUNITY to be able to submit a assistance request
        • October 7, 2020
      • TC POWERCORE Firewire problem
        Lasdeg Hi Pedro, i did create an account but as i told u since i can't select a product or brand in the ticket form (choice list is empty) i can't post the tixket
        • October 13, 2020
    • Lasdeg
      Lasdeg Hi Pedro, any news about this powercore power adaptator. On my side i still can't any ticket, always for the same reason. Is there any other way to contact support, I'm loosing a lot of time here. Thx
      • October 27, 2020
    • Lasdeg
      Lasdeg Thx a lot Pedro, but the brand list is still empty so i can't create ticket. Can u send me a new link with the brand (tc electronics) and model (tc powercore) already filled ? Thx a lot
      • October 28, 2020
      • TC POWERCORE Firewire problem
        PedroRodrigues Hi Pegorier, please follow the link below to submit a parts request via the link below and if you cannot select the brand and the model just state that on the body of the message. please follow the link
        • October 28, 2020
      • TC POWERCORE Firewire problem
        Lasdeg Is there any number i ca, call to speak to someone, it's impossible for me to fill the form for ticket, it won't allow me since they are required to sumit the ticket
        • November 6, 2020
      • TC POWERCORE Firewire problem
        Lasdeg I finally manage to create a ticket on another cpu, looks like my web browser was too old. Thx for ur support
        • November 10, 2020
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