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    I plug my mic in and it is super hot with the input all the way down. Help!!

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    • Nakkim76
      Dale_M Do you find the same issue with another mic/cable? If you are still having issues please go to the Support tab and create a Technical ticket for submission.
      • Mar 7
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    Hello all,

    I have a VoiceLive Play GTX and I am facing the following problem.

    When I connect my guitar with my DAW, it keeps the effects applied by the GTX. There is no option to turn them off.

    Is there any way to bypass the guitar effects?


    Thank you

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    • YiannisS
      kiskadar69 If you plug a cable into the INST THRU, the guitar sound will appear here (without effects) and the guitar will not be heard on the XLR outputs.
      • November 1, 2021
    • YiannisS
      PedroRodrigues Hi YiannisS, thank you for your post. there are 3 output settings VoiceLive Play GTX
      STEREO – XLR outputs receive a stereo mix of all voices, guitar and other inputs.
      MONO – A MONO full-mix signal is on the LEFT and a DRY vocal is on the RIGHT. Any Tone and Pitch Cor Amt settings from the Setup menu are included on the RIGHT DRY channel.
      DUAL MONO – All lead and effected vocals are sent via the LEFT output and all guitar, aux/ digital signals are sent via the RIGHT output. Loops are passed in Stereo.
      Regarding what you have mentioned I agree with what kiskadar69 mentioned and to pass guitar signals to an
      amplifier and bypass internal guitar processing, connect a 1/4” cable to your guitar rig from the INST/ THRU
      • November 2, 2021
    • YiannisS

      Thank you very much for your replies and your time lads. Very helpful, indeed. I will go with your common suggestion, through an amp and the INST/ THRU jack. Works nce. Take care...

      • November 2, 2021
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    Hello, my play acoustic turn know wheel will not move any parameters, it even feels more loose than ever. Is it repairable? I can't be withou5 it due to scheduled gig, can parts be ordered for hom3 repair? 

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    How can I get my Ditto X2 repaired. The loop switch no longer works

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    • bcasetx69
      Nigel67 Hi bcasetx69. Please send us a Service Ticket and we can book your unit in for repair. This can be done by clicking on the support tab at the top of the page. This will open a new window. Scroll down and click on the Service tab and submit a ticket. Many thanks
      • March 26, 2021
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    buonasera domanda si puo registrare solo la voce collegandosi al pc se si come si fa grazie.........

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    I'm having issues adding backtracks to my VOICE LIVE 3 EXTEME.

    instead of using an MP3 I'm using ONSONG. 

    Any help would be appreciated!



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    • Tomhealy531
      PedroRodrigues Hi Tom, please be aware that the USB flash drive needs to be formatted using the FAT32 file system. NTFS, HFS+ (the OS X file system) or other file systems cannot be read by VL3X.
      Instructions for formatting a USB flash drive with FAT32 can be found here:

      Your VL3X can only import MP3 or WAV audio files. (16 bit 48KHZ)
      Insert the USB flash stick into your computer and drag/drop your Backing Tracks onto the drive. You can also use a file manager application.
      Make sure to copy all audio files to the root directory of the flash drive. That means you should not put audio files into folders or subfolders. Your VL3X will not find these files.
      Insert the USB flash drive stick into the USB Host Port on VL3X.
      Your VL3X will recognize all valid audio files in the root directory of the flash drive and make them available for import.
      Press the Store button once.
      Use the arrow buttons below the Control Knob to navigate to the TRACK IMPORT tab.
      • January 5, 2021
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    Hi there, bought a brand new TC-Helicon Voice Live 3 just 2 months ago. Its a great product that i enjoy using, however on several occassions (one of them right before a gig) upon pushing the power button on the back, a white screen appears and no sound or effects work. Then the next day it will switch on without any problem.

    As a professional musician, reliability is of paramount importance so really need to resolve this problem.

    Has anyone else experienced this issue with a new Voice Live 3? If so what was your resolution? Perhaps a software update is required? I also feel with such a new product that tampering with the devices internal components in order to get it working properly shouldnt be nessesary. 

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    When I tun on the polytune clip I just get two lit arrows moving away from each other. No other response from the tuner. Is there a factory reset option to get this working again???

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    • Boboji
      PedroRodrigues Hi, Robert Czarnowski when you mention the arrow do you mean that you see what is on the picture below?
      If that is the case that is the Needle mode.
      If you press the Display Mode Button once, the currently selected Display Mode will be shown. Pressing the Display Mode Button repeatedly will cycle between the two display modes described in this section. – Needle Mode is indicated by the center LED column and row lighting up. – Strobe Mode is indicated by the middle row of LEDs lighting up.
      The selected Display Mode will be stored and preserved even when you change the battery.
      • October 30, 2020