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  • 2020-10-12

    Hello, how can I update the firmware of the wizard series finalizer plus.

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  • 2020-10-02

    Is there an A&R person for Klark Teknik or is it all under the Berhinger/Musictribe personel? I've got a KT-2A and EQTP-KT and have made multiple tags in my instagram stories and posts with their gear in use and have tried to contact someone about purchasing more directly from them. If anyone has any info on who to contact, please let me know. Thanks!

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  • 2020-10-02

    Hey guys, I am trying to set a limiter on the Main Out of my XR18 to boost my stream broadcast mix and protect it from clipping. The only limiter FX on the XR18 is the 'Precision Limiter' which doesn't have a threshold to set. Does anyone know how this Precision Limiter works? Also, the GR meter doesn't engage on the Xair iPad app.


    Are there any ways around this FX Plug in or anything I can do to have a make-shift Limiter on the XR18?


    Feedback to Behringer on the XR18 - could you add another standard Limiter plugin on the XR18?

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    • Stephen Rowe
      Rex Beckett The Precision Limiter does work in a strange way. I generally use the in-bus compressor. This has all the controls you would expect on a compressor/limiter.
      • Oct 2
  • 2020-09-28

    I purchased the 76-kt a few months ago. It's completely unusable due to the loud audio hiss. I was going to literally throw it away but then I thought of contacting you guys for help. I did create a ticket for technical support about a week ago but have yet to receive any reply whatsoever. The unit I have is completely useless. I mean just turning it on creates the most awful audio hiss. The higher the output, the worse the noise gets. I've tried everything from feeding it a hot input to avoid turning up the output level, to going through a gate to supress the noise but nothing seems to help at all because the hiss is very loud and can be heard behind the vocals or whatever I'm trying to compress. Any help?


    Thanks in advance. 

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    • Miguel Dejesus
      Nigel Turner Hi Miguel. This is definitely not right and we need to get your unit in for repair. What was the ticket number for the case you submitted and I will check where it is in the queue. I am surprised that nobody answered it as we do normally clear the queues within 24 hours. Let me know the case number and we can go from there.
      • Sep 27
      • 76-KT (audio hiss)
        Miguel Dejesus Thank you in advance Mr. Turner. This was the ticket number I was given: Ticket Number: CAS-141048-L2V5F9
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        • Sep 27
      • 76-KT (audio hiss)
        Nigel Turner Hi Miguel. I have found your case. I have asked the guys in Vegas to take a look at it when they get in and reply to you.
        • Sep 28
  • 2020-09-23

    Can I come straight our of my Mojave Mic output to the 2A-K2 or do I have to go through a preamp first.  


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    • Kentyn Reynolds
      Kentyn Reynolds Yes, this is me answering my own question. Buy a good preamp and get over it.
      • Sep 23
    • Kentyn Reynolds
      Kyle Johnson Hi Kentyn, Kyle here from Music Tribe. Technically you could probably achieve enough gain to make it work, but It's not designed to be a Mic Preamp. You should consider that 1. There is no +48v Phantom Power, and 2. At a a high gain level like you would need for this purpose, the 2A might be a bit noisier than you would want from a Mic Preamp.
      • Sep 23
  • 2020-08-04

    Is this tech support?

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  • 2020-07-03
    Glad to see the Community is having normal load times. I was beginning to lose faith. Can't wait for more items under Discover to come online! As an individual, I probably own more Behringer gear than 99% of the Mus!c Tribe faithful. I purchase Behringer products because of the price/performance ratio. I own a small live sound reinforcement company and in order to have a complete package, I had to work under a budget. Have been very happy so far, with few defective units. I wish Behringer would consider making an "upscale" line. The same designs would be fine, but just using internal components of higher quality. I have noticed an improvement over the last 5 years when I began my small business, but would like to see quality continually evolve. I have to say thanks for being there though!
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    • Jeff Porrello
      Paul Vannatto What product line are you referring to that you wish to have "upscale"? If you are asking about upscaled discrete units such as compressors, gates, etc., consider looking into the digital consoles now available, including the X-Air, X32 and Wing consoles. These have compressors, gates, EQ, etc. built in and are definitely "upscaled" quality.
      • Jul 3
    • Jeff Porrello
      Jeff Porrello Hi Paul. Thanks for the reply. I was referring to standalone "boxes"… DI Boxes, Analog Mixing Consoles, Effects and Signal Processors, etc. Think analog. You are absolutely correct re the digital mixers. I own a Midas M-32 and a Behringer X-32 as a backup. Fine stuff. I was thinking more along the lines of the wiggly knobs and such on the signal processors. I have dozens of analog processors in three different racks — a 24 ch, a 16 ch, and an 8 ch (analog rolling rigs). Call me old school. I've been a professional soundman long before "digital" was common, and didn't even think digital when I started to put all the pieces together for my small live sound reinforcement business about 5 years ago (you have to do something when you are retired ; - ). I now have the Midas M-32 rig, but am still getting used to the work flow. With analog, I can see the entire signal chain in front of me at one time and I really like that. It's just a new mindset with digital. I'm getting there!
      • Jul 4
  • 2020-07-01
    I have filled in a ticket completely for registering my 76 KT. When I click on register nothing happens.
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