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    Hi folks.

    Is the KT-2A going to be available again? I'm keen to have one, but if not I will look at other options. Thanks.

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    • Sam Lawrence
      John Matthews Unfortunately as we do not directly sell products to end users we are unable to provide any information on pricing and availability of products. You will need to instead directly contact one of our resellers/partners and they will be able to advise you further. You can find the details of our international retailers/partners at the following link:
      • Nov 1
  • 2020-09-28

    I purchased the 76-kt a few months ago. It's completely unusable due to the loud audio hiss. I was going to literally throw it away but then I thought of contacting you guys for help. I did create a ticket for technical support about a week ago but have yet to receive any reply whatsoever. The unit I have is completely useless. I mean just turning it on creates the most awful audio hiss. The higher the output, the worse the noise gets. I've tried everything from feeding it a hot input to avoid turning up the output level, to going through a gate to supress the noise but nothing seems to help at all because the hiss is very loud and can be heard behind the vocals or whatever I'm trying to compress. Any help?


    Thanks in advance. 

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    • Miguel Dejesus
      Nigel Turner Hi Miguel. This is definitely not right and we need to get your unit in for repair. What was the ticket number for the case you submitted and I will check where it is in the queue. I am surprised that nobody answered it as we do normally clear the queues within 24 hours. Let me know the case number and we can go from there.
      • Sep 27
      • 76-KT (audio hiss)
        Miguel Dejesus Thank you in advance Mr. Turner. This was the ticket number I was given: Ticket Number: CAS-141048-L2V5F9
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        • Sep 27
      • 76-KT (audio hiss)
        Nigel Turner Hi Miguel. I have found your case. I have asked the guys in Vegas to take a look at it when they get in and reply to you.
        • Sep 28
  • 2020-07-01
    I have filled in a ticket completely for registering my 76 KT. When I click on register nothing happens.
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