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    Hello ..

    So somehow today, I manged to trash my Finalizer 96K (V 3.5). I think it was by accidentily removing the SRAM Card while it was live .. Boo!!!

    Can someone please tell me if the appropriate software is available to download, so I can restore it to normal - I have an old laptop with PCMCIA and a 512K SRAM card.

    Thank-you, thank-you - Any help would be appreciated!

    Carolina :-)

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    • CarolinaJones
      PedroRodrigues Hi CarolinaJones please consider that to be able to assist you on this matter please follow the link below : Thank you
      • Wed at 1:45 AM
      • Finalizer 96K lost its software/firmware
        CarolinaJones That's wonderful! - Thank-you! :-)
        • Wed at 5:19 AM
    • CarolinaJones

      I guess I'm still struggling - I have dug out my old Sony Laptop, put the SRAM card in the PCMCIA and installed the Generic, Windows driver. A drive letter of F: pops up but the file system is shown as raw .. Please tell me how to get the WIZ file to the SRAM Card ... I'm completely useless at this! :-(

      • Wed at 5:15 AM
    • CarolinaJones
      • Wed at 5:18 AM
    • CarolinaJones
      CarolinaJones UPDATE: Using an evaluation version of CardWare, I have successfully erased the card and dumped the data from the WIZ file to the raw SRAM .. I'm guessing this is good .. :-) Bad news, my Finalizer says,, "Option: Start" and "Press ENTER to select" .. I can't see an Enter, only the OK button .. I'm struggling - Maybe it's just dead ... Boo! ... Any other advice so, so appreciated! Thanks!
      • Wed at 8:12 AM
      • Finalizer 96K lost its software/firmware
        CarolinaJones Is it possible to buy or rent a card with the firmware on it, ready to go? I'm concerned I'll spend a bunch of money and my Finalizer is just broken.
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        • Thu at 3:19 AM
      • Finalizer 96K lost its software/firmware
        PedroRodrigues Hi CarolinaJones unfortunately we do not have any service available that provides cards to our customer. Thank you
        • 17 hours ago
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    Is there any ready to use setting for acoustic guitar?

    What would be the best settings for both fingerstyle and strumming.


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    • PaoloTrulli
      WilliamR Hello PaoloTrulli, William from musictribe here. I would start out by experimenting with the toneprint FullbandComp1. This toneprint has a wider range that works well for acoustic guitar. Tweek it in the toneprint editor to fit your particular needs.
      • Jan 22
      • Hypergravity Toneprint for acoustic guitar
        PaoloTrulli Thanks I will follow your suggestion but I can`t belive that nobody already made a toneprint...
        • Jan 23
  • Rafa78
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    Hello, how can I update the firmware of the wizard series finalizer plus.

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