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  • 2020-09-26

    All I wanted to do was register a product I purchased. I was directed to this site. And as I have read other comments it was very difficult to set up an account. And I cannot find where I am supposed to register this item. This is not a helpful site at ALL!!!! 

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    • Noreen Siegner
      Gary Higgins Hi Noreen, things here are difficult sometimes, especially starting off. If you click the support tab up top, then scroll down to product registration, left side, you should be able...even then make sure you fill everything in completely. It probably should be easier to do it but it is what it is.
      • Sep 26
      • Not impressed
        Richard Berry Gary. I agree with Noleen. I found where you have guided us and although I had already been there, I double checked and that location is for Tickets only.
        • Sep 27
      • Not impressed
        Richard Berry So I went to Sitemap. Found Product Registration and it took me to a page displaying "Coming Soon"
        • Sep 27
      • Not impressed
        Gary Higgins Hi Richard, I just went there, selected support (up top of this page), once at support I scrolled down to product registration, selected it and it then went right to the form? Odd.
        • Sep 27
    • Noreen Siegner
      David Knighton Greetings all,
      Sorry the product registration seems to be a eluding you. It is but two clicks away as Gary has mentioned. Here's a link if you're still having trouble.
      • Sep 28
  • 2020-09-10

    How connect a cd player spdif output on A input on DCX LE A input

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    • denis Dapzol
      David Knighton Hello dapzol,
      the DCX2496LE appears to be completely analog input and output. SPDIF is a digital protocol, so you won't be able to connect it straight to the DCX. You will need to use the CD player analog outputs or find a SPDIF to analog converter. Monoprice makes a cheap converter box. You will just need to get RCA to XLR cables for the final connection.
      • Sep 10