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    This crossover unit doesn't have a high pass switch on the sub channel like some do. Would enabling the 25hz high passes on the main stereo / 1&2 channels instead also cut that information out of the sub feed as it crosses over with the low signal...?

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  • dapzol
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    How connect a cd player spdif output on A input on DCX LE A input

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    • dapzol
      DavidKnighton Hello dapzol,
      the DCX2496LE appears to be completely analog input and output. SPDIF is a digital protocol, so you won't be able to connect it straight to the DCX. You will need to use the CD player analog outputs or find a SPDIF to analog converter. Monoprice makes a cheap converter box. You will just need to get RCA to XLR cables for the final connection.
      • September 10, 2020