• 2020-10-11

    Hi all,

    Hoping you can help. My Flashback delay mode selector switch is incorrectly selecting modes. When on the modulated delay setting, it gives a slapback for instance. The looper function is correctly selected however.

    Any thoughts about what's going on or how to address this?



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    • Rich Nourie
      William Reichling Hello Rich, Please go to the support link at the top of this page and create a tech support ticket and someone will be able to help you out with this.
      • Oct 12
  • 2020-10-03

    I love the Flashback 2 delay, I bought it when it was updated with tap tempo. I also found the blinking led very useful, to always know in what tempo the pedal is. After a few months, I now want to experiment with the Mash and bought an external tap tempo. But when I enable the Mash, the led stops blinking! Why? TC, can you please do an update to have the blinking led in combination with Mash? That would be amazing. 

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    • Jan Marchal
      Pedro Rodrigues Hi Jan Marchal Before anything I would suggest to update your pedal to FW version 1.2 (build 1222) this adds on your Flashback 2 a new optional tap tempo mode that retains true stereo operation and doesn’t need an external Tap tempo switch.
      Please follow the link below to access all the resources for this operation https://www.tcelectronic.com/tcelectronic/product?modelCode=P0CKR
      • Oct 5
    • Jan Marchal
      Jan Marchal Dear Pedro, thanks for your quick reply! Yes, i updated the firmware and i loved the internal tap tempo option and also the blinking led that shows the tempo. But now i want to use Mash (by adding an external tap tempo, i don’t use the stereo), but when I enable Mash the led stops blinking. Do you know if it’s possible to use Mash while having the blinking led? It would be great if the blinking led was an option that user can put on or off, not depending on using Mash. I hope this makes sense ;)
      • Oct 5
  • 2020-10-01


    is it possible to connect an external expression pedal to the "TC Electronic Flashback 2 Delay" and control the delay speed ?

    I use a tap tempo pedal in the "Stereo IN" jack, but an expression pedal connected with a TRS cable does not work. 


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    • Marvin Nope
      William Reichling Hello Marvin, The Flashback 2 does not support an expression pedal. All expression functions are controlled in the mash button. The flashback 2X4 does support external expression pedals.
      • Oct 1
  • 2020-09-28

    Hi, the TC 2290 is recognized as a great and very flexible delay unit in rack.
    Today second hand models are going at crazy prices.

    Wouldn'it  be possible and interesting to reproduce as-is the same original TC 2290 unit?

    I'm quite sure that this would be a good business for you (no re-engineering unless you want to do some changes) and at the same time would make many people very happy.

    The TC 2290-DT is of course very nice as well but it is a mix with software and thus requires running the plugin in a DAW while the rack unit is obviously allowing total work just OTB in hardware.

    Thx a lot for considering this :D

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    • Dominique Bontemps
      Pedro Rodrigues Hi Dominique, I will adress your suggestion to our R&D TEAM but at this moment our approach was to release the following: https://www.tcelectronic.com/tcelectronic/product?modelCode=P0D3X
      • Sep 28
    • Dominique Bontemps
      Dominique Bontemps Thx for your reply Pedro. Yep indeed, as I indicate, I'm aware of the TC 2290 DT but as mentioned, it needs a PC and takes place on the desk (as all the synths produced now in module) so the pure rack unit was much better ;-)
      If at the same time it could evolve to a dual delay unit (series/parallel) as the Empress Echosystem pedal but in rack, even better. Powerful Delay units are great.
      By the way what is the situation with the Maelström which was supposed to be the effects of the Deepmind 12? Or is this the Plethora X5 (which I need to try btw ;-) )
      • Oct 2
  • 2020-09-28

    I recently picked up a HOF 2x4. I'm trying to create an ambient soundscape, and I got the idea to make two different shimmer toneprints - one with kill dry always on, and the other without kill dry. My plan from there was to play through my outline once with each setting and see which I liked better, then try one where I make a loop with the wet/dry signal and play over it with the dry-killed signal. I started off making my kill dry toneprint, got a sound I liked, and saved it. Then I saved a new toneprint with kill dry off.


    I didn't like the sound I was getting at first, because I wanted the dry signal to be more muted than it was when I first flipped the virtual kill dry switch. I tried playing around with adding kill dry to the level knob controls, or to an expression pedal, but kept running into the problem that I would somehow get a completely dry signal. My goal became to somehow convert the Level knob to a wet/dry knob, where the wet signal would turn up as the dry signal turns down. I figure there has to be a way to do this, but I couldn't figure it out. I gave up after some frustration mounted - as I experimented I kept losing my wet signal altogether. I eventually did get a sound that will be sufficient for the idea I have; I was able to turn up the wet signal so that it drowned out the dry signal enough. But I feel like there must be a way to accomplish what I was hoping for.


    I hope what I described makes sense. If anyone has an idea how I could use the level knob and/or an expression pedal to inversely blend the wet/dry signal, please let me know. I can think of useful applications for both methods.

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  • 2020-09-25

    Any reason why the T2 is no longer available in the toneprint app ?

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    • Alan Lotra
      William Reichling Hello Alan, The T2 reverb uses the Algorithms from the Hall of fame reverb. So any nonartist Hall Of Fame reverb template can be used as a starting point for creating your own tone prints.
      • Sep 25
  • 2020-09-22

    I am not if this the correct area for this discussion but I have recently bought the TC electronics hall of fame 2 reverb pedal but there is no sound coming through at all. I was using a modular synth with sound out put through the pedal. The pedal peers on,  The red light comes on, the mash light comes on but no sound coming through. I have used other pedals the same way and these have worked fine. Is something I am missing with this particular pedal?

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    • John  Houghton
      Jason Brewer Hello John - If you have tried your other pedals with this same configuration and they work but your HOF2 does not - can you please click the support button above and create a support ticket? Someone from support will be able to follow up with you on the issue. Thank you for contacting us.
      • Sep 22
    • John  Houghton
      Tc Mike HI John, in general you need to attenuate your signal when going from your modular outputs to guitar pedals that is made to be operated at instrument level. the voltage of the audio signal that a modular synth outputs can be up to 10 times of line level (1vline level vs 10v modular) and pedals are just not able to handle this. When passing through filters and other modules the voltage lowers of course, but for trouble free operation and flexible integration of guitar pedals into your modular rig, you are well advised toconsider a module that handles level conversion for you (like an insert loop/amplifier moduler for guitar pedals) i can recommend the industrial electronics "black locust" module for flexibility as it has FX send /returns + dry/wet mix like on a mixer and supports 4 pedals. :-)
      There are also more cost effective solutions available from other manufacturers.
      • Sep 30
  • 2020-08-30

    I just got the Flashback 2. I programmed and stored a TonePrint but have found that if I leave the TonePrint to use a different delay type, when I go back to my stored TonePrint the settings are off because it now responds to where the knobs are physically set based on tweaking I did on the other delay type.

    Hopefully I'm doing something wrong because I was under the impression that stored TonePrints were like presets in that, once selected, would recall ALL programmed settings regardless of where the knobs are physically set.


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    • Steve ONeill
      Nigel Turner The potentiometer (knob) values are not part of the Toneprint. They are mapped, however the the current parameter value/position of the toneprint that you have loaded in is not. The position that the pots are set to is what they will operate at.
      • Sep 2
  • 2020-08-17

    hola amigos, queri preguntarles si existe el toneprint editor para pedales tc electronic antiguos, yo tengo un flashback delay de los primeros y no puedo descargar en mi mac con osx 10.9 maverik.

    alguien sabe de esto?.



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    • victor valenzuela
      Pedro Rodrigues Hola Keno Lamentablemente no los tenemos disponibles porque los acuerdos de desarrollo de software para la tienda Apple y Google Play nos obligan a tener el software actualizado y eliminar los antiguos y solo hacer que el software esté disponible exclusivamente en estas plataformas.
      • Aug 17
    • victor valenzuela
      victor valenzuela ooo bueno entiendo, estoy un poco anticuado con mi sistema, agradezco la ayuda. saludos cordiales.
      • Aug 18
  • 2020-08-13

    I've recently acquired a second hand TC Flashback X4, and I did in fact read the product manual before posting.

    My issue is when using the looper function. Many times, but not always, I find that before the recorded loop begins again, there is a silent pause of maybe 250ms (I would have used the word "delay" but didn't want to confuse in this conext as I am not talking about the delay features at all).

    My instinct was to update the firmware, but I don't have a USB Mini-B cable and local stores don't stock those anymore so I'm waiting on an Amazon delivery. In the meantime, I'm wondering if this could be user error.

    Any clues?



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    • Joseph Biron
      Pedro Rodrigues Hi bironology I would suggest to please press the Play/Pause footswitch, the footswitch with the Play/Pause symbol, to access if that happens again.
      I would advise you to update the firmware for your unit, please follow the link below to access the manual where you will find the process on how to update and the firmware
      • Aug 14
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