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    Downloaded the TonePrint app and Alter ego x4 is not there. Why? Can anyone help please?

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    • Bassman316
      WilliamR Hello, William with musictribe here. This is perfectly normal. The Alter Ego V2 works with the TonePrint editor and the TonePrint application on your smartphone. However, since it does not have its own TonePrints, you cannot see the Alter Ego V2 in the TonePrint editor or the TonePrint app. The Alter Ego V2 can be loaded with all Flashback X4 TonePrints. Like all of our delay pedal variants, the Alter Ego V2 is a Flashback, an Alter Ego, a Flashback X4, or an Alter Ego X4 pedal with a different silk print. Therefore, you will only see Flashback TonePrints in the TonePrint editor library or the product list on the TonePrint app. Rest assured, your Alter Ego V2 is compatible with all of these Flashback TonePrints.
      • Apr 28
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    I'm having trouble with my HOF 2 pedal. When I connect to my effects loop on my Marshall combo amp and I turn on the pedal it significantly lowers the sound. It makes it sound as if the my amp is far away. I have also tried this pedal through the effects loop of a peavy half stack and I get the same result. How can this be fixed? 

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    I can't seem to be able to upload toneprints to my TC electronic triple delay pedal.

    Is there a way to upload a different toneprint for every engine in every TP slot?

    For Ex.

    TP SLOT 1: Engine 1= Reverse, Engine 2= Ping Pong, Engine 3= Slapback

    and so on for the 4 slots?

    Also, The Toneprint Editor for Triple Delay doesn't have Delay Subtypes like for tha FLashback x 4... so it's not possible to create your own Tonetprints with the desired delay. Is it just my pedal or is everyone having  the same issue?

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    • guidozu
      PedroRodrigues Hi guidozu please consider that to transfer a TONEPRINT to your pedals you must perform the following steps:
      Launch the TonePrint app on your smartphone.
      Find the TonePrint you want to use. You can browse TonePrints by Artist or Product (i.e., pedal type). You will also find Featured TonePrints.
      Plug your guitar or bass into your TonePrint pedal.
      Turn your TonePrint pedal on.
      Turn up the volume on your instrument and set the pickup selector to one pickup.
      Hold the speaker of your smartphone next to the chosen pickup and touch “Beam to pedal

      Please use the Delay selector switch to select one of the three Delay Engines.
      When you have selected a Delay Engine, you can use the controls to configure this Delay Engine:
      ► Delay type selector
      ► TIME knob
      ► REPEATS knob
      ► MIX knob
      ► SUBDIV knob
      Use the Serial/Parallel switch to choose the signal path for the three Delay Engines.
      Serial setting (top) The input signal is fed into Delay Engine 1.
      The signal from Delay Engine 1 is fed into Delay Engine 2.
      The signal from Delay Engine 2 is fed into Delay Engine 3.
      The signal from Delay Engine 3 is sent to the outputs.
      When you have changed the settings for one of the three Delay Engines, you may want to store your settings as a preset.
      You can store the settings for each Delay Engine individually using its footswitch.
      To store the setting for a Delay Engine (1, 2 or 3), press and hold its footswitch for circa two seconds.
      The footswitch LED will blink green to confirm that the preset has been stored. Storing will mute the delay output for about one second.
      Parallel setting (bottom) The input signal is fed to the inputs of the three Delay Engines. The signals from the outputs of the three Delay Engines is mixed and sent to the outputs.
      Please note that changing the routing of the three Delay Engines can lead to dramatic results.
      This is especially true if you are using unusual Mix knob settings.
      A preset includes all settings of the delay module, including the currently used TonePrint, if the Delay type selector is set to one of the four TonePrint slots.
      If you have attached an external expression pedal, the parameters assigned to this expression pedal are stored as part of the preset as well.
      The slots “1”, “2”, “3” and “4” of the Delay Type Selector are “placeholders” for TonePrints.
      You can load one TonePrint into each of these slots, giving you access to four additional TonePrints.
      When you choose a delay type, the chosen delay type will “pick up” the current positions of the delay control knobs such as Delay Time.
      • Apr 14
    • guidozu

      Well, it's not happening. I manage to beam the toneprint (or at least the right light blinks) but no way to edit the TP itself... I have also tried the desktop version, but still nothing happens...

      • Apr 15
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    Hi, there's some digital effect rack similar to the D-Two Multi_tap Rhythm Delay?



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    I'm having issues with the software and Flashback2 pedal. If I edit a template on my laptop using the on screen sliders/dials I can hear the parameters change as expected. The physical selector is set to one of the available toneprint slots. However when I try to save the modified template, I am asked for a name and when I click save all the settings change to whatever the physical position of the knob on the pedal is set at. For example suppose I change delay1 to 580ms but the physical delay knob is at 300ms then the template saves the 300ms setting. I also noticed when I load a template from the library to one of the slots it also changes the settings to whatever the pedals physical setting are, I assume this is not correct and the toneprint slots should not be affected by the knobs otherwise the whole point of creating and saving presets is pointless. Any help would be appreciated.

    Update I think I have figured out how to solve this, but I will leave the post in case someone else has the same issue. I cant find a user manual for the latest version of the editor and there is no mention of this in the one I have so this might just be a workaround rather than what should be done. So I would still appreciate some feedback. If I open the mapping tab and unassign all the knobs I can then save my the edited template. Is this the intended method?

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    • stevecon115
      PedroRodrigues Hi, please follow the link below to access the TONEPRINT APP 2.0
      This is the last version available any new tools available on the new updates are present on the release notes on each respective version.
      Please consider that if you are referring to the fact that you have open a template and only after making any change on the template you will be able to save it, that is effectively the procedure on the TonePrint Editor. Thank you
      • Feb 19
    • stevecon115
      TC-Mike THi Steve, this is expected behavior. You store the range and the function of the pot meters and not a fixed preset value. The pots of the pedal and the app buffer are not in sync, so after storing a TonePrint to a memory location of the pedal it will load with the physical pot meter positions and the values to match. You can use the pedal pots to set the values in the Tp app to have them in sync while editing, but how the setting loads when the app is not connected will be set by the pot meter position alone.
      • Feb 19
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    Hi, how do I go about purchasing 2 new replacement knobs for a HoF 2x4 reverb unit? Thanks David

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    • DavidSeifert
      RexBeckett Hi David, I suggest that you open a Care ticket for this.

      At the top of this page, click Support then scroll down the new page and select Parts. Make sure that you enter all required (*) data before clicking Submit. The Care team will respond by email.
      • Feb 13
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    The light that indicates that the reverb is engaged comes on when you push the engage button even though no cable is attached to line in. Shouldn't the light come on only when a cable is plugged into line in? Is my pedal malfunctioning?

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    • jojo7mr
      ChrisEdwards1 Hi jojo7mr, this is standard operation for the HoF along with our other pedals and is not considered a sign your unit is malfunctioning.
      • Jan 26
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    Can anyone tell me if my Flashback 2 is faulty? Is it possible it was messed up with the editor before I got it? It was purchased new.  See the video for the demo, the subdivision switch doesn't work how I've seen in demos and the 2290 modes does nothing in quarter note mode.



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       I want to get a Flashback 2, but I want to first make sure that I can use an Expression Knob pedal with it to adjust the mix and feedback of the delay.   I was planning on using a SaturnWorks: "Micro Expression knob" pedal.  Will this work with a standard Flashback 2 and does it require A TRS to TRS cable or a TS to TS.  

    thanks,  Travis 

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    • Busheyt89
      PedroRodrigues Hi, Busheyt89,please be aware that this unit allows 2 x 1/4" TS, unbalanced, mono cables, also note that the knob assignments on your TC Electronic pedal are the default assignments. Using the TonePrint editor, you can rewire all knobs, so they control one or several parameters of your choice. For more information, see the TonePrint editor manual.
      DELAY knob – Use this knob to adjust the time of the delay. Most delay types have a range of 20 ms to 7000 ms (7 seconds!).
      SUBDIVISION switch – This switch determines the note intervals that the delay repetitions are based on. The options are quarter note, dotted eighth, and quarter note plus dotted eighth.
      FEEDBACK knob – Use the Feedback knob to determine the number of delay repeats.
      MASH LED - This will light up when the MASH function is engaged by pressing down firmly on the footswitch. The LED gets brighter as the footswitch receives more pressure, indicating a more intense triggering of the parameter that is assigned to this function.
      LEVEL knob – This knob adjusts the volume level of the delay repeats. The direct, unprocessed signal is always passed through at the original (unity) level. The Level knob only controls how prominently the delay repeats are mixed with the dry signal.
      Delay type selector – Select the type of delay or TonePrint with this knob.
      Please follow the link below to access a more detailed information about this unit:

      Thank you
      • Jan 14
      • Flashback 2 Expression knob pedal
        Busheyt89 Ok..... I’m aware of the function of the existing knobs on the pedal. That was not my question at all... I’m trying to find out how I can use an external expression knob (like this one below) to adjust the mix and feedback of the repeats for the TC Electronic Flashback 2 with my foot. I don’t want to bend down in the middle of a song to adjust the tiny knobs on the pedal. The manual mentions that you can plug an expression pedal into the “Stereo ln” on the pedal. I just need to confirm if I can use the expression pedal to adjust the mix and feedback and if it requires a TRS to TRS or a TS to TS.

        Thank you,
        • Jan 14
    • Busheyt89
      TC-Marcus Hey there!

      From page 6 of the Flashback 2 manual it's clearly stated that you can control tap tempo through an external footswitch. There is no mention of external knobs and thus, it is not supported.

      You can read the full manual here under"Documentation"

      You can, however just place a rubber cover on the knobs you want to control. Wouldn't that give you the result you are after ?
      • Jan 14
    • Busheyt89
      Busheyt89 That’s a good idea, do you know of a rubber knob cover that will fit on the TC Electronic FlashBack 2 style knobs??
      • Jan 14
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    No problems beaming toneprints from my new iPad, but when I tried to create my own it was a disaster.  I used the cable that came with the pedal, connected to my iMac, and then after I tried sending a toneprint, the pedal was all screwy.  The slot I was on had no signal at all, the two other slots were all crazy, and the stock delays were all blank.  I unplugged the unit and plugged it back in, seemed to be back to normal, so I tried again with the computer hookup, and the same thing happened.  It's like it fried the pedal.  

    Now I'm afraid it's permanently damaged.



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    • Hoodrio
      TC-Marcus Howdy Herman!
      Sorry to hear that.
      I suggest making sure that your pedal runs the latest FW. Currently that is version 1.2.00.

      You can get it here and instructions on how to update can be found under "Documentation" -> "Flashback 2 1.2.00 Firmware Upgrade Guide English"

      Also, make sure that you run the latest version of the TonePrint app, currently that should be 4.4.3 which you can get here or in your app store

      Then try again. Let me know how that turns out.
      • December 28, 2020
    • Hoodrio
      Hoodrio Pedal seems to be working normally again after unplugging everything and plugging back into my chain (not the USB). Frankly, after that experience I don't think I'll ever be risking connecting this pedal to anything via USB again. Thanks for your response!
      • December 28, 2020
    • Hoodrio
      TC-Mike Hi Herman, the app/editor should work fine. Please remember that after storing your custom Toneprint to one of the 3 TP slots and disconnect from editor the settings you hear are the Potmeter settings on the pedal and not the parameter values you added last in the editor .
      • Jan 4
    • Hoodrio
      Hoodrio So, the pedal is definitely fried - it goes from working normally to having literally nothing on the factory settings. In other words, you can be getting a normally DYN delay, switch to Tape, and get ZERO Delay, knobs do nothing.
      • Jan 11
      • Flashback 2 Trouble
        Hoodrio Is there a way to do a factory reset? If not, who repairs these?
        • Jan 11
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