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  • JohnShelley
    Contributor - Level 2

    For most of the work I do, I use a product called BandHelper to play backing tracks and a syncronized midi file.  The midi file controls my lighitng system and my VL3X.  It works flawlessly for all the CC commands to turn effects on and off, etc.

    To have my delay match the tempo of a song, however, I have to make separate presets for every song on my VL3X each with the tempo already set to the BPM of the song - even though all other settings may be exactly the same as another preset.

    It would be much more efficient to one preset but be able to send along a midi message to say "this song is 60bpm" and "this song is 100bpm"

    Is this possible? 

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    • JohnShelley
      PetGerbil Should be just a case of making sure that Bandhelper is sending a MIDI Clock signal. Unless you've got a loop in the looper. In which case the tempo will be locked. There's a MIDI tempo parameter in the SETUP sections MIDI tab. That'll need turning on. Also I've got a vague memory of MIDI sync being added in a firmware update, so make sure you've got the latest firmware.
      • September 28, 2020
  • clayewi
    Newcomer - Level 1

    Does the Voicelive Play provide phantom power? My mic does not work with it and it appears to be the phantom power issue. Phantom power is not mentioned in the manual anywhere.

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    • clayewi
      JasonB81 Hello Clay -Within the settings of the device there is a setting to select your mic type - you will want to select the CONDENSER MIC option which will supply the phantom power needed to power the mic. You will need to hold down the setup button and scroll to the mic settings. Hope this gets you on the right track. Thank you.
      • September 17, 2020