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    John Procacci
    Newcomer - Level 1

    I have a Behringer deq 2496 at one time it said it needs a up date now the screen comes on but it is blank is it worth getting fixed it is over 10 years old.

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    • John Procacci
      Paul Vannatto Hi John, it may cost more to repair than to purchase the latest version. Is there a specific purpose you intend on using this product?
      • Nov 23
  • Hai Nguyen
    Newcomer - Level 1
    Hello everyone. I have a DEQ2496, when the turn on, LCD show " errorcode 12 [1] ". If anyone know what error code 12 [1] or that there is an error code table of DEQ2496, please help me.
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    • Hai Nguyen
      Hai Nguyen help me please
      • Jul 2
    • Hai Nguyen
      Leah from Music Tribe Hello haisun, if you haven't already, please submit a Care Ticket using the Support link above. We'll be glad to assist you. Thanks!
      • Jul 9
      • Help me, DEQ2496 LCD display " Error code 12 [1] "
        Hai Nguyen I created a Ticket Number: CAS-115557-V6Y9D1 from July 1, but still have not received assistance. Please help me !
        • Jul 20
    • Hai Nguyen
      Hai Nguyen Thank for your interest. I created a Ticket Number: CAS-115557-V6Y9D1. Please support me.
      • Jul 11