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    What is the best way to insert outboard processing equipment? I want to insert an outboard digital EQ & processor on my L, R, & S. Those outputs are feed via my digital snake out of my DL32. I found YouTube videos online but I am worried about not being able to feed my outputs via my digital snake. I am worried if I feed my outboard gear at FOH via the Aux In/outs I will not be able to send my L, R, S signal down the digital snake. On a normal console, I would just use the Insert connector located on the back of the console. Is it possible to use an insert cable out of the Aux Out port o the outboard gear?
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    • soundmanstevo
      DanielPaine In short, Yes you can. You can use the Aux Jack sockets on the rear of the console. You can use a maximum of 6 Inserts. To assign, simply select the channel (i.e. Master), Then, in Home or config you can turn the insert on. In the config tab select the insert assignment (normal defaulted to internal effects). Scroll down to find Aux 1-6 and select accordingly. Stereo channels will map consecutively i.e. 1 = 1&2.
      • August 4, 2020